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Getting complimented by strangers Anonymous 5408

I know this is going to sound like humblebragging, but after my friends told me this isn't normal I had to ask.

Do any of you get complimented by strangers in public?
Sometimes people will even get up from their meals to compliment me. My friends play a game where they count how many people stare at me in public. However, I never have guys at my college hit on me, and I've only had one boyfriend (in highschool). When I look at myself I see someone who's average- I'm definitely not ugly, but I'm definitely not model-tier.
I also compliment other girls in passing, so I always thought it was a normal occurence. My friends are definitely pretty, probably even more than me- they actually wear makeup (eyeshadow, fake lashes, lipstick, contour, etc) while I'm definitely not talented in that area at all. Maybe it's because they look traditionally hispanic or American, and I'm eastern European?

Anonymous 5409

Also the last sentence sounds kind of douchey, I should've added that where I live there's very few eastern Europeans (southern US) and it's something that a lot of people point out to me (they ask if I'm Russian, etc).

Also once again im so sorry this sounds like a humblebrag, I promise it isnt!!

Anonymous 5410

I rarely do my friend gets more compliments from guys and girls our age than I do (I do get compliments from old people that I'm cute!) and it makes me so jealous

Anonymous 5411

I've gotten more insults from strangers than compliments. When I have the money, I'm getting plastic surgery. I want a new face.

Anonymous 5412

I think it depends on what the content of the compliment is?
It seems from what you have mentioned that the compliments are about general opinions of beauty.

Usually compliments that I get are style related: glasses, shoes, general ensemble of clothing, etc. At best I might occasionally get a "cute" or "pretty" if I tried extra hard or am really feelin' myself and it shows.

Anonymous 5413

idk i get asked out a lot and complimented, but more like I'll meet someone at my college who i've never met before and they're like omg you're that girl who looks like barbie or oh, you have such a distinctive face, etc.

Anonymous 5414

sorry, to add to that

one thing i think people need to realize about compliments, though, is that if a person tends to give out compliments freely, you're not going to necessarily know that about a stranger. i often compliment other girls just because, but the thing is, they might think "oh, a stranger complimented me", but the truth is, a compliment from another stranger who almost never compliments is in a way worth more than my compliments b/c I compliment ppl all the time. idk, food for thought.

funnily enough, a lot of people think I'm russian but I'm just American. idk wtf it is with people being obsessive with russians.

Anonymous 5418

I get complimented by gross Indian men.

But usually it's about clothes not how I look.

Anonymous 5420

I rarely get compliments from strangers/people, but its usually about my hair when I wear it curly. I don't even have a good hairstyle/haircut and it's a mess most of the time but I guess a lot of people find curlier hair to be novel around here.

I had a girl compliment my epicanthal folds once. That was fuckin weird.

Anonymous 5421

anon do you mind telling me what's 'wrong' with your face? if it doesn't upset you of course. i got insulted on my jaw a lot, i got a jaw shave and i hate it now. i really regret it and i can imagine i'm going to have jaw problems as i age.

Anonymous 5425

bitch lasagna.jpg

hallo sexy open bob

Anonymous 5429

Honestly, even if you look even a little outside of the norm of a place, you'll stand out more, thus get stared more and talked about more, so i don't think it's weird, especially if where you live talking to strangers on the street is normal.

Where i'm from it's real weird to compliment a stranger for no reason if you are not in a conversation with them, so no to random compliments on the street.

When i am in conversations i do get them a lot, especially beauty related, but my low confidence makes me think they just tell them to be nice and think i'm a cave troll kek. In general i dislike getting compliments because they make me uncomfortable since i don't truly believe them and the situation always ends up awkward, so i also very rarely give out compliments in person since i don't know if the person i'll give it to feels like me.

Anonymous 5452

I usually get compliments from people who are older than me and also female, lol. I don't attract many guys either

Anonymous 5457

Massive overbite, bulbous nose, comically small mouth. I'd like to get a maxillo-mandibular advancement in the future. Also, I have bad skin which I'm taking medication for, but it makes my skin peel in the winter. I got a good moisturizer though, and it helped with that a lot. My hair is also naturally very frizzy and wiry. I have to use a ton of product every day to make it look decent.

Anonymous 5463

Getting compliments from strangers is not normal here. Strangers normally only talk to you here if they want directions. I did get a compliment about my appearance from two of my classmates which is really nice.
My friend also used to say that she wanted ps and I never understood why. She is really pretty but was so insecure about her appearance. I'm not holding you back from getting ps but maybe you can try to work on your confidence.

Anonymous 5482

I do, from both men and women. I get men asking me out too.

