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Anonymous 5554

Has anyone ever considered or tried suicide? How is the best way to do it?

Anonymous 5571

I tried to hang myself with my bedsheets two and a half years ago, but they stretched too much and I just ended up hurting my neck.

I don't want to kill myself anymore, but I figure if I did I'd either buy a gun or take sleeping pills and pass out in the snow.

Anonymous 5575

You're lucky to live somewhere with snow.

Anonymous 5580

It's not worth it, op. I attempted several times, two were pretty serious and close, but looking back I can say it's definitely not worth the pain, and even the "painless" way wasn't painless at all in my case.

Let me know if you need an ear, but tldr don't. good luck.

Anonymous 5628

Attempted a few times, obviously they didn't work. Still consider it from time to time, but only because I don't see any purpose in living.

I hope you're ok OP, and everyone else who's posted here.

Anonymous 5629

I'm glad you're both still here. I don't see a point much either but I'm glad I never went through with it either. Hope you both find something that makes you keep going.

Anonymous 5635


Thanks anon, it's small but means a lot to me. I'm glad you're here too, and hope we can both find a point and truly enjoy life <3

Anonymous 5639

Have attempted suicide in the past via a cocktail of prescription medication. Would not recommend.

I am going to attempt suicide next week via one of two methods I am currently considering. Both I have not tried. Will likely NOT try suspension hanging based on responses here and others I have seen. Will likely attempt carbon monoxide poisoning if I can do so in a manner that ensures the safety of others who may find me.

Anonymous 5640

what no
anon why?

Anonymous 5642

Please don't take your life. What has happened for you to get to this point? I'll listen.

Anonymous 5664

Hey, are you still here? Let me know if you are, and how you're feeling at this particular moment.

Anonymous 5666

I tried it. Obviously, it didn't work out. What I regret more than getting caught doing it was agreeing to try out the psych ward. It soon became one of the worst and most expensive weeks of my life, especially without insurance. Ever since then, the urge to kill myself isn't as strong as before, but everything seems duller. Life hasn't gotten better, but it hasn't gotten any worse. How are you, OP?

You still here? I kind of understand that if you've done that much research, you're at the point where it's difficult to stop desiring an end. Nevertheless, I hope you find peace, though I'm sure other miners and myself would prefer to see you happier and alive.

Anonymous 5677

Don't commit suicide. It leads to hell.

Anonymous 5684

I've attempted suicide as a teenager when I didn't know anything about how to do it. They were both pathetic attempts that no one even knows about but they were still attempts nonetheless. I've basically made my 30th Birthday my planned suicide date though. There's no point in me living past that age, especially if I haven't improved my life by then - which going by how my life has gone up until this point, I don't think improvement will ever happen in a significant enough way to stop me.

I'll either try hanging, drug cocktail, or slitting my wrists. Depends on how I'm feeling closer to the date. I've got another 3 and a half years to go. Part of me hopes I can find the change I'm seeking but I also know I'm too much of a lazy, scared piece of trash who deserves to die anyway.

Anonymous 5685

I sometimes go into states (usually after something mildly upsetting has happened) where I just… I cry, and stare into the distance, and I don't feel like moving or talking, or doing anything and all I can think about is different ways of offing myself.

This happened during a 10 hour flight once, I didn't watch a single movie or anything. Just sat there and quietly sobbed and thought about dying.


Anonymous 5686

I've never seriously attempted it, but at times I just look into my future and it all seems so bleak. I'm only 20 and the depression will probably grow stronger as I near my mid 20s. For now I can just think about how sad it'd make my mum and that usually triggers me to sob for about an hour or so just thinking about how horrible I would have to be to leave my family like that, I don't want them to feel responsible for my death (I don't think people who kill themselves are horrible this is just my (probably really bad) coping mechanism).

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