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describe your perfect life to me Anonymous 53170

be as fantastical and dreamy as you want, i am just curious about the ways other people want to live.
pic's from her shim cheong

Anonymous 53171

Being a farmer's wife with at least 4 children like my grandmother.
Only -7 years to beat her to it by age!

Anonymous 53172


I’d like to live in the country where it’s quiet in a cute cottage with my loving partner. We’d bake, sew, and tend to our animals and garden. I think having two cows, one cat, one dog, two goats, an opossum, and a ferret would be lovely.

Anonymous 53173

Living in the countryside seems nice but I'd miss my high speed internet

Anonymous 53174


I want to marry a wealthy king who has eyes only for me, then fuck a bull god and give birth to a Minotaur. I shall hide him away in a maze and sacrifice beautiful virgin men and women for him to hunt every 7 years to satisfy his bloodlust.

Anonymous 53175

Olympus wants to know your location

Anonymous 75641

for me it's a swiss chalet village populated with louis wain cats, perpetually smiling in a beguiling way. There no no way in, no way out, no time, no worries, no death, only joy.

Anonymous 75656


I want to live in one of those cute high rise apartments with an amazing view of a large city like New York, with a cat and a significant other.

Anonymous 75669


I want a garden, and a few large bioactive vivariums and aquascaping tanks throughout my house. I want my house to be full soft croaking frog sounds. Also a sun room full of plants and free range anoles. I want to journal my way to the singularity and hide away in this house or apartment for the rest of my life. I'd write books or comics and sell insurance to make money, but the vivariums have to be really meticulously pruned and misted.

Anonymous 75723

I wanna live in a trailer with my bf and his parents and neither of us work we just lay in bed all day and cuddle and occasionally his mom comes in and tells us to get jobs

or maybe be a writer idk

Anonymous 75756

Sounds comfy.

Anonymous 75766

I got so much joy from the imagery you gave

her shim cheong <3 i loved that manhwa so so much!

Anonymous 75914


My perfect life is marrying the man I love and being in a happy, monogamous relationship for the entirety of our lives. We'll live in a decently sized yet not huge house in a neighbourhood full of good and caring people with little to no crime. The weather will be mostly nice and warm and the sky will be mostly blue, yet every Christmas and New Years it'll snow and the snow will stay for a week until it melts away.

We'll both works jobs we love yet we'll both quit them once we have children as we'll want to both be stay-at-home parents whilst they're young so we can spend time with them and make sure they're growing up well. We'll have 3 healthy and loveable children who'll grow up happy. None of us will ever have any health problems. My husband and I will die peacefully at the same time and leave a lot of money behind for our children to ensure they'll never have to struggle, yet they'll still be smart workers (work smart, not hard!)
We'll never have any financial struggles and we'll have a decently sized car. My labour will not be painful.

I'll have a good sense of community and together we'll volunteer in our nice little idyllic neighbourhood. I'll have a group of friends who truly love and accept me and I am them. We'll do a lot of fun things together and I'll never be looked down on or mocked for being who I am. When I think of my ideal friendship group, honestly, I think of Higurashi's, without all the murders of course. Maybe that's cringe, but my ideal life really is just a nice lighthearted slice of life anime with some romance in.
It feels simple, yet it seems so hard to get. Housing prices are only rising and regarding a friendship group/sense of community I'm absolutely clueless, it feels so luck based.

Anonymous 75915

Manifestation works. Also crystals are real too but you have to charge them in the sun for a few days.

Anonymous 75918


>Also crystals are real too but you have to charge them in the sun for a few days.

Anonymous 75921

This is so adorably cute. You're a good person, you're going to make it!

Anonymous 76009

Very original, I like it.
What would the plot of this stories? Tell me one idea you have in mind

Anonymous 76013

I’m manifesting that you one day learn the truth.

Anonymous 76071


>crystals are real too but you have to charge them in the sun for a few days.

