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Trying to harden myself Anonymous 58150

I'm sensitive to other peoples feelings and tend to form very strong bonds. However, my sensitivity makes me prioritize other peoples feelings over my own and the way I bond often leads to one sided loyalty.

I'm working on hardening myself. I've already started cutting out ALL unnecessary/painful people in my life. But it's hard.

There are people I'm attached to that are bad for me. At times it feels like I'm severing my own arm even when the hand is trying to strangle me.

How do you harden yourself, anons? How do you train yourself to go cold? I need it for the sake of my sanity. I can't keep loving everyone and seeing the best in people. It will be my downfall

Anonymous 58152

same here anon… hope we make it

Anonymous 58155

Its not good to have a slave mindset. You already know this.

Anonymous 58157

Sounds like you could have cPTSD anon and have insecure attachment issues.

Were your parents ever emotionally abusive or did they use ignoring as a punishment? Did you ever lose someone close to you?

Anonymous 58208

I was neglected when I was a child. I actually only recently realised both parents neglected me. I thought my dad gave me attention but as I've grown I came to realise that he actually just bought me things and never emotionally nurtured me at all

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