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You have 2 moid options Anonymous 54995

>cumbrain faggot who has cranked his hog into oblivion and now thinks it's normal to beat the living shit out of you during sex, or worse.
>Trad dude who is celibate but passionately hates women and does not think of them as people.

What are we gonna do? There's no in between. Men have completely dehumanized us in multiple ways.

Anonymous 54996

Be single or date a woman

Anonymous 54997

even if youre straight it’s better to be single than spend your life with a moid

Anonymous 54998

"There's no in between"
Please go outside.

Anonymous 55000

I have a boyfriend who doesn't watch porn and isn't a weirdo trad. It's possible, if rare.

Anonymous 55002

there are a lot of moids like this but not all of them are. keep your eyes peeled sis
my bf is like this as well

Anonymous 55003

It's better to be alone than to be with shitty company in my opinion. There are still a good amount of decent guys out there, but my friends who have had not-shitty bfs all had to go through a good amount of shitty ones first. It's up to you if you want to risk having to deal with messy fights/breakup and emotional/physical trauma first on your quest for a bf that doesn't suck. For me it's not worth it but for others it is.

Anonymous 55004

> my friends who have had not-shitty bfs all had to go through a good amount of shitty ones first
This. There’s decent humans that happen to be male out there but there’s tons of crap you need to dig through to get to them. Fortunately, most of the “trad” trash won’t bother you unless you model yourself to their ideal so it’s just the pornsick ones you need to worry about.

Anonymous 55005

My ex was a huge coomer who jerked off 3 times a day but he had pretty vanilla tastes, wasnt into anything more extreme than facials or slow comfortable anal, even then he was kinda hesitant. He hated violent stuff.

Anonymous 55006

Trad guys are usually the biggest coomers of all and often have really weird fetishes like trannies but they cover up all their guilt about being porn addicts with Jesus talk and denial.

Anonymous 55009

>slow comfortable anal
For who?

Anonymous 55014

Personally I enjoy anal quite a lot, I have fibroids on my uterus so PIV sex is quite painful for me. There’s a difference between jackhammer painal and slow gentle butt f*cking, sadly some guys dont know the difference.

Anonymous 55018

Does it not just feel like you need to poo?

Anonymous 55026

I have a boyfriend, who doesn't watch porn, hasn't masturbated since we moved together and we have a great sex life. He leans to the right on some issues, but he has a complex view on politics and also hold many left-wing opinions. He is intelligent and I can't see him ever fall victim to adopting a meme personality based on random internet bullshit.

Stop acting like these weirdos on twitter/The Chans or wherever are representative of anything.

Anonymous 55030

If you stopped having sex with him he'd leave though, I'm assuming. So he is still influenced by porn culture. I will not have sex with a man until marriage or at least engagement.

Anonymous 55031

Nta, but personally it doesn't feel like the sensation of going or needing to go to the bathroom at all. If your partner is gentle and you're relaxed, it just feels like slightly less stimulating normal sex.

Anonymous 55042

You just described the same dude. It's always the conservatives that are into weird shit. The trad thing is nothing more than a front to bait women with no self-respect into going along with their gross fetishes.

Anonymous 55050

>If you stopped having sex with him he'd leave though
Most people would eventually leave a relationship if their partner cut them off for good.
>I will not have sex with a man until marriage or at least engagement.
Good on yah, good luck in your quest to find that man

Anonymous 55192

based as fuckin hell
the way to go is just to say no if they go for it

Anonymous 55198


If I could only choose between those two moids?
Get thee to a nunnery.
Ya’ll think I’m joking.
I’m not.

Anonymous 55204

Dangerously based, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Anonymous 55205

I've never met someone who wanted to wait until marriage or engagement to have sex that had a healthy relationship with sex. They usually impulsively marry / get engaged because they really want to have sex and inevitably regret it because the marriage fails or they break things off before marriage

Anonymous 55213

Every moid I've ever dated has given up porn when I asked him to. You should dump a man on the spot if he doesn't give it up or if you catch him watching it anyway, it means he doesn't find you attractive and doesn't take the relationship seriously. If he can't jack off without porn, the brain rot is already too severe and he needs to be thrown away. A man not giving up porn is a sign that you're a beta female, if you're attractive and desirable, a man will have zero problems with giving up porn. If he needs porn to be with you, that means he's settling.

Anonymous 55214

Lol eww, enjoy getting shit on your mans dick.

Anonymous 55216

Anon literally said PIV hurts her. I don't like anal either but I don't see why you have to be rude to her about it.

Anonymous 55217

Men were always fucking hookers before they got married (and after), if anything it was more acceptable back then than now.

Anonymous 55220

How does piv hurt when anal doesn't? I smell scrotum

Anonymous 55221

Anon… do you not know what vaginismus is? Endometriosis? PCOS? It's really not an uncommon issue for women to have sex be painful for medical reasons.

Anonymous 55222

I have fibroids on my uterus, too. Doesn't mean I'm willing to get shit on my mans dick

Anonymous 55223

>focus is more about "shit my precious moid's dick!" than how it feels for you
Okay moid

Anonymous 55225

It's a dick in a shitty hole, there's nothing to feel. Why are you so obsessed with fucking a shitty hole that wasn't designed for sex?

Anonymous 55244

I will thank my lucky stars for my attraction towards women and don't deal with the moid retardation.
Based choice, I'd do the same if I was straight

Anonymous 55255

I don't think so. We are already engaged to circumvent the issue of premarital sex. That was good enough for both of us.