Anonymous 76080

Everyone knows you’re suppose to charge crystals in your vagina sorry

Anonymous 76119


I want to work as a horticulturalist in a large park in the city. I want to have a flat nearby, close to a market where I can buy fresh vegetables. I want to live with the man I love, and spend every evening cooking each other delicious meals and encouraging each other in our hobbies. I want to practise our instruments and make music together, start going to pottery classes, grow as many plants as possible on the windowsills, read, bake, and learn Spanish together. I want to have a small apartment which is easy to keep clean, with lots of natural light. I want to fill it with interesting furniture and beautiful items. I want to be a regular at a local cafe where I regularly meet my equally happy friends. When we get older I want to move back to the countryside, and find a characterful old cottage we can renovate together. We can have children there and raise them in a happy and loving household, with a dog or 3. We'll have a herb garden, a vegetable patch, a deck in the sun, and good trees for climbing. We'll teach our children to be curious and creative, and encourage them to learn things in a way that is fun and stimulating, not just for our approval. We'll be close with my sisters family, and on holidays we'll invite them over to have a huge feast and make crafts together.

Anonymous 76152


Heh, I was thinking about this just yesterday. I would like to live alone in a small apartment in the city I currently live in. I'd work at the hospital as a paediatrician or a pathologist, and live within walking or biking distance of my workplace. My living space would be quite minimal, and with that I'd hope to save money so I could travel once a year with my best friend. I dream of being wealthy enough that I can pay the travel expenses for the both of us! In terms of hobbies, I would like to take on ice skating and maybe painting, and continue playing piano. I would also like to have a cat or two (like the ones in >>76119, so pretty) if I manage to get over the dread of their eventual death. My work would be 9-to-5 so I would have time in the evening to enjoy my hobbies, watch animated films, learn a new language, or read. I'm not a super sociable person but I'd like to have a place to meet other women a few times a month, perhaps at a place of worship since I'm religious.

Anonymous 76379

I'd love to have a creative job and a husband. I'd ideally like kids but I'm not sure if it would be a good idea considering the current state of the world. I'd like a simple but interesting life ultimately. At the moment I would like a higher paying job so I can pay off debt and move out from my parent's living room.

Anonymous 76475

I want to marry my ideal man, one who loves me madly. We'd have a nice house in the countryside, where we'd make our love nest flourish. I'd have a big garden where I'd plant my favorite flowers, as well as grow our favorite veggies and fruits. We'd also have lots of cats and maybe a couple dogs too. I keep spiders and I want to start breeding reptiles too, so that's another goal.
I want at least two biological kids, I'm happy to accept kids from a previous relationship. But I also want to adopt at least one.
Ideally, my husband would have a job to support us both but I'm also perfectly happy with pulling my weight financially. However, I want us both to have home office jobs.
Our house should be big enough to accommodate family and guests. Best case scenario we'd have a secret BDSM room too.
I'd be willing, under the right circumstances, to have a wife too. As in a FFM marriage. But I know it's very hard to find someone who is okay with that so I don't have high hopes for it.

Anonymous 76563


me and my future husband now BF will live in a 3 story house, deep in the forest on a cliffside close to the shore. The weather is temperate, but morning fog is a common occurrence. It snows during the winter, and its warm during the summer, with the cool sea breeze making it perfectly temperate. We both tend and grow within our hobbies, and we have jobs where our passions can only further grow and we can feel a sense of community at work. When we come home, we always hug and kiss as a way of saying hello. I make dinner, and he helps me clean up. We then tend to our own hobbies, or do something together (chores, activities etc.). We always brush our teeth together and we pray before we sleep. On the weekends, we can go on small trips using obscure backroads and go window shopping. We will also try to visit different states and countries during vacations. When the time comes when we have kids, I will mainly be stay at home while he works. I will be a loving mom and help my kids explore the world, whether its in the forest, the shore, the kitchen or even in a book. My husband will come home and he will hold me in his lap while the little ones play on the floor. We will then play and dance together. In the end my children will grow up strong and catholic, and they will continue our small yet humble traditions.

this sounds very rosy and pretty but I also don't want to disregard our silly natures too. We will watch cringey anime, play bad games and make terrible jokes and autistically recite random quotes and make it echo throughout our home. We will figure and deal out life together as the imperfect individuals we are, and we will do so while accepting the cringe in our hearts. Also we will raw dog it hard every nite (there will be bruises)<3

Anonymous 76578

Why do everyone here so desperate for a partner? Why can't you have a nice life being single?

Anonymous 76580

You don't get to choose what makes you happy in life.

