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Juicy Drama Anonymous 5266

Let us know your most dramatic stories. Feel free to greentext them (or not! Any format is fine).

For the sake of good, fun drama: try to keep negative comments about certain situations to yourself. I'm no mod, I can't control anyone, but if you think anon x is a slut and horrible person for revenge fucking her best friend's bf, that's great, but we're here for all the juicy details, not for moralfagging (unless anon is shit talking someone else in their story, then you can shit talk the person anon hates in their story, lol).

Let the stories begin!

Anonymous 5267

And I mean personal stories, please use identifiers/fake names instead of actual usernames if it's some interaction with an e-celeb or something.

Anonymous 5268

Mine isn't anything BIG, but I was """friends""" with a cow that is famous around LC for a while and she's very DELUSIONAL. The only things she talks about are her boyfriend and the things farmers themselves mention. A while ago I decided to quit all contact and I feel better now that I don't have t see her begging for pity points everywhere…

Anonymous 5271

I'm pretty sure my bestfriend and her husband are in a cucking relationship. That or she is just cheating on him.

Anonymous 5273

Family friend's daughter just came back from Alaska after her boyfriend of a year choked her until she passed out. If someone hadn't have found her, she would have died from hypothermia. Now hes in jail currently and she came back home.
But its awkward for her mom because they left on bad note because she didn't like her boyfriend. But the daughter blew her off and went to Alaska anyway to be with him.

Anonymous 5274


This is old drama but It happened around 2013-2016
Girl I was friends with senior year of high school was a total sjw (I was too but I'm very chill now) she had an ig page where she had 30 k followers.
she also claimed she was half native
When I knew her in high school she was very pale, and had blue eyes , she always bragged about this (this becomes important later on)
Her ig page started out talking about satanism, sex positivity, sjw memes all that stuff
I think I deleted ig after I left high school and I made a new one two years later and followed her again , she completely changed (see pic)
Her account was now different, spoke out about native issues, colorism, racism but mainly anything that focused on native issues, and she now claimed she was full native
She was sorta ig famous in the sjw circle
She edited her eyes to be brown and got a tan (the tan isn't a bad thing but she did it to claim to be more native) she added pics of people on her ig claiming they were her grandparents , always bragged about her native hair (about how straight, long, thick and dark it was but I'm pretty sure she dyed it a lot and straightned it everyday)
Around 2015 or 2016 some people started calling her out, comparing old pics to her new ones, searched her name and found her amazon purchases for self tanner, they found the people in the pictures she claimed were her family and they said they didn't know her at all
Watching it all go down was pretty funny considering how shitty of a friend she was but looking back I do feel sorry that she can't show her face online anymore

Anonymous 5275

One of my exes asked for donations on GoFundMe and got tons of money to cross the continent even though he had no reason to but "feeling like he had to!!!11". All I know is that he probably spent part of the money on tattoos.

I can't believe people gave him money, oh my god.

Anonymous 5276

>in middle school, bullied by this bitch for not having tits and having a big ass
>wouldn't leave me alone
>constantly invited me to things to make fun of me
>girl was cunty to everyone including semi-friends and would never leave anyone alone
>girl was dating/fucking this annoying 'chad' type dude
>they fucked at school cause ~edgy~ and even tricked this naive girl for keeping watch at the girl's bathroom a few times
>forward to high school
>in new town, keep in touch with old friends
>found out girl was in mental hospital
>turns out her bf was her 1st cousin all along but families didn't get along so they didn't know
>only found out when they got serious in high school
>she was preggers and went nuts
and that's why i believe in karma.

Anonymous 5278

remind me of that story posted on 4 chan about the girl who ended up fucking her father. It was something like this guy has always been around and everybody called him uncle. As far as she knew he didn't have any relation. When she got in her teens year. The "uncle" started buying her sexy clothing and giving her attention. I think around 18 till like early 20's they begin to fuck. Short there after her parents got a divorce and she found out that the "uncle" was her birth father. Which he may or may not have known.

Anonymous 5295


Talk about ddlg fetishes.

Anonymous 5301

Girl(X) I sort of know worked at a cafe and screwed another girl(Y)'s boyfriend(Z). Y, is the step daughter of the mayor. X was fired, her parents can't get permits for things. Z was here on a visa. Z used the easiest line on X: Y wasn't giving him enough sex! Other people knew about it but noone wanted to tell X it was a bad idea, cause she freaks the fuck out when you say what she doesn't want to hear.

Anonymous 5302

unnamed (6).gif

>>Y wasn't giving him enough sex!
Well, I hope Z's dick falls off. What a shitty "excuse". The whole scenario sounds like a mess though.
Sage for getting buttmad lol.

Anonymous 5316

I think he got deported, so karma was served.

I think everyone except for Y is a scumbag. Forgot to mention Y knew X and Z were in a relationship.

