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Weird relationship Anonymous 52686

I’ve never been comfortable with my nudity because of my prime intimate relationship bc dude used me. And so it was hard for me to open up to anyone until last summer when I had my first time. We were really close to each other and I got attached. In January he broke up with me but we still have contact. However, it’s really toxic. I think I just still can’t get over the fact that he doesn’t love me anymore and the only solution my stupid brain sees is that he magically loves me again. We’re arguing almost everyday, sometimes I make anger him just like that. My behavior is more fucked up day after day. Since the breakup I’m so numb and I can’t say to move on. What should I do with him? Is it even rational to keep in touch after breakup?

Anonymous 52689

OP, you need to cut contact and move on.

Anonymous 52692

>Is it even rational to keep in touch after breakup
Generally it's not, especially in your case since the mascoid was abusive.
The only solution is dumping the fucking rubbish and cutting absolutely all contact with him. You really deserve better.

Based advice.

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