Anonymous 76582

>Why do lonely people crave intimacy
Idk you tell me

Anonymous 76584

Because I want to matter to someone.

Anonymous 76586

that sounds very sweet and i hope you both get there one day. i love living near the sea but would love to be able to wake up and see it from a window

Anonymous 80123


I would love to live in the woods with a bunch of other women who are romantically/sexually avoidant like me. We could have our own little commune and do our daily chores and then at night we would all get together to do something fun like watch a movie on a projector or bake something yummy or have a game night. We wouldn't have to feel lonely anymore or like there was something wrong with us for growing old and not having a partner or hookup or whatever. Maybe have a couple of cats around too.

Anonymous 80125

I want a simple life, alone. maybe in the country side or something like that. I’d still like access to the internet and technology because I love doing digital art. I don’t live alone so anything that would allow me to be alone would be nice

Anonymous 80136

Sounds like you want to be a nun without the religious part and exploitation. I wish there were communities like this.

Anonymous 80148

I just want my own house. living in an apartment complex is pure suffering. especially in the summer when all the windows are open and you can smell the smells from other apartments like disgusting skunk smell of weed and gross bbq (am vegan btw). and you can hear all sorts of noises like sex noises (ew), and someone keeps putting on their loud and annoying white noise machine all night.its the sound of waves crashing with birds and frogs and jungle noises too - which sounds nice in theory but when its a little far away and distorted and keeps you up at night, it just sounds so terrible and makes me want to scream
I realized i should've put this in the vent thread oops sorry.
but yeah
i wish i had my own place out in the middle of nowhere far away from other humans
with real forest sounds instead of someones crummy white noise machine imitating nature

Anonymous 80152

Yes exactly anon! I was just thinking in another life I could have been a nun except I am really not a religious person at all… however a small community of women who live together and look out for each other and aren’t interested in pursuing relationships (except platonic) sounds so ideal.

Anonymous 80162

This is my dream too, but I know in reality it would probably have a lot of practical problems related to property and sustainability. The best way to achieve this would probably be buying a plot of land with friends you already trust and building your own small cabins on it.

Anonymous 80180


I'd love to live kind of a vagrant life, travelling around the world with a cute guy who really really loves me, and wants to spend all his time with me and we would be together basically all the time except for if we had to go to work. We'd never argue and he would be very sweet with me, and we would spend our free time hiking, watching cute romantic movies or just hanging out in nice places (or complaining about whatever cause I like complaining lol)

We'd come to some town, stay for a weeks or months, then pack up and move town/country again. Sometimes we would sleep on a field with nothing but the sky above us, or in a forest, or even in a tent in a park for a few days until we find good accommodation. We'd both have some job we can do on the go, or some type of craft we can practice wherever we show up. Eventually when we are in retirement age and our old health does not allow us to travel anymore we settle down in some mountain-like region where we would take care of sheep, or perhaps some other farm animals. Every day I would walk out of the house to be greeted by fresh mountain wind blowing through my hair. We would both age well (I find it quite appealing when old men have long white hair with very little balding) and the other people in the village would come to us to tell them of our travelling stories, of which we would have many.

I know this kinda does not fit, but I'd want to have a lot of kids, at least 3, rather girls since I do not like men too much but one boy would be fine, so preferably we would stay somewhere for a bit longer, my hubby would go to work as I would stay home with our baby, and once she is a little older, I would send her to my or his parents so that she can attend school for a few years, but we would often visit her, and bring her on vacations with us, and once she would be an adolescent she would join us in our trips permanently (if she wanted to, of course). Ideally I would just have her stay with me all the time but I feel like moving so much could really damage a child's psyche.

I love languages so I would study and learn the different languages during our travels and we would both be fluent in at least 15 languages by the time we retire, and I will raise my kids in several languages so that when they start their own life they can communicate in most of the world's countries.

—-(Mini rant)—-
A lot of other nonas just want to live a quite village life, but as a kid I mostly lived a quite village life and I can tell you it is so boring. Like it is nice for a change, but most of the time I just wanted to go back to the city. Also in small villages there is only a few kids to go around, and if you do not click with them then not only will you have no friends, but they will also kinda ostracize you and you cannot do anything about it. We also had a big problem with pests, and not just slugs or ants, but also birds, moles, and stray cats, and when your dad starts to shoot birds cause they eat all your fruit, it kinda shatters this idea of a quiet idyllic life (he also thought of shooting the cats but that was too drastic to be carried out(yes it was that bad)). Sorry nonas but I just wanted to add that.

