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Embarrassing Millennials Anonymous 55896

Why are millennials so fucking washed up and ugly? I meet nice older women all the time so there's something about this particular generation that just screwed them up. I think it's reddit. They have no desire for self improvement, health, etc. and just deal with being insecure. They seem so lost in life. And they seem so ugly because they're dead behind the eyes and always wear weird makeup that Jeffree Star conned them into consoooming.

How shall Gen Z avoid being like this in the future?

Anonymous 55897


Here's a mandatory millennial cringe comp btw.

Anonymous 55898

what are the birth years for millennials

Anonymous 55899

1981-1996, but I am mostly referring to the older group of millennials who know they're ageing and can't come to terms with it so they do some really tryhard shit.

Anonymous 55901

I'm a millennial and yeah we do seem to be mostly fuckups who lived at home into our late 20s and seem to be mostly depressed and crazy and currently in the process of killing ourselves off
I think it was the media we grew up with, so much toxic positivity. "Follow your dreams no matter what!" "Just bee yourself!" Whatever the case it seems to be very hard for us to grow up and stop being kids.
What are zoomers like, I assume you're all even more depressed

Anonymous 55903

I think there's hope for a lot of zoomers. Plenty of zoomers are incredibly depressed alt kids who will probably end up just like the millennials because they basically have the same problems, it's just that the context is different because they're so young. When you're young you can obviously get away with infantilizing yourself, consumerist bullshit, debauchery, etc.

I say the future looks bright because another group of zoomers seem to be redefining what success is. Their goals in life are very practical and wholesome. Go to a college you can afford, do your work, buy land, advocate for a better future, maybe have some kids. They seem really willing to grow up. I see more of us becoming religious, anti-porn, etc. so I think we're gonna be a good influence hopefully. Our parents were really fucked up though.

Anonymous 55914

I think the millennials will be a forgotten generation. I can't really think of anything they created or that defines their generation (besides their economic troubles) like what the boomers, gen X and gen Z have.

Anonymous 55924

It's like this generation that's mostly without religion, cultural ties, family, or any music that has the fingerprint of its culture, everyone just follows the influence of the media, like what's on the 'front page' and what's trending right now. Just going along with whatever. Like there's a vacuum where a culture was supposed to be.

Anonymous 55925

As a millenial I do kinda agree. I feel pretty disconnected from my own generation, but it's not like I feel more connected to any other.

I think part of the lost in life/no motivation thing is being the generation where things switched over to online life, faster pace etc etc. Information and culture still had barriers to entry so it was enough to just be aware of something. But subsequently it became much more important to get engagement, to be an active participant, and millenials didn't really grow up with that.

I don't see zoomers as any different in that tbh.

Anonymous 55949

Basically this applies to all modern culture:


Anonymous 55950

Idk I think there are tons of millennials who are fuck ups but there are a lot who aren’t.

I mean I’m a librarian, my husband is in IT, and my brother is an electrical engineer and we’re all millennials. We’re not all losers.
Though a lot of us are lol. That’s why we have such a hard time finding friends our age lol.

Anonymous 55952

Millennials are really weird to me. Nobody really just LOVES the idea of aging or no longer being in the spotlight, but they seem to have an especially hard time with it and keep trying to shoehorn their old trends into staying relevant when it's obvious gen Z has the floor now.

Also the whole 90's nostalgia was really blown the FUCK up by millennials back in the 2010s, and I was expecting (and excited) to see the same reaction with 2000s nostalgia once the 2000s kids became adults, but it just hasn't happened anywhere near as intensely. I think the 90's throwback shit just took off so hard because millennials are nostalgic to the point it's unhealthy. They're stuck in a weird time loop.

Anonymous 55953

I doubt millennials are any different or special than anyone else, they are just aging in a very different world than previous generations.

>I was expecting (and excited) to see the same reaction with 2000s nostalgia once the 2000s kids became adults

As a gen Z kid who grew up in the 2000s, the 2000s don't feel like they have a solid identity compared to the 90s, 80s, 70s etc. It feels more like some kind of transition decade. I'm nostalgic about a lot of things from my childhood and the way things were then, sure, but they don't come together strongly to define the decade for me.

Anonymous 55954

idk, I think the 2000s definitely had its own identity. I do agree though that millennials aren't particularly special in any type of way.

Anonymous 55955

2000s has a pretty identifiable identity, the 2020s don't feel super different from the 2010s so far though

Anonymous 55957

I mean it did but its identity feels pretty… idk the word, mild? Compared to other decades. It's kind of like a watered down 90s with less optimism and more computers. A lot of things from it are 90s leftovers or things that continued/got way bigger in the 10s

Anonymous 55958

I'd say widespread access to the internet before the internet metastasized into what it is now is a pretty distinct identity. That and the culture war not being nearly as big of a thing and niche pop culture stuff not being nearly as main stream. Like I don't think we had the type of journalism you see now around the new star wars films or whatever in the 2000s

Anonymous 55959

True enough. I'm pretty nostalgic for the 2000s internet

Anonymous 55960

Gen Z countercultu…

>Go to a college you can afford, do your work, buy land, advocate for a better future, maybe have some kids.

Oh god it's coming true

Anonymous 55961

Please don't take all the sad idiots who can't admit late 20s/30s is not "young" as every millenial lol.

Anonymous 55962

>I think it was the media we grew up with

Such a Boomer take, Jesus. Blaming the precarity and the alienation of the millennial generation on video games and 'da media'? Don't you think it's more related to more material facs that for example, you know, millennials are the first generation in American history that has grown up with fewer financial opportunities than their parents, growing up poorer and with a worse living standards and downward social mobility than them?

