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I want to get a boob job Anonymous 51817

I also want to get a surgery to increase my height because I am 4' 11'', I cannot have tall and handsome boyfriends.

Anonymous 51818

Just get the tits. Men like tiny women they can pick up and throw around.

Anonymous 51819

I'm not against plastic surgery in general, but I've heard bad things about boob jobs, like that they can cause brain fog. Definitely look into the risks and possible side effects of having foreign chemicals implanted in your body first. As for your height, cant you just wear heels or platform shoes?

Anonymous 51820

This happens to a lot of women and doesn't seem worth the risk, especially when so many look bad too.

OP, have you ever taken hormonal birth control? After a couple of months you will grow a cup or two naturally. You can also trying gaining a bit of weight.

Anonymous 51822


Unless it's for medical reasons, don't get surgery. Cosmetic surgery is literally trannie-tier. Also, there is also a surprisingly high chance that some variation of pic-related will happen.

//Don't click pic-related if you don't want to see a girl with a rotting ass, but you should see it if you want to understand the risk.

Anonymous 51823

>surgery to increase height
Yah, don’t do this. Leg lengthening surgery was originally meant for cripples and literal dwarves. It will just fuck up your body proportions and your leg bones are gonna be weaker for the rest of your life, not to mention the muscle wastage you’d have to deal with since you basically can’t move for several months afterwards.

Anonymous 51825

Ignore other anons, excluding the tits poster - they're being fucking puritans taking 18th century tier third-world bargain bin back alley 'surgery' and trying to call modern medical science that. You know already, yourself, that no one in a civilized country, much less America or Canada or Europe, is ever going to let it get anywhere near as bad as the videos they use to scare you - they can tell when things are going wrong with implants, and they schedule a replacement long in advance to prevent it, so just don't be a literal retard and refuse to get checked or stick needles in your implants like some people fucking do like imbeciles.

SAVE for GOOD plastic surgery and it can change your entire life in a matter of weeks in an unbelievable, positive direction. It's a little bit like getting to wish your way into something different about your body. Don't be weak and settle for what you've got, you can do better working smart and saving up.

Anonymous 51827

dont you have to replace tit implants every ten years?

Anonymous 51829

Look up the PIP scandal.

Not anymore I think.

Anonymous 51832

>look at this one high-key example of someone fucking up hard that everyone is going to be extra cautious never to repeat after it became famous anon

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