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Alone on Valentine's Day Anonymous 5456

Another year has gone by, and somehow the expectation of finding a romantic partner draws nearer every year.
If you're alone, what are your plans? I might just buy myself chocolates and watch My Bloody Valentine.

Anonymous 5458


i'd not even thought about it

Anonymous 5459

I don't even celebrate it. No point when you're alone.

Anonymous 5462

I'm probably just goin to hang out with my best friend and try to not think about relationships.

Anonymous 5464

Most of the time, if I am alone I really won't make plans for myself. (It will be just another day gone by.) I usually get chocolates and give them to my close friends.

Anonymous 5465


Valentine's Day is my birthday.

No partner, no friends, no family, just like every other year. Maybe I'll buy alcohol, get drunk, swallow some sleeping pills and see if it kills me.

Anonymous 5466


i'll purchase some chocolate and binge watch clips of my husbando. looking forward to it tbh.

Anonymous 5469

I'm sorry, anon. I'd hug and cuddle you if I could.

I fell in love with someone who is travelling now for a long time and severly depressed and not down to commit and pretty superficial, too.

Idk I'll probably fight the urge to stalk him and to post sad things and spend the day with my best friend and chat with people and post about how stupid this holiday is.

Anonymous 5472

Ahaha his hair makes him look like he has a gigantic monobrow. I'm sorry anon.

Anonymous 5473

i'm going to spend my valentines day alone at work probably anon

Anonymous 5475

Why is this such a big of a deal? I'm not single this Valentine's, but I was single for several and just did my thing without caring (or even giving too much thought into the fact) I was alone. Seriously. Just lock yourself at home, watch some horror movies and chill if you're so bothered by the date. It will be alright.

Anonymous 5476


I used to be nonchalant like you.

Anonymous 5477


don't be
you've given me an excuse to post him again

Anonymous 5480


I won't spend it alone because i'll spend it with my cat and my crippling depression.

Anonymous 5481

Whatever would we do if you posted him again… ;)

Anonymous 5483

knock on kepap seu…

you are adorable.

Anonymous 5486


why does ur korean husbando look like a corpse

Anonymous 5487

All Korean's look like a corpse.

Anonymous 5489

How can you people even differentiate those Asian men except for the haircut? Pls no bully I'm serious

Anonymous 5491

One of them looks like a corpse and the other one's hot.

Anonymous 5492

She >>5491 is right. The dude sticking his tongue out clearly has the better facial structure. He also knows how to capitalize on his sexual value. The other dude is just sitting there looking blank like… a corpse.

Anonymous 5494


I downloaded that 7 husbands mobile app so I'll be spending it with them.

Anonymous 5495

unnamed (43).gif

Anonymous 5496

Corpse generalizations aside, they have different nose bridges, jawlines, and chins for a start.

Anonymous 5507


why does yours look like an uggo

after seeing enough of them you overcome facial blindness and distinguishing betwixt them is easier

Anonymous 5508

>After seeing enough of them you overcome facial blindness and distinguishing betwixt them is easier

True I guess. There are few Asians where I'm from and even though I can tell who is who IRL its way different in pics, even though >>5496 is probably right.

Anonymous 5513


You're just jelly that he looks like he could have at least some personality - in contrast to yours…

Anonymous 5517

>why does yours look like an uggo
Yikes, get some taste anon. Miura's facial structure was sculpted by the finest Japanese gods while your boring plastic surgery idol looks like he'd be blinded by dental floss.

Anonymous 5519


Stop fighting about Korean boys and get back on topic!!
(As a lesbian I think they're both cute!!)

Okay for Valentine's Day I'm probably going to be sleeping the whole day
The 15th is when all the candy and cute decorations go on sale and I'm ready

Anonymous 5520

*asian boys my bad

Anonymous Moderator 5521

Feel free to make a thread about Korean boys or whatever, it just doesn't belong in this one. Thanks

Anonymous 5522

I wanna watch it go down!

Anonymous 5523


Fire Emblem Heroes announced the release of Valentines!bestboi so honestly fuck my bf I'm already satisfied.

Anonymous 5524

Same. Hector is not my fave, but his Valentine's alt… OOF!<3 Eliwood looks so cute too… I want both! The entire announcement made me happy. I think I changed my plans for Valentine's day now!

Anonymous 5525

Hector has been my fave since I first got FE7 in middle school. Every alt that's come out I've been bitching about "no Hector" lmao. So imagine my surprise when a friend linked me to their announcement this morning!!

