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Late twenties and older singledom thread Anonymous 54389

I’m 29, single my entire life and worried about fertility issues in the future. I used dating websites in the past but had no luck with it. Ladies in the same boat, how do you cope? What are your hopes for the future? Are you doing anything about your singledom?

Anonymous 54427

don't use dating sites, just go outside

Anonymous 54710

I remember we joked with friends, that if you really want a child, but can't find a good guy, just get one night stand as a sperm donor if you don't want to go to sperm bank.

As a girl who is still virgin, also was alone for a long time, but I found a my person on okcupid. I would recommend for everyone who is like me. You can filter out everyone that only wants hookups, dont lose hope! Never stop looking for the one.

Anonymous 54711

>just get one night stand as a sperm donor if you don't want to go to sperm bank.
Terrible advice. This is how you catch an STD. Plus you don’t know what his genetic history is like. He could have a slew of cancers or mental problems running in his family that suddenly get passed on to your kid. If you can afford to raise a child, you can afford to use a sperm bank.

Anonymous 54757

oh absolutely, it was only a joke, not advice.
The ideal would be to find the only one, but if you are really desperate, then you need to take an action if you want kids - freeze eggs, get sperm donor.

Anonymous 54807

older people at churches are actually decent at introducing random singles to each other

Anonymous 58319

This must be an American thing. Here in western Europe there are almost never any late teen to 20 something year old guys there, and if there are they already have a wife or fiancée or are literally 13 and dragged there by their mom. Sigh.

Anonymous 58320


Anonymous 58326

Fertility isn’t that low at 29. It will just take more menstrual cycles to get pregnant on average. The odds of becoming totally infertile don’t become a problem until late 30s to early 40s, and even then many women still naturally get pregnant at those ages.

Anonymous 58329

moid alert


I tried dating. It sucked. Back to being single.

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