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Anonymous 52452

do you like traumacore?

Anonymous 52453


When I was in high school I did. Now I think it's dumb. I still like Sanrio, though. I don't like the "Hello Kitty says ACAB!" people.

Anonymous 52455


I love traumacore and liminalcore. I can vibe with it nicely.

Anonymous 52456

I hope this aint a tranny larping as one of us. All the muh idntity shit gets used in that wretched place trannies use in 4moids I seen some images used there here and its sus.

Anonymous 52460


Traumacore is probably more of a troon thing than a woman thing. I like it anyway.

Anonymous 52461

this is evil of me but i seriously cannot take it seriously it always and without fail makes me laugh it's just like crytyping in image form

Anonymous 52471


The ones that are really pleasing are obviously nice/relatable vent pieces, the ones that are funny are meme/shitpost fuel.

If it's a tronny thing at all, it seems more FtM than MtF, since a lot of traumacore appeals to abused women. Maybe it's where I hang out online, but I don't know any AGPs or moid cluster Bs into sanrio or that vent in such an obviously female/feminine way. >>52462 Agreed.

Anonymous 52481


Anonymous 52482


picrel is an example of a mascoid/tranny (mtf) vent meme, doesn't really fall into traumacore but is related (?)

what bugs me about traumacore is it being really gatekept "is onlee for survayvorz of achual traoumah" (bitch how do i define "actual trauma" if i can't remember half my childhood or similar stuff) and the youtube playlists with 90% of them consisting of the same songs (i'd rather sleep, oh ana, etc etc)

Anonymous 52483


Anonymous 52493

It's mostly just a Tumblr girl thing. Romanticizing (and exaggerating) your own fucked-upness was and remains peak Tumblr. Just because trannies have to steal everything women do, doesn't mean we have to give everything up once a troon touches it.

Of course that's not to say I want to defend traumacore, it's pretty ridiculous.

Anonymous 54352

Looking at gore helps me calm down when I'm in a bad state of mind. I used to do that with traumacore but I find that a lot of it feels forced.

I don't think it's healthy

Anonymous 54358

How does it calm you down? I feel like it would do the opposite for me.

Anonymous 54364

I'm not sure, I get really restless and my thoughts get really violent since I'm suicidal. I suppose I kinda project myself onto the people and it's pretty cathartic and stops me from doing things to myself

Anonymous 54367

I find these images silly and cute but I dislike the general infantilization of mental health struggles you often see online.

I guess what I mean is when people treat my self harm scars as something that makes me deserving of their comfort and protection. One time I met a mutual friend and he didn't even know my name, and the first thing he did when he met me was hold my hand and place his other on the scars on my arm and say "girl you gotta stop doing that to yourself". I think he lightly kissed one of my arms and I've just blocked that out of my memory. I respect the gesture, I just don't like it.

Anonymous 54368

I like it from an aesthetic standpoint but idk how it can help anyone with trauma.

Anonymous 54377


Reading that made me physically cringe. It's the other side of "you don't have to tell me what happened but you do have to eat these"

Anonymous 54386

>you covered me in milk
Why is this so funny?

Anonymous 54409


its referring to this tweet

Anonymous 54410

Oh wow and here I thought it was some kind of metaphor for sexual abuse

Anonymous 54412

Never heard of it, I don't like what's posted in this thread though, makes me uncomfortable, not sure why somebody would like
I come on the internet to escape this shit

Anonymous 56877

I hate it, all these edits look like memes. I know that people cope differently with trauma but I don't like irony and lightheartedness in this context.



i can’t wait to end it tonight

Anonymous 78048

I don't know anything about you, but please don't kill yourself.
Many people have suffered from depression and some have managed to overcome it and find some joy in live. Why wouldn't you be able to do the same?

Anonymous 78049

don't do it I promise things will get better seriously they will. you should tell someone how u r feeling a sibling or friend

j dont do anything rash

Anonymous 78187

not op but some of us deal with an identity crisis that doesn’t involve dicks or vaginas anon

Anonymous 78188

I always found this so tryhard

nta but I in teenage years I used to be calmed by violent literature and music - joining and channeling my state of mind and feelings with it - works like second hand inner pressure releasing

Anonymous 78190

Emotional quetzal_…

Anonymous 78192

Anonymous 78193

>hello kitty doesn't like knives
Don't you need to use a knife to cut the apples to make apple pie?

Anonymous 78194


Do you need to like knifes to be able to cut apple pies?

Anonymous 78196

I don't think people who self harm "like" knives and blood it's just how these things go.

Anonymous 78197

speak for yourself i like my knife also >>78188 violent media is the best way to cope, traumacore doesn't help but it seems like it does for some people

Anonymous 78201

I would rather watch a gore or horror movie to cope. Traumacore lowkey cringe but at the same time I’m not fully disgusted by it. I just wish sanrio was used for more happy things to help. Idk like motivational sanrio core?

Anonymous 78202

Yeah and as long it’s help… it’s alright

Anonymous 78203


I love this artist

Anonymous 78234

How is gore a better way to cope? At least traumacore makes sense with childhood dolls and sanrio characters mixed with liminal spaces. Its a perfect representation of how traumatic memories feel and look like. Watching gore isn’t a cope, youre just a low empathy autist

Anonymous 78276

The aesthetic reminds me of Sewerslvt. Comes off as a visual representation of some deep internal turmoil done up in gift wrap. If I met anyone who was about this stuff then I would feel concern.

It's a cool expression, and interesting to look at, but it's the bastard child of trauma and innocence.
My take, anyways.

Anonymous 78279


Anonymous 78286

She just mentioned hid aesthetic anon

Anonymous 78293

Everyone I know who's liked traumacore in some way wasnt transfemale. The closest would be shit like Sadboy Sheldon's album "art," but even then you cant compare his use of pixelated CP to distorted images of childhood icons from Sanrio or Beanie Babies

Anonymous 78294

The difference between men and women into traumacore is that women like exposing the pain inside them and being recognized for it, whereas men derive pleasure from the pain of others.

Anonymous 78295


i get really nostalgic for the aesthetic

Anonymous 78350

bladee's not traumacore, don't do that to him

Anonymous 78554

I always see his images posted on traumacore blogs, his songs are pretty depressing too

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