However for some reason online I have no such luck. I'm either not photogenic at all or my camera skills are shit.

Anonymous 5530

Pretty much never. In high school other girls compliment you as part of socializing but that's it.

Anonymous 5574

i usually get a few compliments every other day or so from customers at work. most commonly i get told that i look like lorde or anne hathaway. i don't really see it myself, but it's always really nice when it happens. today this pretty girl told me that i was remarkably beautiful (i was not feeling this way at all. i'd been on my feet for about seven hours and was tired af) and it was like she'd cast a revive spell on my worn-out soul. it made me smile real big for the next hour of my shift, and the time just flew by. i need to be better about dispensing compliments to others when i think of them.
when a guy compliments me, it freaks me out a little, but when a girl compliments me, i absolutely melt. i guess i trust a woman's appreciation of aesthetics way more than a dude's.

Anonymous 5576

I used to get those a lot when I was very underweight. I'm taller than average and have an acceptable face with skin and hair colors that aste not common where I live so I'd get a lot of "you're so pretty, are you a model?".

They stopped as soon as my eating disorder shifted patterns and I went up to a healthy weight range… so in my experience it has to do with the general ensemble of how you look, not just some measurable amount of beauty.

Anonymous 5636

Never, I'm very jealous of you.

Anonymous 5672

No, never. People are usually either dismissive or terse with me.

Anonymous 5886

I used to receive compliments regularly when I was younger.

I don't receive compliments much anymore (maybe once or twice per year). I got fat and stopped caring about my appearance though.

I'm losing the weight (almost finished) and going to dress better again. Not for the compliments though lol Just because I want to feel better about myself and think it can help my career.

Gained the weight because I was dealing with major depression and the antidepressants compounded the issue by causing 40 pounds in weight gain over a 3-month period (despite ironically changing my diet completely for the better kek). I think the depression also put people off me tbh. I'd imagine happy people receive more compliments, even though depressed people could probably use them…

Men never complimented me often, but that's okay. I've often made the first move in relationships, and don't think the guys I dated found me hideous or a bore. The guys who complimented me have often been complete creeps.

I'm in my late twenties now, and even though I'm starting to care for my appearance again, I don't mind not getting hit on or complimented as often as back in the day. I'm at the point where I want my appearance to be an indication to myself that I'm healthy and presentable more so than to attract men (not saying girls who dress nicely do that or that it's even wrong to dress nicely for attention).

I hope anons reading these posts don't think that being complimented or not implied you are unattractive. I've lived on a few continents/countries and it really depends where you live (sometimes even within the same place).

Anonymous 5896

A man complimented my hair a month ago. Just before that, I got a compliment in 8th grade once.

I actually got hit on by a woman two years ago, at an Insane Clown Posse show. Say what you will about those guys, but facepaint makes anyone look alright apparently. Wasn't enough to catch me a man, though. Sad!

Anonymous 5899

how often do you give others compliments?

Anonymous 5900

Honestly I feel >>5899 is something we need to ask ourselves more. We need to focus less on what we receive and more on what we give out to the world.

Personally I don't care whether I get compliments or not, it's nice when I do but it's not something I would choose to actively focus on.

Anonymous 6322


I complement other women's nails a lot. It's not something that can really be taken wrongly and it really seems to brighten up their faces and make them look happy. Usually just mention it as I'm wrapping up small talk at a register at a store, or in a lull in the conversation.

Anonymous 6368

I get randos acting fresh with me all the time. Just today I got two attempts to gf me, besides lots of stares and comments on my appearance. If I'm lucky I also get stuff for free or get away with some faux-pas. This only happens when I actually attempt to look nice, though I imagine it has more to do with attitude and a confident state of mind than with the actual looks.
I've never experienced serious demonstrations of interest like being asked out though, it's always these half-mocking attempts. Sucks a bit.

Anonymous 6406

>complimenting women on the street is creepy and weird and counts as harassment
>go on crystal.cafe and women are talking about how they want plastic surgery so that they can get complimented
I am tired of this shit.

Anonymous 6407

You're making a lot of assumptions. Wanting to get complimented isn't the same as wanting to be catcalled. It depends on what you're complimenting and how as to whether it counts as harassment or not.

Why are men so simple minded? Dum dums.

Anonymous 6411

99% of the time catcalls consist in things that sound like some spicy variation of "looking good today"

And yes, I like getting catcalled from time to time… I'm guilty of that sin

Anonymous 6413

>some spicy variation of "looking good today"
The last time I was approached the guy wouldn't simply take no for an answer and then said that he wanted to see what was "underneath my skirt." The second to last time some old dude tried following me home and I had to take a different route to lose him. Sure these are "compliments" though and not harassment or just straight up stalking like the second case.