Anonymous 55964

Even if this is true, americans are still so fucking rich compared to everyone else on the world. It's pathetic, you have nothing to complain about.
It seems like, more than anything, millenials are obsessed with finding ways to see themselves as victims.
Millenials have created a culture of perpetual victimhood and victimhood as a virtue.
There are of course real victims, but the things you are complaining about are pathetic.

Anonymous 55965

Pretty sure Europeans have it better than Americans not in the top percentage.
>you have nothing to complain about
Is a dumb argument and not how people work. If anything first worlders have more to complain about, since people living in impoverished countries are too busy staying alive to enjoy their whining privileges.

Anonymous 55966

Maybe Dutch and Scandinavians have it better than Americans, but eastern europe is far worse.

Anonymous 55967

Western Europe is definitely better too. Parts of America are honorary third world countries

Anonymous 55968

It depends on the country. I would say all millenials (and likely zoomers too) will suffer from a lack of resources afforded to their parents. The % of held wealth for our generations is a tiny fraction of the % our parents and grandparents held at the same age. So much money is still locked up in boomer investments and property globally (and so much will be spent on boomer healthcare as they age out and die).

But, country by country, concentrations of wealth differ. There's a big citibank report from, IDK, around 2012? That talks about how in the UK and US wealth is primarily held and spent by the rich, and the poor/middle class are not really a market worth reaching out to, but in Scandinavia/Germany that's very much not the case and the primary spenders are a wealthier middle class. Of course, people in the 'first world' are generally much wealthier than the rest of the world even if they don't feel like it in their societies.

Anonymous 55969

I'm eastern european and i have visited USA, i still prefer my poor, peaceful country, we're still dealing with devastation brought by ~50 years of Soviet occupation, but we're rich when compared to the third world and we don't have so many obese people, and racial tension fueled riots. Culture in USA feels unauthentic/rootless, New York was dirty and felt like a giant resource sucking tumor, it had rude people selling stolen or counterfeit goods on the streets like in some third world country. Canada was more pleasant, but some old folks in Toronto said that Toronto used to be even more pleasant, but over the years has turned more like New York.

Anonymous 55970

Yes, sometimes rich countries can be quite uncomfortable to live in. It is probably because of multiculturalism combined with dog-eat-dog-capitalism.

Anonymous 55975

You could have just said "zoomer girls are teenagers." I feel bad for them more than anything.

Anonymous 55978

NY in particular is very romanticized for the extremely visible poverty there.

Anonymous 55981

It seems like the newer generations are shorter and fatter too. Kinda like evolution going wrong.

Anonymous 55982

No, not really.
Newer generations are taller, especially in otherwise short countries, although they are fatter, and in general first world men have lower sperm counts.

Anonymous 55983

No way lol. I was 'tall' relatively in high school and I feel so short now around all these zoomer girls. People are getting way taller.

Anonymous 55984


Both Toronto and Vancouver suck now. I live in Toronto and I can't wait to move to Quebec.

To me each generation seems to look younger. For example the girls in this photoset of 1960s high school fashion look older than teenaged to me. When I look in my older sister's high school yearbook compared to mine her peers looked way more mature for their age.

Anonymous 55985

if you look at the parents of gen z and even the parents of millennials this is somewhat radical, i assure you. ironically what millennials are doing now is exactly what their parents bargained for. university is fucking retarded and will put you into debt for years so zoomers are taking a stand against it and going to smaller schools. yet, our parents seem to think this is some kind of tragedy.

Anonymous 55988

i really don't understand how y'all measure the wealth of an average american.
>can't get a job until you go into massive amount of debt at college.
>$10,000-$20,000 in debt, job is still bad but this is the best you can do.
>literally cannot survive without a car, so you're in debt for that too.
>rent is $1k a month.
>you cannot go to the doctor. you cannot afford it.
>if you get in a serious accident you probably just have to let yourself die.


>you don't go to college and you can't get an apartment, so you couch hop for years until you finally find a roommate that makes more than you.

>get injured and die because no healthcare.

Anonymous 55989

I mean it's amazing compared to shithole countries but sucks compared to most other first world countries. However people in shithole countries seem to be happier as long as they aren't dying horribly or being oppressed, so it doesn't mean that much anyway.

Anonymous 55993

Vancouver is Blandcouver and Toronto is full of the same tall glass condo everywhere

Anonymous 55995

Compared to third world countries, sure. I could understand why somebody from somewhere like Brazil wouldn't want to hear Americans whining. But usually whenever I see someone offering this take they're western European or Australian, which is laughable. Not all of America is California or some wealthy state like Vermont. A lot of the south is just a conglomeration of ghettos and backwoods meth-riddled towns where people just cycle in and out of prison.

Anonymous 55996

Same with Hollywood/Los Angeles. Literal sea of homeless, I refuse to walk through half the city.

Anonymous 56011

I’m definitely “in between” when it comes to Millennial/Gen Z (I’ve heard of Gen Z starting as early as 1995 and as late as 2001) but I have enough contact with normies of all ages to know that literally all generations are cringe.
Millennials are easily offended and unable to accept that they’re the uncool adults now. Gen X is apathetic and claim to be libertarian but are too bitch to actually rebel. Everything about boomers has already been said but they are honestly as bad as everyone says they are. Gen Z were literally iPad kids 5 years ago and while they think they’re edgier and more radical than everyone else, their shit only shocks Millennials (who are absurdly easy to offend as discussed).The only generation I think is free from blame is the really young Gen Z (I’ve heard it called Gen Alpha). I honestly feel sorry for because they’re the ones who will actually be permanently damaged by lockdowns and a lack of socialization.

Anonymous 56015

this is a really good description of millennials that says what I couldn't quite figure out how to explain

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