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Anonymous 51490

Pretty sure my friend hates me now.
It feels like nothing I do will ever be good enough. I've already given up my soul.

Anonymous 51492

Find a new friend.

Anonymous 51498

Guess that would be a good idea. As of late I've been feeling too paralyzed with anxiety to move out of bed.

Anonymous 51500

What happened with your friend to make you feel this way, anon?

Anonymous 51554

I did something to annoy them. I've been really hard on myself over it.
But I'm more annoyed at how much they've manipulated me over time. And gaslighted my feelings.
I'm starting to gain more self esteem at least.

Anonymous 51556


Sounds like other anon was right then, you should find a new friend. Consider it a learning experience and focus on being a better you.

Anonymous 51732

thanks, i'll take your advice.

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