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Guys Approaching You Anonymous 54754

I just feel kinda undecided on this. I'd kinda like to at least be in the presence of a guy for a week or 2 somewhere like Uni class before they approach me for a relationship but even then its
awkward. What are the favourite types of guy approaches the femanons here like?

Anonymous 54933


men do not approach me.

i guess the ideal in my head is a guy just saying,"hi, you're cute, here's my number if you think I'm cute too". and then giving me a piece of paper with their phone number and walking away. it seems both flattering, non-invasive, and non-stressful.

Anonymous 54934

I have only ever been approached by total weirdos.

Anonymous 54941

similar to >>54934 , i only ever seem to get the worst men approaching me. think of weebs and men who look like they came straight from /r9k/. it's more than likely because i'm asian i guess

the last time a guy asked for my number was fucking creepy as shit though because he saw me in a home improvement store and watched me walk back to my car, thankfully i'm not getting stalked now

Anonymous 54955

i usually ignore moids that approach me because they think highly of themselves and probably only looking to get their dicks wet

Anonymous 55001

moids have only ever approached me as a joke. i wouldn’t want them to talk to me even if i was attractive.

Anonymous 55010


are non creepy guys tired of approaching these days or something?

Anonymous 55012

maybe they just don't approach (you)
(and me)

Anonymous 55013

They're all already taken.

Anonymous 55015

It would have to be very slow and gradual and subtle. Personally I would hate being aggressively hit on or shown romantic/sexual interest because it makes me feel like a piece of meat and makes me cringe and feel very uncomfortable and I tend to run away from such situations because being sized up by a guy is very embarrassing and a lot of pressure. So it would have to be very subtle signs like smiling at me or striking up an innocent conversation then slowly bonding over interests we have in common.

Anonymous 55053

Yeah that's what I've gathered talking to moids. Seems like all non-creepy moids are under the impression that we find it annoying to be approached.

Anonymous 55067


What if all men turn creepy when approaching women?

Anonymous 55092

Men turn creepy when they reject me for being femcel.

Anonymous 55097

I would assume non-creepy guys have enough female friends in their circle that they wouldn't need to approach random girls in order to meet them. I think only "creepy" guys approach women because they're desperate and don't know how else to meet girls. That's my experience at least, but maybe others have had positive experiences being approached. Personally I think starting off as friends is best. I just can't find men attractive when they're being super flirtatious and are too conscious of making themselves appear "attractive". When I used to hang out with men (not anymore lol) the best times were when we would both find something really funny and just seeing them laugh with me genuinely was endearing and cute (especially if it was at a joke I made). That kind of shit never happened whenever I was talking to a guy under some sort of romantic pretense. I don't know why.

Anonymous 55101

yes, but more importantly you aren't worth the trouble to them

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