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Anonymous 59122

Have you ever been rejected(romantically)? How did you handle it? How did you react?

Anonymous 59135

Called the dude a dumb scrote and told him to kill himself of course. Just kidding, I’m not a man.

I was hurt, obviously, and it fucked with my self image. I rarely ask people out and it hurt me bad when someone rejected me for the first time. I sulked and then moved on to cry over other guys/girls in the future. Obviously I look back on it with salt (because the person in question was being a dick about it) but I’m over it

Anonymous 59142

I’ve been used as practice gf countless times. I hate men.

Anonymous 59146

>practice gf
Does that mean what I think it means?

Anonymous 59147

It means a girl that a man will date not because he intends to be with her a long time but just to get practice at having a gf, learn the do's and dont's of sex and love. When the man finds someone better or feels like he has learnt how to function in a romantic and sexual setting with a woman he will leave.

Anonymous 59148


In the past I have enjoyed being rejected by men because it replicates my father's rejection (which wasn't actually rejection, he was a raging borderline and my mother had to peel him away…but he was gone and was an asshole before that so it felt like rejection).

I enjoyed seeking out unattainable men and men who could never possibly like me, often super religious dudes or outgoing guys when I'm an uptight sperg. They were gentle with me but it still enacted my self-hate cycle which I loved. One of them turned around an liked me back which repulsed me because it wasn't as planned.

But I'm better now. The last one hurt for real because I actually cared about him, so alongside social isolation the experience helped me recover. I owe a lot to him although he's done nothing but be an average friend.

Anonymous 59149

what the fuck??? do moids really??

Anonymous 59150

i shagged his sister in his fiat 500

Anonymous 59151

sounds cramped

Anonymous 59159

Yes, broadly, it seems they'll reach for a mock up of anything for the sake of practicing bullshit. Like for instance starting an environmentalist group as a practice company.

Anonymous 59164


Can't get rejected if you're too much of a coward to make a move.

Anonymous 59167

He said we weren't mature enough for a relationship together. It fucking hurt at that time, but now I think he just said it because he didn't want a relationship

Anonymous 59170

I’ve had to learn this the hard way too. If a guy says he isn’t ready for a relationship or whatever, what he really means is he just doesn’t want a relationship with YOU. If a guy likes you, you will always know.

Anonymous 59172

A girl told me "sorry I'm straight". I pretended to believe her and just let it go. Even though I knew she was bi

Anonymous 59175

kek this is funny and sad.

Anonymous 59177

I wanted to date a a guy who was nearly a decade older than me. He just said "Oh. Ohhh. Oh no. No, no, no" and comforted me when I tried to explain why he was wrong to reject me while choking back tears. We're friends to this day, so I think I handled it pretty well.

Anonymous 59182

Good. One of my old friends is like five years older than me, wanted really badly to date when we were younger, but now that he's fixated on some concept of responsible manhood and womanhood he says I'm not enough of a woman or something and he feels now he would just be able to take advantage of me too easily. He only dates like 35 yos now where he used to want to date like a few yrs younger. I think that's good, at least it's not pedotier. It's still tradcentric to a degree in his case but whatever at least he's never commenting on anyone my age or younger

Anonymous 59183

Fuck. Hit too close from home. It happened to me once and it felt awful. I feel really bad for you anon.
And then virgin moids wonder why le evil women won't give them a chance. They're fucking wretched.

I'm with you for your recovery anon. It's long and difficult, but it's worthwhile in the end.

Anonymous 59189

haha, if this wasn’t my exact situation.

Anonymous 59347

One time this cute guy in my uni course rejected me before I could even ask/go on a proper date with him. Basically I was telling him how I used to be insta-famous but deleted my old account because of my new profession and not wanting certain people to see those photos. He believed me and he saw my current one which still had 20k followers (I wasn't lying the story is true, but guys sometimes don't believe me). I think I came off too strong because I was telling him all sorts of stuff about how guys are always messaging wanting to be with me, but I don't like them and I only like guys like him who are smart and nerdy. It was really cringe and dumb, but I thought maybe he'd think because other guys liked me he should like me too, and also that he was pretty nerdy and I was quite sure of myself that he'd never get someone like me so he'd leap at the chance.

