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Anonymous 51522

i found a secret i can eat whatever i want and drunk a fuckton of alcohol and if i feel bad i just throw it up

Anonymous 51542

doing that could damage your tummy forever please do not rely on that

Anonymous 51543

this will ruin your teeth, esophagus, and heart. your choice though, if you want to look like utter shit and feel like you wanna die all the time a few years from now, go for it

Anonymous 51546

you've already absorbed 80% of the calories by the time you throw them up anon it's not worth it

Anonymous 51566

depends on the foods you consumed, i must add
for example simple carbohydrates break down really fast so it's not viable to b/p high carb foods even if it seems like the optimal thing to do bc of the taste/how it goes up the throat afterwards

also this. you'll smell like fucking vomit and you'll get pieces of food in your snot when you sneeze

Anonymous 51577

Seriously anon don’t. Bulimia doesn’t actually work, it just keeps you the same if not fatter with other health problems
Blogpost: I used to abuse laxatives. I never came close to my goal weight and still have issues with my gut

Anonymous 51600

haven't you seen that viral pic of the bulimic girl who died hunched over her toilet?

Anonymous 51696


Go ahead anon

Anonymous 51735

just do CICO it really isn't worth it, you ruin your stomach and teeth.

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