Anonymous 5328

I meant… X knew Y and Z were in a relationship**

Anonymous 5354


>me, 15 years old, with my online friends A and B, both male and 19
>group chat with both over many months
>A has a crush on me but lives really far away and I'm not sure I like him back but he's my ~best friend~
>B is gay and has recently outed himself on the forum all of us met through
>B has a crush on A
>B's birthday is coming up and he invites me to stay with him and some more of our mutual online friends at his parents' place
>invites A too but he's too far away
>I'm also 6 hours away but take a train because we're really close and excited about finally meeting
>everything is great
>party ends, go to bed
>two other friends are sleeping there
>they are a couple so they share B's bed
>B shares a mattress with me
>we cuddle bc finally meeting yay
>kiss each other's cheeks
>suddenly full-on makeout
>it's his first kiss
>i had mine one week earlier with a rando at a party to get it over with
>i end up giving him a handjob and he humps me a little
>jumps up as soon as he cums, runs into bathroom
>returns and tries to touch me, but is too gay and we stop
>still make out until the sun rises
>everything stays great and we just don't speak about it
>i go home
>go to school next day
>waiting for the bus
>telling my best irl friend C about the weekend and the weird encounter
>a few days pass
>get a text from B
>"hi anon can you please come online it's important ^_^' (during dial-up internet times and no smartphones)
>go online
>B is pissed as fuck
>tells me our mutual friend D who goes to my and C's school told him 'wow Anon told me what happened, how is it going'
>tells me he is freaking out over 'losing face' so shortly after coming out
>I conclude C must have told D
>call her up
>another mutual friend picks up the phone
>tell her to get C on the phone urgently
>yell at C and ask why she's spreading my intimate details around
>C insists she didn't
>talk to D
>figure out D was just guessing to bait B into hopefully delivering some drama because B had been vaguely waffling around about something
>B and I end up telling A before it makes rounds
>A doesn't mind much
>B ends up cutting ties
>finally meet up with A though
>spill my spaghetti like a bad animu and end up rejecting him
>11 year on-and-off flirtation ensues until we finally part ways too

Anonymous 5355

Guess he wasn't that gay after all lel

Anonymous 5356

oh yeah another time long after he came to my house actually and the same thing happened again. lmao

but he insists he's gay and has only ever had relationships with guys. but either way it's not really my problem.

Anonymous 5359

>have ex bf from an online game
>His "friend" gets all territorial and shit
>don't like her cause she uses kiss emoticons on my bf, the nerve of that harlot!
>ignores me
>goes to chat, blatantly ignores me and flirts with bf and stuff like that
>we eventually break up
>they eventually get together
>she says I'm some crazy bitch that was so paranoid about her(being a rude bitch), because she's so pure and it's very clear I'm a crazy bitch since she clearly fell in love with him after we broke up, not before, duh that's why they got together after, not during!
>tells people she tried talking to me(no)
>she never puts out
>she dumps him

Rofllmaoed. Srsly though what's up with those girls who tell these stories while clearly proving they were wrong and the gf was right about being "crazy paranoid" by being with the guy??

Anonymous 5360

My very "straight" ex-boyfriend broke up with me for a mtf. It claims that he is 100% straight, but asked me to tell his mom that his gf is an mtf.

Anonymous 5361

no to tell.

Anonymous 5363

I have no drama in my life but I stay hydrated from all the juicy drama from my "friends"

>stereotypical BPD friend who sleeps with everyone and thinks she's hot shit despite pushing 300 lbs

>shacks up with bum ass guy who was living in a broke down car
>An actual dirty bum and scumbag who constantly hit on me and other friends despite being "devoted" to BPD friend
>BPD friend moves guy into her mom's hoarder house
>date on and off while cheating on each other
>both threaten to suicide constantly to get the other's sympathy and bitch about the other to me on a daily basis
>randomly has a threesome with other, actually pretty, seemingly stable friend
>other friend gets pregnant, bpd friend gets jealous and stabs bum guy
>other friend has abortion
>somehow they all look past this and have another threesome
>other friend gets pregnant again
>she and the bum guy become a couple and decide to keep it
>BPD friend beats up preggo friend and shoves her down a flight of stairs
>bum guy and preggo friend get a place together and have the kid
>both are constantly cheating on each other
>Bum guy still gets it on with BPD friend
>BPD friend fakes pregnancies 24/7 despite being told she too heavy to conceive
>stabs bum guy AGAIN but he still porks her

This cycle will never end

Anonymous 5364


Thank you for reminding me I'm not that fucking bad. Wow. They all need help, they're probably toxic to each other.

Anonymous 5375

Is that bum guy hot as fuck or what?

>randomly has a threesome with other, actually pretty, seemingly stable friend

>seemingly stable
Obvs you know thats wrong right lol

Anonymous 5392


No prob anon lol. Their antics always make me feel a bit better about myself.

It's a horrible mess. I've given them SO much advice and they won't take it, so now I just sit back and watch the train wreck


That's the worst part. There is NOTHING remarkable about him. You can basically smell him just by looking at him. Pockmarked, fucked up hair. He's really packing on the pounds too, and he can't pull off that cute pudgy guy look at all

I don't get it

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