We also had a long discussion about porn and why it's bad. One of the things I mentioned was that moids often devolve into pure coomer mode, who bluntly ask their girlfriend, if she wants sex and if she isn't in the mood, they just fap. So I managed to convince him to seduce me and try harder, if I don't feel like having sex. He's now a licensed massage therapist and gives me long massages and does other romantic things to pamper me. We also started taking dancing lessons. He does this without ever coming across as pleading or begging for sex, so that's great as well.

Anonymous 55398

Like half of this is me seething at my friends who keep dating guys that I tell them are shitty before breaking up with them a month later when they find out I'm right but whenever I see people complain about having to sort through mountains of shitty men I assume that they're garbage at reading people. I don't want to blame people for their shitty SOs but if you're consistently dating shitty men you're doing something wrong and you should probably try to fix it for your own sake

Anonymous 55424

>if she isn't in the mood, they just fap. So I managed to convince him to seduce me and try harder, if I don't feel like having sex.
This sounds pretty rapey not gonna lie. "When I say no, I actually mean try harder, you just have to know when no means rape no."

Anonymous 55431


I'm glad I'm attracted to cartoons only.

Anonymous 55435

being subtley rapey to men is based. raping them isn't, but giving them a taste of their own medicine is hilarious.

Anonymous 55436

That isn't what she's describing though, she complains when asked bluntly for sex that he will just stop pursuing if she says no. She literally wants him to keep going for a yes after hearing "no" concerning whether or not she wants to have sex. This, by most state laws, is rape.

Anonymous 55437

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. What I meant is that tries harder for ~next time~ (whenever that is appropriate). He is not annoying me every day until I give in. I hate this kind of begging attitude. There is nothing that makes me drier.

Anonymous 55438

meant to write "the entire day" not every day

Anonymous 55439

And my current boyfriend never asked bluntly for sex. This is just what I have observed with other men and I hate that kind of forward vulgarity.

Anonymous 55440

Is asking for sex really "vulgar"? I've never had that impression whatsoever, sounds like an internalized narrative concerning sex being an inherently negative thing to the human experience.

Anonymous 55441

I dated a porn-addict for 3 weeks. He was sitting on the bed, watching porn on his iPad and then asked me to come over and give him a blowjob. I walked out.

I want to be treated with decorum. If a moid is too retarded and damaged to do some BASIC seduction fuck him (not in that way). There is a time and place for being forward and sometimes it's alright, but if that's the only way he knows, I hate it.

Anonymous 55444

With decorum? What did you do to deserve decorum? You sound like a frigid person to be around with. Are you like this with strangers too?

Anonymous 55447

>What did you do to deserve decorum?

>You sound like a frigid person to be around with. Are you like this with strangers too?

This is about my sex life. You are creepy.

Anonymous 55450

what's with the retards in this thread?

Anonymous 55451

Oh, you're using decorum purely in this isolated context, not what that word is meant to be used for, got it, that's why I was confused why someone of an upper class was posting on cc of all places.

Well, theoretically I understand what you're describing, but enabling the art of seduction seems to be a path of behavior also created by a pornsick society.

Anonymous 55453

I don't know what you mean by "enabling the art of seduction", but whatever. I tried to describe it in the best way I could. Maybe my words didn't do it justice. I can just say that my boyfriend is great and not a pornsicko coomer like most men are to some degree.

Anonymous 55488

We constantly have sex. It's just that we spent a lot of time on the foreplay too.

Anonymous 55497

Back to /r9k/ with you mister!

Anonymous 55498

yes, you're right. no woman wants your hideous balding self. now GTFO to 4scrote for sui fuel. you aren't desired here.

Anonymous 55680

malfoy blick.gif

Why do people get triggered as fuck, when I use the word decorum?

Anonymous 55685

they probably don't know what it means and it makes them angry lol

Anonymous 55710

What's up with the surge in reactionary trad converts? It's like every single twenty something male on the internet has barely started their self-improvement journey and uses that as an excuse to differentiate themselves from soiboys.

Anonymous 55711

The new counter culture.

Anonymous 55714

>boyfriend has madonna-whore complex so won't have sex with me

Anonymous 55780

They hate themselves

Anonymous 55809

that's such a disgusting way to treat your s/o, I don't understand what went through his mind

Anonymous 55811


Ironically due to being indoctrinated by internet circles. The people who live more traditional lifestyles away from the influence of internet echo chambers are never as fucked up as the “trad” guys online who use it as a way to virtue signal. Or to boast about how they’re not like all those new age degenerates they despise (see: anyone who isn’t exactly like them.) They hate women, they hate people who are a different race, they hate people who have more sex than them, they hate people who have a different religion, they hate people who dress in ways they don’t like, and they hate people who don’t hate everyone like they do.

Anonymous 55825

I would rather be single or date a woman, I do not need men in my life and I only see them as hook ups and sperm donors..and even as hook ups they're barely worth anything because they refuse to help you cum and don't know how to do anything but jack hammer for two minutes.

Anonymous 55938

>hasn't masturbated since we moved together
god I wish that was me. my ex threw a tantrum when I told him I wanted us to just have sex instead of masturbating. And then ofc called me controlling when I complained about porn. fuck me

Anonymous 55942

you see moid, I think you misunderstand this thread. she cannot have sex because there are only 2 kinds of men and they are both subhuman. to have sex with them would be self harm, and OP has self respect.

Anonymous 55943

stop being a coomer then

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