Anonymous 80181

\i'd like something like what you're describing but make it on a boat sailing the seas and snorkeling or scuba diving during our pit stops

i'd love to live out in the country with that quiet idyllic life kinda like cottagecore but the way you put it makes me reel back in horror. do u have any more "bad sides" of this idealized version of life everyone here seems to want to achieve?

Anonymous 80182


Well we had a decently sized but very old land, and we had a big problem with the trees. Essentially each tree type has its own issue. I could list them in great detail but it would take forever. It depends on the year and on the tree but cherries for example tend to have a lot of worms in them. This happened this year, that I grabbed 7 cherries from a tree and 6 had a worm. I ate 2 of the cherries beforehand without checking them, I try not to think about it (although usually its less). You have to check every cherry manually.

Oaks and cherries also have very fragile branches and can break for no reason. It caused my dad to fall about 3 stories onto asphalt and almost die when I was young. He was being careful too, its just they are unpredictable. Many cases of women becoming widows in a village cause their husband fell from the roof too. Apples grow a lot of "antenna" branches that sap a lot of the tree's energy without producing apples, and you have to cut them yearly. This may not sound so bad, but 80% of them are out of your reach (I am quite tall and they still are out of my reach), so you have to climb on the tree, cause its usually too crowded for a ladder. If this weren't bad enough, you are essentially playing twister in a high-rise where people on the street can see you, so you are also trying to stay cautious of how your body is positioned, which can be very very awkward.

If you wanna plant plants then be prepared to kill a ridiculous amount of small animals. We did not even have that many vegetables, and yet I had to kill up to 20 slugs a day almost every day some years. Never seen it but apparently my grandma killed a mole by herself basically weekly. Not to mention the insects. If insects make you feel weird then forget about having a farm.

We cannot figure out where, but there is a gadfly nest somewhere on our property. You can ignore them usually, but whenever we put up an inflatable pool, the sound of the water would attract them. You could literally not be in the pool for longer than 20 mins without being surrounded by gadflies. We also had a nest of wild hornets, and wild hornets have nests in the middle of the grass. I once slept on the ground like 2 meters away from it without even knowing it, if I had laid on it it would be very funny. Similar thing once happened with an ant nest, and theres multiple type of ants btw, and some sting very hard, almost like a bee. Also theres a lot of nettle, in the property and in the area. When I was a kid I was once in the forest with my family and it was hot so I was only wearing a sports bra and I fell back-first to a huuuuuuge nettle plot. I had the bumps literally all over my back. Also on the topic of forests, theres bears in them. I was once in a forest just by myself and I looked off and I try to be prepared for cases like these but I thought I saw a bear and I actually just froze. Thankfully it was just me seeing things but if that had been a real bear I would be 100% at its mercy. Also saw fresh bear tracks and even heard them. And do you know how aggressive and loud deer are during mating season?

Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0QHZALkeiU
Imagine you hear this while out by yourself in a forest during twilight, and they are loud. You can hear it doing circles around you. That was one of the only times in my life I genuinely thought I was going to die.

Also, people in the villages are generally not as educated as people in the cities, nor do they care, and it shows. Me and my dad went to the property for like a few hours on a sunday once, and they without any alert decided to just repave the stretch of road before the entrance gate. This was at like 8pm and I had school next day, and they put up a sign prohibiting any cars from passing through there until the next day. We literally had to drive through the property and take a back exit that we never use.

One time I was driving my bike in circles in a street as there were some other village kids there that I knew, and one of them started shooting at me with one of those guns that shoot the little plastic balls (not like airsoft but similar). I didnt even do anything to him, he also fired at least twice (he may have missed and I just didnt notice, cause he was firing elsewhere before). I crashed the bike into him as a retaliation cause that pissed me off a lot but none of the village kids ever wanted to hang out with me after that for that.

Also almost every interaction with the villagers felt like they were half-harrassing or half-laughing at me, it was prolly not their intention but it always made me feel very uncomfortable when I was around them cause I have a soft skin, and this happened around my parents too and they did not do anything about it.

