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Letting go of childhood toys Anonymous 54326

What did you do with your childhood toys as you grew up and moved away?

I'm no contact with my parents but my sister told me that I need to come back and clear out all my toys saved at my parent's house. I've been trying to find a way to decide which ones to keep and which ones to let go of.

I live abroad so I can only take a handful of them home with me, though I think I might feel a bit silly doing that since I haven't looked at them in years. I know they're not real but I feel guilty at the thought of having to pick which ones to keep and which ones to go onto a fate unknown, especially for ones part of collections.

I didn't have many friends growing up so I think I was maybe more attached to them than other kids. My parents pressured me to let them get rid of some before and I still feel bad about it.

Anonymous 54327

I get the feeling, just be honest with yourself and only keep the ones that were really the most special and that you'd actually get something out of having around. No point in keeping a bunch of junk if it's just going to sit locked up in a closet or something. Give away the toys instead of throwing them away so you can at least feel better that they might still be enjoyed.

Anonymous 54332

I have very, very few.
My parents kept my dollhouse for my future daughter.
I have a handmade wooden rocking horse my aunt made me for my future kids.
Most of the stuff I kept from childhood is decor like I have a ceramic piggy bank, porcelain dolls from Thailand, porcelain wall masks, a few books.
I do have some some stuffed animals like my birth bear (given to me when I was born).
But things like Barbies or whatever. Naw. I do wish I kept my Polly Pockets though

Anonymous 54333

For me I started out keeping most things then gradually gave a lot of it away to neighbours and friends with kids. It at least helps me delude myself someone is still enjoying them and it's easier letting things go a bit at a time.

Anonymous 54344

I kept a lot of them in a box in my cellar but they got moldy so I had to throw them away.
I took pictures of the remaining ones so I can keep the memory even if I have to throw them away as well.

Anonymous 54440

My mother took care about that for me and one day just spontaneously threw everything away while I was in school because she needed space for her old furniture which she threw away a year later. She kept a few things she liked.
Sidenote: I'm autistic and for me things have personalities and feelings. She knew that.
I'm very glad I grew up with all that female empathy.

Anonymous 54441

i think it might have been a favor in disguise anon

Anonymous 54442

Sorry to hear that anon.

My mother said her mother did that to her so she didn’t want to do it to me. Instead she would constantly complain that I had too much stuff, though she is a hoarder. She didn’t want guilty feelings of doing what her mother did so instead would pressure me to agree to her doing it first. Now I have a mix of self blame and guilt for letting things go.

Why do parents have to be awful about these things :(

Anonymous 54457

I never got attached to any of my toys as a child, they were all shared in a mutual area with my siblings.

Anonymous 54642

Well, I've gotten rid of them throughout the years usually given to the poorer neighbors we had. Old VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs were donated to our local library.

I have a few movies I will never get rid of. Some books I can't get rid of as well.

Anonymous 54644

No it wasn't. My mother is also autistic and just outright can't grasp the concept of other people being living things on an emotional level. There was no deeper scheme involved. She needed space for her stuff in the garage one day and got rid of anything she wasn't attached to herself. When I visit home from time I still find moving boxes full of old disintegrated wallpaper and cloth rags on the same spot they always have been for the last decades since she stored them because she also hoards the weirdest shit herself.

I think we often misconcept parents for being nearly flawless in personality while actually making a baby is one of the easiest things I can think of and no emotional/intellectual development is needed to induce it besides puberty. So a lot of people who are not the perfect parent become one simply because they can.

Anonymous 54650

They got given away to younger cousins or thrown away. I wasn’t too sentimental about toys. I don’t like owning clutter. I like bare walls, bare rooms. Clean house clean mind.

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