We spoke for a couple of days and I was basically hinting at him to 'ask me out' on a date, and he told me that he just wanted to be friends and he didn't see me that way. I didn't take it well, I got mad saying you can't just friendzone me without going on a single date, and he just ignored me for a bit. I apologised the next day because I definitely overreacted and he seemed to accept the apology. He was just so perfect, he didn't even pretend to like me to use me for sex, but he definitely could have (I ended up getting a bf that looked like him soon after who did exactly that).

Anonymous 59360

Damn. I feel bad for you, but more for that guy.

Anonymous 59369

That hurt to read. There are few turn offs bigger than bragging about how many guys are chasing you for a moid

Anonymous 59370

i would recommend you never brag like that unless it's somehow relevant to some kind of social media marketing based work you want to get in to.

Anonymous 59371


Anonymous 59651


>bragging about social media
>bragging about "how guys are always messaging wanting to be with me"
Going to sound like I'm being catty or something, but to moids this just screams DANGER - AVOID
Moids (or at least the ones worth your time) don't give a care about your insta following, and signaling promiscuity (or at least the fact that you, like, totally could be promiscuous if you really wanted to, but I'm not like the other gurlz ROFL xD) rings alarm bells in their possessive ape brain, not a good move. Should've asked him about his hobbies and tried to find something you have in common instead, especially if his nerdy interests were what got your attention. Moids love a woman who shares their interests.

Anonymous 59664

i think the issue is less about men in particular and more that it's a faux pas to brag openly about having an online following beyond maybe one off-handed comment that doesn't read like a brag

Anonymous 59678


Agreed sort of, but honestly, just don't discuss internet culture things with people in an irl context, period.
>zomg I got soooo many retweets/updoots/likes/(You)s on this post
Okay. Who cares? Bragging about internet points or followers or whatever irl is just cringey and weird in any context. People with social media brains are just as bad as pornsick moids.

Anonymous 60028

you deserved it

Anonymous 60041

yes, you did deserve it.

Anonymous 61740

>"hey Im like totally popular and famous, but im only to good people like you
…were you trying to pickup a guy like a girlfriend?

Anonymous 61745

well you dont want him getting fat on you now do you?

Anonymous 61758

Nyart but most men (and honestly people in general) don’t work like that though
They want someone who seems reachable and if they feel like they need to compete they rather 1. not play or 2. treat you badly to “stand out from the crowd”. None of this involves bettering themselves or doing anything remotely in anon’s benefit.

Anyone reading this, if you’re trying to actually get the largest amount of men possible to fall for you, not larp as a gigaStacy, be APPROACHABLE. Men are laughably insecure if they are intelligent, they would rather “settle” than take a one-in-a-million shot with some Instagram influencer. The problem with 90% of gender relations is women think men want what women want in a partner and men think women want what men want in a partner. Yet another reasons why the queers are superior in dating.

Anonymous 61830

I can understand not bragging about being some instagram "influencer," but pretending to be some dullard with no life just to not trigger some losers self esteem issues is dumb, and its retarded to want to be in a relationship walking on eggshells

Anonymous 61858

>some dullard with no life
you've just pulled this out of nowhere. no one said you should do this, just don't brag and be obnoxious.
it isn't hard.

Anonymous 62161


Many times. I have approached almost every guy I have been interested in. Most depressing one was asking my crush to prom and being told "eww, no" is response. In two instances approaching the guys I liked resulted in a relationship. In hindsight now that I semi-follow FDS I wouldn't recommend doing that, you tend to either be rejected, crushing your self-esteem, or men will simply go with you for convenience. Oddly I think my current partner is the one guy that is the exemption to this rule. picrel my attitude now

Anonymous 62228

>I was quite sure of myself that he'd never get SOMEONE LIKE ME so he'd leap at the chance.
The fucking dehumanization of this poor dude lmao. The reason the rejection hurt so bad was because of how high you hold yourself above others and you realized it's actually all bullshit. Don't use moids to bolster your ego.

