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Anonymous 56723

My boyfriend of almost a year used tinder to get weed and said I was just projecting my insecurities onto these girls and that he wouldn’t cheat on me with a tinder bitch when he didn’t even tell them he was dating someone (said it’s normal for smokers to use tinder for just weed) . When I tried to say he was leading girls on he said he wasn’t. He only deleted when I agreed that I just didn’t want him to use tinder. Is this normal lol :’)

Anonymous 56724

He told me before hand btw but only cause I found tinder on his phone and he was talking to some girl about shooting on her private property cause he didn’t want to pay for a range

Anonymous 56725

He’s cheating on you. Why do you allow yourself to be fooled by such terrible lies?

Anonymous 56727


I think it's not normal, he should understand your feelings about not liking it(it's so shady). Maybe if the situation was reversed he could understand better.
Anyway I think it's not about excuses but the act. Don't talk to other girls on dating apps that's super weird
Even for weed lol????
Cheer up with your bf I hope he will understand you

Anonymous 56728

I think so too
Even if he is not cheating is the same to me. He doesnt even cut the line between thsoe girls and him. So blurry and weird

Anonymous 56729

I just want to die at this point. Everyone I talk to says he’s cheating. Man or woman. Here or 4chan

Anonymous 56732

Maybe he is not! Maybe it's really for weed…

Just talk about it again. Also we are not in your couple we can't know every details maybe there is some which make a difference!!

Cheer up!

Anonymous 56734

Thank you bae :( I’m just so upset. I’d hate to bring it up again cause I threaten to breakup with him when he fought about it

Anonymous 56735

Anw big love on you
But that's so sad, if you can't even talk about things like this. That's a must to communicate
Maybe try to set small rules when you both talk. For example no trying to threaten anyone with breaking up? It's okay to not be okay with what your bf/gf does. To them it might be nothing but to you it can hurt you really bad and break your trust (in him and yourself)
So yeh talk, if he gets angry even with honest talk fuck it you are not a dog.

Anonymous 56738

leave this smelly drug addict cheater and don’t look back

Anonymous 56742

Who the fuck uses tinder to get weed? You can get someone to smoke with through tinder but just to find a dealer that you aren’t fucking? Real sussy

Anonymous 56749

teach him how to use darknet because using tinder to buy weed is cringe as fuck

Anonymous 56753

Leave him now. You won't forget this and it's easier to leave immediately. When you keep reminding yourself, feeling terrible, taking it out on him subconsciously with bad moods, he'll get angry with you. You'll inevitably consider leaving months later, after months of fantasising, he'll have forgotten about it and will think you're blowing it out of proportion.

Leave now, whilst it's still fresh. Leave now, before he slowly does worse and worse. He knows you'll let him off.

Anonymous 56757

There was no fucking way he was using tinder to buy weed, do not let yourself be convinced of that. Leave him.

Anonymous 56758

He’s lying through his teeth lmao, that isn’t how drugs work

Anonymous 56759

Are you dating some redneck hillbilly?

Anonymous 56769

Wanna weigh in on this as someone who has used Tinder to buy weed. I even posted about it before just in case someone thinks I'm just trying to defend the guy: >>>/feels/49194

It really does happen. Of course it's not impossible that he's using it as a cover, but it's not guaranteed that he's cheating. The shooting thing is more suspicious, but is that really all they spoke about? Did you check out his profile?

I did this too but I got a letter from the police once because the vendor kept my address stored. So now I'm too chicken to keep doing it. And I can't meet dealers locally because I never go out and don't know anyone. I tried looking up random people on Snapmap, Tagmap, etc but no luck.

Anonymous 56826

if he was really doing it to get weed he'd match with men instead, those guys give out weed a lot easier
also i doubt he matched with any fat or ugly girl with the hope of her also being down for giving him weed

Anonymous 56828


Yo, guys don't use tinder to get weed, unless he has set his gender to female. He is 100% bullshitting you, gtfo.

Anonymous 56829

Don't ever trust guys that want you to watch them play tightrope around girls all the time.

Anonymous 56858


I never had the tinder app on my phone and I'd never even consider a guy who did.

Anonymous 56868

you should've broke up with him the moment you caught him on tinder

no excuses

Anonymous 56975


Anonymous 57032

Not that I'm an expert in the field, but I've never heard of Tinder being a platform for weed, it sounds like horse shit.
Isn't Telegram the de-facto king of getting weed anyway?

Anonymous 57147

that's not a thing.

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