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why Anonymous 58522

why do i have no sympathy for humans, only animals and fictional characters.
i can see a baby go through terrible things and I wouldn't blink.

Anonymous 58523

you're edgy and you need to grow up.

Anonymous 58524

she's probably young though anyways

Anonymous 58525

I''m 21, yes im young. but I don't think I'm as young as you imply.

Anonymous 58527

>only animals and fictional characters
They don't have the intelligence nor capacity to act as people do, and they do not expect anything of you. People are a much greater threat to you. They compete with you for resources, they victimize you, they antagonize you, and they are aware of the hostility, and you are exposed to them on a near-daily basis. It is difficult to have sympathy for something if you view it in this context. Whereas fictional characters contain the interesting and good parts of people, real people contain the worst.

Anonymous 58554

People are not innocent, that's why.

Anonymous 58563

>hate people and either don't give a shit about them at all or actively wish they would fall over dead
>will cry if a fictional character is mildly sad for 2 sentences and sob hysterically if something bad happens to them
I'm 29. The older I get the more I feel this way. Hell is other people.

Anonymous 58937

idk mental illness probably or youre just trying to be edgy

Anonymous 58941

I'm not you, your life is yours alone, but I think I have a hypothesis: I too sympathize with non-human animals more than humans, and I believe it's because they don't know any better for the most part. As for fictional characters, it's easier to empathize with a person when you know their struggles, their hopes, their dreams, their motivations, their character, no pun intended, than it is with a random stranger. Fictional characters are people who cannot hide anything, while even the most open of people will not want to share some things, for good reason. It is far easier to empathize with a person you don't know, even if you know they're not real, than a person you barely know and likely never will truly know.

Anonymous 58942

Sorry, meant to say know instead of don't know.

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