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Dealing with loss of pet Anonymous 59156

My dog died unexpectedly much younger than we ever thought she would (9 years old) last night after a tumor we had no idea about ruptured and she bled out internally. We had no idea she had cancer. She was fine at 9am and by 6pm she was almost dead in our vet's office and my fiance and I had to make the call.

She was my first dog as an adult and she felt like she really was my child, she gave me the love I can only imagine a daughter with mommy issues could have given, and I'll never have anything like what she gave me again.

How do I cope with this loss? I feel stupid saying I feel like I've lost a child but that's really how it feels. I feel so empty and waves of sadness move over me every so often, sometimes I'll be crying hysterically other times I'll be just laying there catatonic. I have so many regrets, I wish I spent so much more time giving her so much more than I did.

Anonymous 59157

that happened to me with a cat several years ago (sudden death)
there is really no way to deal with it
it just hurts until it doesnt

for me the house is a huge part of it, any time that im in the house i will think of the deceased pet and feel terrible, so spending as much time out of the house as possible helps
if youre a billionaire you can always buy a new house and move into that

Anonymous 59188

if she's a larger dog that's honestly not uncommon though? so sorry for your loss, anon. it is truly so difficult and heartbreaking. they hold such a place in our heart and they are such beautiful little unique people. they are truly children. not to rush you, but i think it'd be a nice memory of her for you to (in time) help save another dog in her memory. rest safe in the comfort knowing you gave her a wonderful life knowing she was loved and secure. i know you have misgivings about what you did or were able to give her, but i'm sure she appreciated it all the same. the emotional connections we share with our animals are more appreciated by them than one can immediately tell, often.

Anonymous 59211

I'm so sorry for your loss, anon. I lost my cocker last year. She was with me since I was 10, until I was 25, and I also feel like I'll never have anything like our relationship. I decided to be there with her when she was put down, and I remember feeling her body going limp and her last heartbeat in my hands, and I never cried so hard in my life (I rarely cry, actually). The pain will never go away but, with time, it becomes bearable.

Try to cling to the happy memories of you two together and to the fact she was happy with you. If there is another place to go after we die, she'll surely be there, waiting for you.

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