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hehe smoochies.gif

happy things ^_^ Anonymous 54780

a nice thread to talk about nice things
i recently got a date, I haven't had a proper dinner date in ages I can't wait, i'm gonna wear a cute dress and hopefully have a really nice night hehe

Anonymous 54782


You know, I looked this up thinking it was a teacher making out with her international student, only to find out it's BL. The only thing that makes me happy is the thought of twitter imploding when fujos have to defend their sexual attraction to fictional minors while condemning men for the same shit.

Anonymous 54783

those characters at least resemble adult characters, as do most BL characters, and it's easier to find BL about grown adults out of high school than it is to find yuri or straight romance about grown adults out of high school but ok moid, keep jerkin it to characters that are "5000 years old" but literally look like toddlers.
I think we already have a thread for nice or positive things that have happened to us lately? But anyway, something nice in my life recently is I got my cat a new toy and he really loves it and has been super happy and cuddly lately as a result. ^_^

Anonymous 54784


I made my mom a cake for her birthday tomorrow and I hope she likes it (-:

Anonymous 54785

Not a moid, but my point still stands. BL is boy love for a reason. Silly shotacons, they make me feel grossed out.

Anonymous 54808


>all BL is shotacon

Anonymous 54815

That's so cute, anon, I hope she enjoys (and appreciates) it! One day when I live on my own, I hope to surprise my mom with that on her birthday :^)

Anonymous 54826

lovely! carrot cake is delish

Anonymous 54827

>all BL is shotacon
god i wish

Anonymous Moderator 54845

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