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Anonymous 51592

Anyone ever done onlyfans stuff? Is it better than having normal jobs

Anonymous 51593

OnlyFans money isn’t in posting content, it’s in maintaining relationships with coomers so they think if they tip you enough they stand a chance with you. No amount of money is worth doing that.

Anonymous 51594

Short term solution for a long term problem

Anonymous 51595

everything you do on the internet whatever it is never see it as the main source of income. It's always extra. Same thing as being an streamer and getting subbed to or whatever.

Anonymous 51597

I don't think so only fans is a good idea. I do freelance web development and I make a decent income.

Anonymous 51598

lol no my plan is to have sugardaddies who want to spoil me

Anonymous 51607

You need to have an existing internet presence to make real money on the platform. Plus onlyfans has already peaked and it will be harder for you to be noticed in the sea of e-girls. It may also ruin your chances of getting a job outside of sex work in the near dystopian future, when AI technology has been licensed to employers to identify every photo of you that has been posted on the internet.

Anonymous 51608

Sugar daddies like that don’t actually exist.

Anonymous 51623

The average user only makes like $180 a month, and that's a lie price for the loss of dignity and future career prospects.

There are other ways to make money anon, don't fall into the weird MLM sex work hole. It's not worth it.

Anonymous 51625

Luckily I'm too old for these platforms, but even if I was 17 again I wouldn't do it.

Anonymous 51626

I did camming with my face hidden a few times before, as someone who never had sex it was very hot actually.

But I would never do it full time or without a big face mask. Don't ruin your life!

Anonymous 51650

Why would you even think of ruining your pride, dignity, relationships and future careers? onlyfans is the devils work.

Anonymous 51674

It's waaaaay better than my job as a doctor, frankly, and nobody has ever recognized me from my work even though I really blew up and did full face stuff. It's never come back to bite me and I made more money doing it than my fucking degree will probably ever make me, unfortunately.

Anonymous 51676

I unironically sold feet, hand and mouth pic commissions when I was desperate for cash. It wasn't much, but it meant I could pay rent and didn't have to put my face or nude body on sale…just part of my dignity.

Anonymous 51677

>It's waaaaay better than my job as a doctor
Doctor what and why?

Anonymous 51679


Anonymous 51688

LOL i've made 200 dollars in 2 days from paypigs + 200 more worth of gifts that i'm getting from my sugar daddy and i've never sent any of them a single nude kek

Anonymous 51689

What are they paying you for then? You must be providing something.

Anonymous 51690

My company probably, it's worth that much if not more

Anonymous 51691

Where/how did you meet them and would you say you are average or above average attractiveness facially?

Anonymous 51693

So you spend your time with them, what do you talk about? Do they touch you? How long have you known them?

Anonymous 51694

>200 more worth of gifts that i'm getting from my sugar daddy

So not actually received then?

Anonymous 51695



I meet them on 4chan, i say i want a paypig or a sugardaddy or something along those lines and then i add them on discord. I've been doing this for like 2 weeks or smth now. I have only 2 so far, one sugardaddy and one paypig. I'm just very funny, interesting and entertaining. I got 100 dollars yesterday and i have to wait to get the gifts but i've always had men throw money at me. I'm like cute i guess lol. But these niggas didn't even want or need to see my face though kek.

Anonymous 51698

What do you talk to them about? For how long?

Anonymous 51699

Honestly just whatever is on my mind. I tease them and i'm playful and they seem very happy. I try to stand out from the other girls they've given money to but you should VC with them to prove you're a cis female cuz moids and troons can also scam them

Anonymous 51700

oh and my paypig gave me money like 2 or smth hours after i added him

Anonymous 51701

what board? do you show selfies? and do you use an alt discord?

Anonymous 51702

You did 2 hours of work and got $100? That's not that amazing.

Anonymous 51703

It was 2 hours cause we had some technical problems at the beginning lel and i didn't mind it because honestly i enjoyed talking to him. I'm just starting out anyways <3

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 51706

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3988.

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