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Anonymous 55824

A tornado ran through my town and basically played hop scotch with all of my relatives towns. I could see the tornado from my yard, as could my brother from his yard in the next town, and yet none of us got hurt. The way I feel now is so strange. All of my problems feel so insignificant now and I feel so much more awestruck by everything. Seeing a tornado circling my home is the closest thing I can imagine to how it would feel to see a deity. I looked up how people tend to be affected by surviving natural disasters, but it was mostly about PTSD from loved ones dying. Has anybody else experienced this? Is this normal?

Anonymous 55922


That was kind of beautiful. I don't know what to add, but yes, I do understand, but not from a near death experience. Sometimes it feels after trying to seek Christ my soul gets put back in the right place and I feel the essence of being alive, and stop worrying about small things. He makes me smile in my soul.
I wish I could see tornadoes in real life, but without people at risk, like in a desert. Were you afraid when you saw it? Or just in awe? Do you have preparations for these things?

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