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No family Anonymous 51344

Does anyone else have no family? I’m no contact with my parents, very low contact with my sister, never met anyone on my dad’s side, and only met my mum’s family a few times (the last being at a funeral 10 years ago) as she’s estranged from her family, meaning I am too by extension.

I’m always jealous of people who have cousins, they seem like built in friends. I can’t imagine how nice it must be to have grandparents or aunts and uncles that you can visit and bond with. My parents didn’t even have any family friends to substitute as aunties and uncles.

Not only that, but everyone always just assumes you have a family and that you get on. I’m often stuck between lying or making things uncomfortable by trying to explain.

It also feels like I have no safety net in life. I don’t have any close friends (and can’t make any for various reasons) so if I broke up with my bf I’d be completely alone in the world.

Anonymous 51348

I sort of do have family but largely do not talk to them and try not to anyway but just wanted to say that having family can seem good but when you are the black sheep and excommunicated or just thought of as trash not worth talking to it can kind of suck.. I do not really have much family compared to normal people.

My cousins were rich and well behaved and all that and I grew up poor and was a little naughty so the whole family including my father would keep it a secret when they came to visit my town so I did not influence them or whatever.

My grandma sent me a letter on my 18th or 19th birthday that just went into detail on what a disappointment I am and I was a hikikomori back then so it kind of hurt.
I guess my point is that it can be better not to have family than have mean family.


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