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dealing with rejection Anonymous 57665

i confessed to a close male friend that i found him attractive while drunk and living with my abusive ex. im trying to heal and i asked him why he reject my comment and the friend said it was because i can be too unstable (while mentioning good qualities) and i mentioned it when drunk and living with my bf at the time which he didnt like. i feel like a piece of shit and burden. i miss my ex a lot but i was tired of the abuse and i didnt get out of it until recently. it took a long time for me. and then the friend i find attractive rejects me so i feel like im the issue…sorry nonnies im drunk and breaking down i know its pathetic. with the breakup and this my self esteem is really low and i dont know how to be independent and love myself im sorry. ive been on new meds which help balance my emotions but i guess im still not good enough because i get sensitive and needy

Anonymous 57666

We all have moments when we realize we have growing to do. You're realizing your own faults and seeking help, that's progress!

Anonymous 57684

What are "nonnies"?

Anonymous 57699

Us, anons, etc
I think it’s a lolcow thing

Anonymous 57757

have you told him how you feel about his response?

Anonymous 57789

You need to heal before you get into a new relationship. Otherwise you will just seek the patterns that you are used to and will end up in another abusive relationship.
Get help and deal with your problems first.

Anonymous 57812

is op image from that artist… something 'fur' or something on DA, from the early 2000s?

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