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I HATE MEN Anonymous 55743

They are very gross.

Anonymous 55744

even worse when they have faggy long hair

Anonymous 55745

Anonymous 55747


>tfw no faggy long hair bf

Anonymous 55752


But long haired men are the only ones I find attractive.

Anonymous 55753

Is this supposed to be a jab at troons?

Anonymous 55754

same, every time I try to listen to them and find 'the good ones' I only get more reasons to hate them.

Anonymous 55755


Based taste

Anonymous 55757


You too, sister. About time we revived the model thread again.

Anonymous 55758


I don't, I think there are shitty people out there regardless of gender. I do like 2D men better, though.

Anonymous 55761


I hate men too but
>Having taste this bad

Anonymous 55767

Any stories of me you thought were good only to find out how shitty they were? It sounds like it would make for a fun story

Anonymous 55768

Anonymous 55775

I think it brings up their attractiveness by at least 2 points, but my boyfriend hates having his hair long ;_;. He looked so cute with his hair grown out but he's going to buzz it all off.

Anonymous 55777

No such thing as "the good ones" they're all pieces of shit.

Anonymous 56111

>men at work keep flirting despite how i tell them to let me work in peace
>men do not care about having a genuine connect only sex
>men do not view women has humans
>men resort to violence for everything
>men gatekeep everything then bitch and moan that women arent interesting
I hate men so much it's unreal

Anonymous 56161

Love from Uzbekistan

Anonymous 56177

Anonymous 56260

>men do not care about having a genuine connect only sex

Anonymous 56270


Anonymous 56283


Anonymous 56343

sorta looks like a male version of madison beer/madison's older brother kek

Anonymous 56509

I hate men so much. I hate how they try to use you for sex, lying and cheating. If I could I would force all Chads to commit to an average woman. I would also have them tied to my bed and they would be my dildos with legs.

Anonymous 56987

I hate incels and angry men.

Anonymous 57191


I hate men who joke or Karl about raping and mutilating women. It's disgusting. And all this because we rejected them. I will stop at nothing to put them in their place.

Anonymous 57212

Sadly there's barely anything you can do as a woman. The best thing you could do is to try to get them fired, but that's not an easy thing to do.
The current justice system seems to openly defend behaviour like this.

Anonymous 57213

True. I talked to enough woman who were stalked by exes whom the justice system done nothing for. There are some ways … But those are more sneaky.

Anonymous 57219

Stalking is even more normalized than talking about mutilating women. I know multiple women that are being stalked by their ex or their bio-dad.
I mostly meant that, if a man talks about raping or mutilating women at your job, you could try to tell HR about it. But it the end it is never guaranteed to work and it is a lot of effort for the women accusing the man.

Anonymous 57263

They are too smart to vent offline. Even if they don't mean it, it's pretty disturbing to read. All it takes is one bad day for these people to snap.(They even admit it) Anyways, I don't frequent those swamps anymore.

Anonymous 57307

So all men?

Anonymous 57329

No comment.

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