Anonymous 64992

This. >>59347 is a retard.

Anonymous 65008

>"eww, no"
holy shit I remember in secondary school I had a massive crush on this quiet dude who was part of a trio of guys in my class, he was pretty smart and I liked his face, my male best friend dared me to go give him a hug, when I did it he said perfectly loud and clear "so gross!"
That was fucking awful, I don't know what the fuck his problem was, like I was a pretty average girl except that I was super quiet but that was it. Piece of shit made me feel like crap. My friend tried to comfort me telling me "no he actually said "so weird" don't worry" but I knew it was a lie.

Anonymous 65010

Haha reminds me of that time I got rejected by a diabetic NEET who used to be my friend (both of us were depressed and basically the only friend we spoke to regularly). One of the first things he told me when we had just met was that his favorite 4chan board was /d/ (I had a bf at the time so this repulsed me).

A year later I was single and lonely, I had become attracted to him, we were pretty close (relatively speaking) and since I had always had nerdy bfs and had been successful with practically every one of my confessions I thought he would like me back (cuz lol he's a loser NEET right?), so I told him one day that I liked him, despite how insufferable he had become to the point that he would sometimes shit on the internet friends I told him about and some of my interests. He said he didn't want a gf, I told him I didn't want a relationship either, then I asked him to be FWB and he rejected me, saying he had had a chance to have sex with "a very beautiful girl" once and that even then he didn't do it (because of his diabetes, according to him). Soon after, I asked him when we would work on the project he asked me to help him with (we never made any progress btw), and when he said he didn't know, I unfriended him and blocked him. It was honestly pretty liberating because he had become a total asshole and would take out his frustration/depresssion on me. And, to be honest, my ego was hurt a little, too (so much shit was going on that I didn't have a lot of time to really feel hurt about it).

IDK what went wrong with our friendship or at what point he became so bitter but everything was going well at first, he was the one to initiate conversation most of the time, asked me to teach him Japanese, he even invited me to his place to eat pork ribs grilled by his mom (neither of which ended up happening but we did meet again in person to eat McDonald's). Then, despite talking to me all the time, he became very irritable and always whined about his FFXIV teammates being morons, his real-life friends abandoning him and hating LoL despite playing it all the time.
Maybe he started to hate me when he found out I liked a video game character that he hates but I hadn't played the game and it offended him, or maybe when I suggested that he might be a little bit bi because he liked futanari and he got all defensive as if I was trying to ridicule him, maybe he just hated the fact that I liked yaoi or that I had a husbando to whom I was very dedicated (he called it a waste of time). Maybe something had happened at home. I don't know but this is the first time I'm truly talking about it without leaving out details. Anyway this experienced really humbled me so now I'm careful about trying to get a nerd bf.

Anonymous 65032

If he was "a quiet dude" then he was probably insecure and shy.
When he got embarrassed by a random act of affection, he immaturely lashed out like the inexperienced boy he was, trying to desperately regain his composure.
Not trying to defend him, but stuff like that happens all the time with teen moid egos, I don't think it was anything to do with you specifically.

Anonymous 65033

I find that unlikely because he always joked with his friends and laughed at their stupid male jokes. He also cussed a lot when he was with them.
I think it's more likely that he was a normie and saw me as a creepy and greasy girl. Still, he was like the only one in my class who could have such a reaction from me hugging him, I can't imagine any of the other guys reacting like that. Out of all my male classmates, of course I had to fall for the only one that never, ever talked to me.

Anonymous 65038


>of course I had to fall for the only one that never, ever talked to me


Anonymous 65071

It's ok, now I can only date people I'm already friends with.

Anonymous 65073

You're both really cringy so you would have made a good couple kek

Anonymous 65108

Why do you make such posts?

Anonymous 65131


Anonymous 65574

Obviously I realise the error of my ways if I'm going to post about it, please be nice, scrotes :)

Idk if you're talking about me or not but I don't think this guy was insecure, I told him he was my ideal type and basically explained why I prefer guys like him over other men. Pretty sure he rejected me because I was being way too clingy with someone I barely knew and gave off crazy-girlfriend vibes as a result.

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