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catfish thread Anonymous 576

tfw you catfished on tinder after sharing very personal information

have any of you miners been catfished? i also get ghosted a lot

Anonymous 578

Once, but nothing serious.
It was back then when emo and scene were really popular. Now every time someone who seems to be super gorgeous tries to talk to me or whatever, I'll search their profile picture via Google Images.

Most people that catfish don't seem to be too serious about it so it's easy to figure it out.

Anonymous 580

How do you know you've been catfished?

Sometimes I give out halftruths (location, non-real name, et.c) or a bit of fake information to people depending on the circumstance, but I'm paranoid about people finding me.

Anonymous 596

i talked to this girl on tinder for a whole day non-stop and we were supposedly into each other. it escalated into sending each other nudes and flirting but i always felt like something was off? i did ask her to send photos of herself and if we could meet irl and we were going to but the day after she blocked me everywhere and unmatched me on tinder. bummed me out the whole afternoon because i genuinely thought we got along and i was attracted to her.

Anonymous 1433

You really need to cautious with things like pretty girls on tinder. My friend matched someone the other day and within like an hour of messaging this person was sending nudes. Reverse searched them and found the entire collection of pics this person was using. So, yeah, be careful. Reverse search pics, ask for time stamps. Do not give out nudes before meeting them in person.

Anonymous 1439

I'm always curious as to the point of this is. Unless you're using fake nudes to get money out of someone, what's the point?

Anonymous 1451

i think for a lot of people it's the conversation, or the idea of fucking with/hurting people(great expectations style). people who do this usually are terrible socially and think the nudes are the ticket to people being interested, which is stupid. a lot of people do this stuff for a thrill.

Anonymous 1470

Well they want to exchange nudes. Typically I find that it's a guy who wants to get a girls nudes and that's easier for him if he pretends he's someone he's not.

Anonymous 6010

yea i think it's dudes tryna pose as a girls..

Anonymous 6013

I've told this story before on 4c, but I had a 6 online relationship with a guy I've met online. One night things were getting steamy and I ended up sending him some nudes. He completely ghosts me after that and every once and a while I see my nudes pop up in random places.

Anonymous 6039

wow, men are truly fucking trash.

Anonymous 6045

Wake up call: women do that too + easier to get money from guys if you're a girl. So yeah.
(im not a guy, but I feel your comment is a bit hypocritical )

Anonymous 6048



People on /r9k/ always say that, but honestly I've never met a girl in real life that completely lied about who they are to get money or nudes. I know there are girls like pic related who attention whore for money, but that isn't really the same.

Anonymous 6049

yeah. you don't even need to look like that girl tbh, some guys are just very eager to blow all their money on some girl.

Anonymous 6052

>I had a 6 online relationship with a guy I've met online
You had 6 online relationships with the same guy?

Anonymous 6053

I meant months. It was early.

Anonymous 6055

>girls like pic related

you mean jessica nigri? she's a millionaire cosplayer lol…

Anonymous 6062

People aren't giving her money to hear about of views on politics. People pay her because she is selling sex and sex sells.

Anonymous 19270

I think I got catfished platonically. All signs point to yes

Anonymous 19306

Straight men posing as lesbians on dating sites is nothing new or interesting, I know as soon as they make excuses to not send timestamps or other means of proof to insta-block.

It happened with one of my gay friends too, someone was using pics of a hot guy’s body on grindr to lure him and long story short he found out it was a 17-year-old girl. Why do people do this?

Anonymous 19324


I read an interview with the women who started Her ages back, and they would get guys all the time trying to sign up.
Even though they had to do a phone interview at the time to confirm.
They’d be like
>Yeah I wanna sign up
>Okay, but you do realise this is a datinng app for lesbians? Women who love women?
>So…why are you trying to join?
>Because I wanna date lesbians!
I’m paraphrasing but yeah.
It’s the most ridiculous thing. They see women who are into women and decide they want in on that, and obviously THEIR particular dick is the magical one that will turn the tide to heterosexuality!
I got so many dick pics from random guys when I was on okcupid, and all of them came from profiles that claimed to be women. The photos were just pictures of the guy though - they weren’t even trying to hide it.
Just ‘it wouldn’t let me message lesbians unless I said I was a gay woman so here I am!’

Thankfully I never got catfished back then though man, I was so lonely I’d have probably fallen for it out of desperate hope.

Anonymous 19325

Girls online are usually more subtle with their approach and seek out for easy targets such as imageboard nerds. Very rarely do catfishing girls actually use dating apps for this because sad lonely nerds don't use dating apps.

Anonymous 19329

>>Because I wanna date lesbians!
How is it possible for people to be this unbelievably retarded?

Anonymous 19352


It's a thing I've encountered a few times honestly.
These guys just seem to have this mind-blowing confidence that their particular dick is the magical phallus, hand crafted by Aphrodite and Hephaestus to convert all filthy lesbians.
The absolute fucking conviction they have, too.
>Haha, you just havent had the right guy yet~~

It's mostly annoying as fuck, but at some level Im kinda amazed by that level of sheer selfish asshole confidence.
Like, where the hell does it come from? How did you become this way my dude.

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