Anonymous 6414

Catcalls are always verbal

Anonymous 6416

Amazing. Not only are men mentally challenged when it comes to recognizing nuance in colors, they're also challenged when it comes to recognizing nuance in concepts.

Eh, it depends. The outright sexual ones are really rude and disrespectful, I have no idea what on earth makes men think "gurl I'd fuck you so hard you wouldn't walk for days" is an appropriate thing to yell at a complete stranger. "Smile" is another one that's really rude too (and it makes no sense to me, it never happens where I'm from). The fact that you or other women like it doesn't make it any less rude.

If dude's just saying something along the lines of "damn you look fine" or whistling that's still not the best behavior, but it's not too rude either.

Anonymous 6417

OK, so if an ugly man was to stop you on the street and say "You have lovely eyes", that's fine for you is it?

And please not, we're keeping to on the street here, in a public place, because that's what the posters above me were complaining about - not getting compliments in public.

Why are women so evasive?(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 6418

I don't like to be randomly spoken to by strangers regardless of who they are, but I don't see anything wrong with that, no. I wouldn't feel upset by it. I can only speak for myself.

Anonymous 6420


smile anon… or the dog gets it

Anonymous 6423

>if an ugly man was to stop you on the street and say "You have lovely eyes", that's fine for you is it?

Uhh, yes, that's fine? Most women would agree that it's fine, I think only the most far gone poc multiple system fakeboi tucute ace disabled SJWs would disagree.What point are you even trying to make?

Anonymous 6496

Try dressing up and have them do your makeup

Anonymous 6541

Ever since I started dying my hair blue/purple I've gotten compliments on my hair every single week.

Anonymous 6561

I get complimented on my clothes or style quite a bit, especially by women, mostly older ladies. I wear toned down classic lolita in daily life, so looking unusual does explain that. I get some general "you look so pretty" comments too but I assume those are about my clothes as well.

Anonymous 6562

what has the dog done to deserve that?

Anonymous 14755

The last few compliments (from men I don’t know) I got in public in the last 2 days:
You are so beautiful (from a white guy)
You look like you’ve been gift wrapped (different guy in the same store)
You are a beautiful BLACK woman (from some black supremacist)
Metro train driver told me a little joke and to have a nice day because i was pretty
Metro worker tapped on my window and waved at me

I wake up every day and think I look disgusting

Anonymous 14757

You probably are above average in beauty though. Just being Eastern European, not fat, and not deformed means you are above average beauty compared to most of the world’s women. And if you actually put some effort into your appearance that’s another giant leap

Anonymous 14771

One time when I was in 6th or 7th grade a girl in choir complimented my hair (I have completely normal hair I don't know what she liked about it) and a few days ago a girl said my tshirt was nice and that's all I can remember in my entire life.
Actually last week I came back to my hometown, which is a smaller town, from the big city where I am studying, and as I was standing on the street and waiting I noticed a bunch of people staring at me. (I mean I'm not certain they were looking at me, I never dare to look at their faces) I think it's because I was dressed more appropriately for a big city so in a smaller town I am overdressed. I wouldn't mind it if people stared at me, then my effort in trying to look pretty is not lost… But I would freak out if someone actually talked to me
>You are a beautiful BLACK woman (from some black supremacist)
lol well they had to say it just in case you forgot you are black

Anonymous 14793

Oh, my family does compliment me all the time, my aunt and my mom tell me all the time that I'm pretty, it's a little annoying haha but this thread is for like when strangers compliment you.
Also I think everyone gets compliments from their family right? (I mean if you are close with your family. I hope you all have nice lovely families)

Anonymous 14844

that's so sweet of them. i never get complimented in my family because they believe that if they compliment each other that it'll make everyone have an ego. it's stupid because it just makes me feel like shit. once when i dressed up for my school's homecoming my mom told me i looked nice. a lot of people told me i looked beautiful, etc. that night but all i could hear is that i just looked nice. my mother only ever brings up my appearance in negatively comparing herself to me and it makes me feel like shit because she never would tell me anything positive otherwise.

only recently has my mom started to tell me i'm intelligent and such, but it feels so fake. i know she's only telling me it now because she feels guilt that her never saying 1 positive thing to my face as a child and teenager molded me into a negative shape.

Anonymous 14846

sorry for venting, your post awoke all these negative feelings in me. I know my experience wasn't even that bad compared to other anons/people.

If I have kids I'm going to make sure they know their mom thinks the world of them. it makes me happy that others do get complimented often by their parents, that's so incredibly nice.

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