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Anonymous 51601

How to stop being love deprived.

My mom never really showed me love. My parents are divorced and growing up I didn't really talk to my father. (We just started being kinda close recently). The fact is that I'm just searching for love too much and all my friends are from a good growing-up place and I don't want them to feel overwhelmed by my need for love.
They're treating me very nice and I'm super lucky to have them but I guess it's just not enough.
How do I stop being love deprived, needy and be normal?

Anonymous 51603

You need to cultivate lots of relationships so you can get lots of love without overly relying on one person (unless you are dating them).

You also need to gain more confidence in yourself and being alone and satisfying your own needs.

Anonymous 51604



I have a relationship and I don't want to be super depended on them because if I break up with them I won't be able to stand on my own two feet. I have a lot of friends but there are random times that I feel like I don't really match with anyone.

Anonymous 51605

and that their love for me isn't enough even though I have above average friends that love me more than their family.

Anonymous 51606

As boring as it may seem, you need to practice self love. Learn how to live for yourself. Loving yourself can help you understand why your bf loves you. Stay safe and good luck

Anonymous 51619

You're absolutely right but how do I do this?

Anonymous 51736

You'll never feel right and enough
Just live with it

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