Also I hope that either you or your bf is a handyman type of person, cause there is a lot of work with technical stuff to be done on a farm. Luckily for me my dad always took care of that, but my brother never came with us (he hated the village even more than I and didnt care to pretend for the parents) so my dad always tried to rope me into helping him, but I just really do not care for machines, but literally every time we came there something needed a fixing. This is by far my biggest problem with it. I do not think I know any man irl who looks like he could do all those things and that I would wanna be with, so youd either have to have a repairman on fastdial or be forced to play with like some weird pipes or something literally every week.

And like tbh there is just not much to do. There is some work to be done, mmkay, but once you do that there is nothing to do. I am sure some people enjoy to just sit around doing nothing, but there is seriously no alternative. A village is usually some ways away from a forest, and a forest only has so many paths in it, so youre not gonna go for daily walks there (cause they take 4-5 hours minimum or youre gonna be driving to a forest with a car which is frowned upon usually), theres nothing in the village either, theres a church, a pub, a store sometimes thats it have fun. Like people say they wasted a lot of time playing video games, well I wasted a lot of time sitting on a property with no wifi, no literature for my age group and a bunch of people I was not friendly with. Think the video games were a better use of time.

I will probably inherit the property actually but I dread it, I really do not wanna live a village life after a childhood of that, and at this point I am half-traumatized by the property, but my family has owned it since literally the 19th century so I cannot just sell it off to someone, I really really dread it.
(Maybe if you are interested I could think of some more albeit prolly less extreme stories)

Anonymous 80191

my perfect life is a world in which humans dont have to poop anymore cuz pooping is so fucking annoying

Anonymous 80192

one year ago i would have said i want a meaningful life.

now i just want to stop caring about everything and drink gin cocktails and whisky every day

Anonymous 80194


>and you can hear all sorts of noises like sex noises (ew), and someone keeps putting on their loud and annoying white noise machine all night

I am the person "putting on their loud and annoying white noise machine all night" SO THAT I don't have to hear other people's noises, like them having sex. White noise also helped carry me through the last few miserables months of living at home with a family constantly arguing so loudly that I could hear everything from my room. It's not a sound that helps me sleep much or anything either, but it's far better than the alternative.

As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of getting a larger one because mine is too weak to completely drown out particularly loud people close by, like annoying assholes at 4 a.m. outside my window or an asshole neighbor I've been having that is so loud I've even had my bed shake a few times and literally felt like my wall is about to get bulldozed.

Anonymous 80197

psyllium husk can help

Anonymous 80219

wow this is really interesting and eye opening anon. i hope you can tell us poor souls more. makes me second guess in buying a rural estate lol. ive always wanted to get one of those like british manors you see in jane austen movies where its a big fancy house in the middle of the countryside with hardly any neighbours and small quaint little town or village nearby. of course i would never be able to afford a place like that, but one can dream.. and when you daydream about things like this, u never really think about the hardships it comes with like killing bugs and animals. i don't think i could ever. but then that would just pose a new problem and my rural manor would get overrun with pests lol. hmm, i guess thats why in the regency period, people had servants to do those dirty tasks for them, and the modern world there's no servants for you unless youre super mega rich.

idk what my achievable dream would be now that ik it isnt as sunshine and rainbows lol. and yeah my bf is definitely not a handyman which is funny cuz his dad is and youd think his dad would teach him the know-how, but ig he was spoiled as a kid and never observed his dad doing the plumbing, electricity, car fixing, roof fixing and other handyman stuff. imo handymen are kinda too masculine and scary for me to date so ik what you mean when you say you wouldn't wanna be with them lol.

anyway im a bit of a homebody and definitely like sitting down and doing nothing but having a change of scenery is exhilarating - i love reading travel blogs and seeing all their photography, especially underwater <3

thnx for the really long detailed story-like post, those are my favourites! i rlly enjoyed reading it, and hope you can achieve your dream in the future of travelling around. do you not have other relatives or siblings who could inherit your ancestral property?

