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Anonymous 57690

I live in a single-mother family. My mom is a pathological liar and must have some kind of schizophrenia. She never really took care of me and always abused me a lot. That's why I lived with my grandpa. My grandpa died this year and basically, my whole fucking life fell apart. I have no one to call family I have no house to feel at home and when I see my friends with their perfect loving families I'm not jealous but I just have the urge to cry no idea why. My mom basically gives me 0 money that's why I gotta work to buy shampoo or basic stuff. The thing is that she throws tantrums or just straight up makes me leave the house extremely late hours because she's pissed with me for no reason then her personality changes and its like nothing happened. I can't communicate with her when I'm trying to talk to her she's never looking at me or just talks over me about whatever like I'm some kind of trash. I wanna rent and leave but I can't get a full time job because of uni and my part-time job can't even pay a month of rent let alone all my other needs.

I'm just going to kill myself at some point I guess. I can't handle this I miss my grandpa so much I miss having a family.

Anonymous 58008

Hey anon. I don't really have advice, but I just wanted to say that things can get better for you. There are so many times when things look extremely dark, but oftentimes things do work out. Please believe that it can work out for you, too. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous 58010

I'm so sorry, anon. Are you in the US? Could you somehow get rent assistance or SSDI for something you may have? There are attorneys that can help with that, even if it's just depression, I believe. You shouldn't have to go thru this abuse. Do you have any friends? Is your dad in the picture at all, in any way?

Anonymous 58213

Nah I'm from Europe and there's no such thing as that kind of stuff here. I tried having an ok relationship with my dad. It didn't work out cause I didn't want to work under him cause I'm not fitted for the kind of job he does aaaand he basically disowned me.

Anonymous 58214

OP again. I have 2 good friends that take care of me a lot. I'm really grateful to them.

Anonymous 58324

Look into e-whoreing or something. Usually I wouldn’t recommend it but hey if you’re that fucking poor what harm is it to sell a few feet pics?

Anonymous 58331

Nah I would rather die.

Anonymous 58332

Why not find a partner to move out with

Anonymous 58420

I'm afraid my bf will stop loving me if we move in together and our relationship will get boring he's my only source of happiness and I want to marry him do it's too early for us to move in together cause we're too young…

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