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How to develop a healthy attraction to males Anonymous 57382

I feel so lonely, and I know how much I want to have a partner, but because of this, I am wary of all contact I have with males. How can I develop a healthier view and approach with them?

Anonymous 57386

Attraction to moids isn’t healthy. A moid will not cure your loneliness. They can only bring you harm.

Anonymous 57388

sauce for the pic?

Anonymous 57390

Based Omega pic, you're cool OP

Anonymous 57393


It isn't worth it, just stay lonely and die alone, and forgotten. All the cool predatory lesbians, hard-core feminists and bitter old maids are saying this, so it must be true.

Anonymous 57394

Step 1: Stop using imageboards

Anonymous 57395

How about you give us some tips then instead of being angry at women who've had bad experiences with men…

Anonymous 57396

Literally just stop using imageboards, it is bad for your mental health and it gives you a distorted view of reality, it is also addictive. You'd be surprised how clear your brain will be even just after 3 days of stopping imageboards completely.
Next you need to force yourself to meet, talk and socialize with people, it will be painful but if you're serious about getting rid of your lonliness then you have to do it, the fulfillment will come later.

Anyways i'm just speaking with personal experience, i have reduced my imageboard usage to a bare minimum, i only lurk on imageboards on weekends.

Anonymous 57397

>stop using imageboards
>men suddenly stop abusing, cheating, lying, raping, harassing, and murdering women
Woah, so this is the power of pickmeism…

Anonymous 57398

This is exactly what i meant by a distorted view of reality, seriously just go outside and meet people, not necessarily men, you're not going anywhere with that attitude.

Anonymous 57399

>Men bad
Get over yourself alienated child, anyone can do bad things regardless of their gender.

Pretty much this >>57394
I've been slowly reducing my imageboard consumption in general, and it's working. I'm feeling closer to my family and things out there are not as bizarre as I thought.
I'm still careful with interaction with other people.

Anonymous 57400

First figure out if you’re attracted to men or the idea of a male (as a provider/sperm donor/pet raccoon/etc). If you just like the idea of a man, you could be gay/lesbian-leaning bi/ace. If you know for sure you are attracted to men but you’re scared just know that’s a natural reaction (as much as that sucks) and it’s something that you can work through.
Luckily you only need to find one guy to spend your time with, rather than start trusting men as a whole. Good men are out there, they just require patience while finding them.

Anonymous 57423

Talk to younger guys. Like literally just a year younger than you. The knowledge that they're younger than you subconsciously makes them seem less threatening and easier to be relaxed around, at least in my experience.

Anonymous 57431

Why would you ever wanna do that?

Anonymous 57549

>frightened by men I view as “adults” since I was young
>attracted to manly men
>currently dating a fit boy 4 years younger than me
Oh fuck guess I know why I was able to unretard long enough to get into a relationship.

Anonymous 57568

show me your ways


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