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Rolemodel thread Anonymous 58540

We all have people that trouble or confuse us but what about our rolemodels?

I talked to this older lady on Wednesday. She talked about finally meeting her financial guardian in person again and that it had been lovely. I said that sounded nice and that quarantine could probably get lonely sometimes and that it's a nice change. She looked me straight in the eye and said that she never, ever felt lonely. Because she felt like a part of humanity. She'd sit in her chair and look at the clear blue sky and enjoy her inner peace. She had been troubled before but not anymore.

She is a very calm and peaceful person and has something refreshingly youthful and cheeky about herself, too. Everyone who meets her likes her. It's always a blast and easy-going hanging out with her.

There is a social worker helping her that gets called by his first name by his co-workers. She asked him if she could call him that, too. He asked back how he'd call her then. And she said: I mean, Miss XYZ of course! And he laughed his ass off at that.

She is a badass. She has Parkinson's and used to be sick emotionally but not anymore. It was a struggle that she has overcome with the years. At the moment, she is preparing her burial in advance, so that her daughter will not have to go through the trouble. That is so admirable. And most of all, I admire her inner peace.

She is one of my rolemodels.

Anonymous 58552

This woman sounds like a massive loser.

Anonymous 58560

As is anyone posting on this website, your point?

Anonymous 58577

Speak for yourself.

Anonymous 58608

A massive loser is a person who is mean to others anonymously

Anonymous 58626

>she is a loser
By what metric are you judging her?
She seems to have come to terms with herself and life and that is something to be admired. Why are you so negative?

Anonymous 58631

I don't have any role models anymore to be honest. I actually think it's unhealthy. I used to find role models in celebrities, historical figures and real life acquaintances and I thought they're perfect, but every time without exception I found some fault in them, something that was either just wrong with them or something I personally didn't like/agree with. In my opinion you should admire traits, behaviors and ideas not people.

Anonymous 58643


lol okay sure whatever you say

Anonymous 58653

Am I the only person that never had a role model?
Even as a small child I knew, that nobody is perfect enough to be my role model.

Anonymous 58659


Says the socially maladjusted person posting on a niche imageboard.

>Your role models have to be absolutely flawless in order to be role models.
Have I got the person for you.

Anonymous 58665

They don't have to be flawless, but they have to be embodiments of your ideals. There are very few things I want and like to see more than people overcoming their flaws, or succeeding despite them. I guess I misspoke in that post, it wasn't really flaws that I found in the role models I had, but a difference in ideology and values, their ideas of good weren't really my ideas of good or some part of their worldview was radically different from mine.

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