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Anonymous 53040

My absolute best internet friend of 5 years has semi-regular panic attacks because of their shit living conditions, and I don't know the proper way to make them feel even slightly better since i've never had a panic attack myself.
So to those who have them, what could someone do to make you feel better?
I've never been good at consoling people in a way that doesn't sound fake or condesending to my own ears, but i'm willing to try almost anything to help him since he's done so much for me.

Anonymous 53041

I have two internet friends who get anxiety attacks often. They’re used to it and it won’t kill them. Just tell them to breathe and let them know you’re there. Not much else you can do.

Anonymous 53044

So I should just let him ride it out, and let him know i'll be there if he wants to talk?
That's what I usually do, but it feels like that's kinda leaving him to the wolves..
Not that I want to push the envelope and make him uncomfortable or anything, but is there anything more than I can do than offer my time in the future?

Anonymous 53050

you’re not his therapist. all you can do is be there for him. anything more and the relationship is unbalanced. i’ve had panic attacks, i don’t want to be bothered during them. i ride it out, and i’m fine later. if later he wants to talk about what was upsetting him, i’d hear him out, but otherwise? just leave him be

Anonymous 53051

Thank you for your advice, it means a lot.
Knowing that i'm not just neglecting a friend when theyre suffering lifts a weight off my shoulders.
I'll keep doing what i've been doing. Thanks again

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