Eliwood? Haha I think you mean Roy.

polite sage for fujosperg

Anonymous 5527


Valentine's day will be weird. I'm seeing two dudes right now, some sort of FWB/Casual Relationship kind of dealio because we are all idiots.

One will be out of the country and I'm done with him. The other's company I enjoy a lot more and feel much more comfortable with him but I don't know if we are close enough to celebrate the day together and tbh I don't see him romantically.

Is it weird to celebrate the day with someone if you aren't boyfriend/girlfriend?

Anonymous 5528

you're not really fwb if you're celebrating holidays imo. i'd only do it if you wanna take it farther.

Anonymous 5529

I think it depends on how you celebrate.
If you hang out and it's still casual, that should be fine.
If it's getting gifts and/or going out together, then that might give the wrong idea.

May also be good to reiterate that your relationship is only casual.

Anonymous 5531

I thought I was going to spend Valentines day alone but I pulled him some hours ago. I only played the 3DS Fire Emblem but I love Valentine!Hector's artist so much.

Anonymous 5542

One of my friends likes to buy all of us (single and not single) donuts every year in honor of Valentine's day. I think it's really sweet and makes the day a whole lot better, especially since I'm single (and have been for a majority of valentine's days). In addition my mom likes to buy me chocolates.

I would like to spend a Valentine's day in a real relationship and actually live the ~stereotypical valentine's day~ but for now it involves eating too many sweets and longing for something more romantic.

Anonymous 5566


Since there isn't a general Valentine's thread, I think these can go here. Lonely anons, think about people you'd send anti or vinegar Valentines to.

>to the fuckboyz

Anonymous 5567



Anonymous 5568


Anonymous 5570

I've been single practically my whole life. There's something that makes my stomach go in knots during valentine's day / christmas / any "holiday" where love is a key concept.

You see so many people in love, and valentine's day is just another slap in the face that you aren't one of them, that you will never be one of them because you're incompetent at finding a partner, because you're too shy and you can't read social cues, you're doomed to be alone and feel like shit for the rest of your life. What sucks is that they make it seem so easy, so normal to find a partner and it's not like that for everyone.

I hate when I'm asked if I have a bf yet, and then my family jokingly says "what are you gay then?" every time I say no (they aren't bigots, because if they were they wouldn't be open to the possibility that I'm gay). I normally just lie and say I don't want one to them, because in reality I'm too ashamed to say I can't get one.

Anonymous 5588

Oh. Today is longer than I thought it would be.

Anonymous 5589


I was actually looking forward to valentines, last year I celebrated by myself I made some sweets, cleaned my house, and listened to music
I was feeling fine up until now and I realized how sad and lonely my life is ah oh well

Anonymous 5591

why don't you just advertise this on r9k or something? You'll get a boyfriend in no time at all

Anonymous 5592


Anonymous 5595

>why don't you just go to that board that hates women and rejoices when mass shootings happen so you can get one recluse to ask you for nudes then block you when you say no
What terrible advice. Let her be miserable in peace.

Anonymous 5596

There was a thread on /r9k/ earlier today.

Anonymous 5597


Valentine's day was my birthday
I spent all day lying in bed trying not to cry with limited success
I have no friends or family. No one got me anything or tried to spend time with me. obviously I have no partner either.
This will probably be my last birthday

Anonymous 5598

Sending you an internet hug, let me know if you need to talk anon. And happy birthday.

Anonymous 5599

Happy birthday, anon. I really do hope it gets better for you.

Anonymous 5601


>going to r9k for a relationship or for literally anything
ew, it's better to die alone than date anyone who visits r9k.

Happy birthday anon!
I can't give you a gift but i can give you an internet hug and all my love! <3

Anonymous 5602

Happy birthday, a bit late by now !
Do you want to talk to someone ?

Anonymous 5603


Why would anybody with a rational mind go to /r9k/ for anything?

Anonymous 5605

Happy birthday anon!! If I'd known you I would've made you a cake ;-;
(I always end up celebrating my birthday alone and making a cake by myself!)
I hope the next few days will be better for you to make up for the lousy birthday!

Anonymous 5607


Thank you all for your kind words, it means a lot

Anonymous 5657


/r9k/ has an always-growing feminist community

Anonymous 5658

How old are you guys? I want to be ready when I reach the point in my life where v-day triggers me this much.

Anonymous 5660

what sleeping pills do you use? tired of these antihistamines

Anonymous 5662

Did I write this post and forget? Doc just gave me antihistamines for sleeping yesterday. I think they're rather nice, actually.

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