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my top ten hobbies: Anonymous 55111

- being in a position where my head is upside down so all my blood flow to the head
- staring at myself in a mirror or phone camera
- waiting for time to pass
- walking around in circles
- banging my head with my fists
- talking to others in the psych ward and noticing i do not care i do not care about their most absurd of schizo stories because i do not care about anyhting
- take meds
- play battle tetris
- play mario kart
- listen to kanye wets ghost town

Anonymous 55123


- play mario kart
- listen to kanye wets ghost town

not so bad
but please stop with the self harm, treat your body with care

Anonymous 55124

God has given you autism because you would be too powerful without it.

Anonymous 55131


Those are pretty good. Head to wall feels better though. For me it's
>lying in a field of flowers and pretending I am the Black Dahlia
>hanging from trees and scaring passersby
>inducing nightmares with caffeine/sugar and setting random alarms for efficient sleep disturbance
>blasting sullen music full volume and singing in the showa
>memorizing useless facts about murderers (did you know that George Hennard's favorite song was Don't Take Me Alive by Steely Dan?)
>practicing normal facial expressions in the mirror
>making ugly pixel sprites
>bothering strangers to see how they respond to unconventional situations
>kicking the air
>reformatting my diary desu

Anonymous 55132

Pls post ugly pixel sprites, I love pixel art.

Anonymous 55136


Um. Sure.

Anonymous 55145

I like it. It's like a pixel icon (in the Orthodox painting sense).

Anonymous 55148


Anonymous 55163

>hanging from trees and scaring passersby

Anonymous 55166


For me it is:
- staring at a wall in silence
- sitting very still with my eyes closed
- staring into the void that is my tablet screen for about 5 hours
- listening to my tinnitus
- trying to actually float in my bath tub while pretending to return to the womb
- scribbling pointless to-do lists of daily activities that will always have to be rewritten the next day
- accidentally making small children and babies think I’m strange by acting too silly
- when finally listening to music it is of the following: sad classical, haunting dark new age bullshit, Georgian/orthodox type chants, non-lyrical ambient lofi type classical
- try to sew
- try to paint

Anonymous 57381

it's okay dubsfriend, it's okay!

Anonymous 57384

marisa cute.png

1. tabletop rpgs
2. dancing
3. singing
4. drawing
5. exercising
6. cooking
7. video games
8. listening to music
9. guns + shooting
10. anime + manga

Anonymous 57402


based trips
mine are
1) talking to myself out loud anywhere and everywhere
2) reading my old diaries
3) dancing in my house to no music
4) playing the violin on my wrists with razorblades
5) checking and refreshing my favorite boards on my favorite imageboards
6) trying to force tears out of my eyes as an attempt to feel an emotion
7) poasting on tumblr
8) kicking/stomping my foot really fast like a cat
9) drinking and eating things im not supposed to ( like acetone cement bleach roach poison you name it !!! )
10) listening to obscure (japanese) shoegaze

Anonymous 57411

eating food my bf makes me
drawing (I guess, I am ambivalent about it to the extremes)
random obsessions like Pokemon go, or imageboards

I wish I went out more to clubs or hiking trails or something, but I'm always testy about gas because I already drive a lot to see my bf who lives a very long ways away. I want to play video games like I used to as a youth, but I feel like I have less time because of work and such.

Anonymous 57419

girls flying, look…

mine are
- talking to my 2-3 close friends online
- finding cool/Weird images online
-listening to (obscure) breakcore/ambient/trance/ experimental hhip hop/shoegaze/electronic (way more stuff but i 4got)
- running across hallway
- scrolling thru twitter or crystal cafe endlessly and constantly refreshing the page or scrolling down really fast and not even reading anything trying to get something out of my dopamine receptors but failing to because they are completely fried
- drawing
- confusing my dogs or petting my dogs
- video games kinda
- listening to w3bcam 909mix
- woofing in a very monotone voice
- jacking off when im barely even horny to pass time

kind of in order but not really in order

cool gif of anime girl eating bread anom, i force tears out of my eyes to feel an emotion too

Anonymous 57420

also taking walks and looking at/praying to telecom towers

Anonymous 57421

you have any music recs anon? been getting into that kinda music lately, would love to hear some of ur favs you seem cool.

Anonymous 57717

everyone has such great hobbies! I love em all
my top 10 are
> drawing with colored pencils and enjoying the texture of it
> dancing mid workout
> music appreciation AKA either looping one song over and over again or blasting a certain genre for months on end
> attempting new craft related hobbies
> baiting /fit/ posters
> the occasional (but badly written) poem
> watching movies with a comfy atmosphere
> cuddling my dog until we both fall asleep
> talking to myself about my worries and hyperfixations because i am too afraid to talk about it with other people
> squeezing my fingers and toes and let go once when the white patches rise up on my skin

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