Anonymous 80222


I have 2 cousins and a brother, but the 2 cousins have absolutely 0 interest in the property, they would either rent it or pawn it immediately, and my brother, while he would prolly not sell it, would just let it fall into disrepair cause he just does not care. I mean when the 4 of us were kids all of us kinda helped around the property, but over time its only me now, and even then I dont help out that much, I just rake leaves or mow the lawn, cut the branches etc.

Well nona idk where you are from, I am gonna assume the US and idk how that works there but here in Europe basically all land has been pieced and parceled out since the like 11th century so theres just no place to build a house by yourself. Everything is pretty close here ykno. Like if you get in a car there is 100% a village within a 5-10 drive, so youre not gonna be very alone.

To be honest I think people kinda think about villages wrong, villages are actually for extroverted people and cities for introverts and not the other way around, since there is not much to do in a village you will be spending most of your time hanging out with other people. If you like that then you will love living in a village, but if your prefer to be by yourself then probably not. I sure don't. Like personally I would recommend you buy some smaller parcel somewhere where you can go for the weekend, have some plants whatever you want. If your property is big then it gets seriously hard to maintain if you dont live there.

Also I dont wanna derail this thread further so if you want more blog posts then uhhh reply to me and I will make a new thread where I will write some more stuff

Anonymous 81022


I would love to be a full-time academic, not have to work, and live with a close friend in a house with a yard where I can garden

Preferably with a forest bordering the property, and a pond or stream if I'm really going no-limits

I just want to read, learn, write, live peacefully, and enjoy nature. Do some light traveling occasionally.

And the house would have dedicated rooms for my friend and my crafts and hobbies.

That, or totalitarian dictator. I genuinely feel like I have some fresh ideas and could do things right.

Anonymous 81031

I want to live in a boat and just travel around up and down rivers. Just a jon boat though. I would essentially use camping equipment for food prep, weather reisistance, water purification, etc. I could stop and stay on sandbars,etc. when I wanted,and stop at riverside towns as I pleased.

Anonymous 81035

>I would love to be a full-time academic, not have to work

Are you using "academic" to describe studying in your free time?

Anonymous 81404


I want to be a programmer and make a shit ton of money a year so I can buy a big beachside house similar to the picture. Me and my wife will be like the cool rich lesbian aunts at the family get together. We will live with our 2 daughters, preferably twins. I like the names Cecilia and Ruby. We will also have 3 cats. In my spare time, I’ll draw a ton, and maybe even publish my own graphic novels later in my career. I already have a lot of ideas. I don’t know exactly where I’ll live. I’d say San Francisco, but it’s almost impossible to buy a house there. Might just stay where I am.

Lol, I sound like a nerd. But it’s true.

Anonymous 81407

Damn, that does sound nice. Sorta sounds like a nunnery without the religious aspect.

Anonymous 81415

room temperature IQ over here says a lesbian who wants children is a pedo lmao

the average scrote is far more worrisome

Anonymous 81416

I agree with the person above me. Wtf is wrong with you.

Anonymous 81418

To be fair, being raised by 2 lesbians as a child is not a good thing, given that at least one of them will not be biological and non-biological parents have a massively increased chance of sexually abusing the kids in their care. Someone who objectifies women should not be responsible for young girls.

Anonymous 81420

You’re beyond retarded.

Anonymous 81423

You all just sound like backwards inbred tradfilth. What other horse manure would you spout? Go back to your methlab trailer park hellhole and stay there.

Anonymous 81430

Gah! You’re so mean! I guess I’ll have to act straight for the rest of my life because of the very low chance that my wife might be an abuser! Gah! I’m so scared of this random anonymous person on the internet telling me what to do! So scawwy!

In case your dumb unwashed ass couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm. Did you know more than 90% of pedos are men? And did you know men are also more likely to objectify women? I could say the argument about straight people, you’re just trying to justify your homophobia.

Anonymous 81433

>lesbians are women who are attracted to women
>girls grow up to be women
>therefore lesbians should not have daughters

by that logic, straight women's attraction to men makes them dangerous to their sons, and so they shouldn't have any.

do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

Anonymous 81454

>at least one of them will not be biological and non-biological parents have a massively increased chance of sexually abusing the kids in their care
stepdads do, but that doesn't mean that lesbians do just because both are "non-biological parents". you're extrapolating to a broad category based on a narrower category.

Anonymous 82632

So do adopted kids end up abused by one of the parents?

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