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what do with moid dad Anonymous 59535

gals, I accidentally ranted to my leftist pro tranny father about my frustrations with transcult, and he told me that I'm just full of hate and was clearly disappointed. I fear that I might have damaged my relationship with him…I'm a lesbian, so he started saying homophobic shit and said that it's the same as my arguments against delusional moids cutting their dicks off…he just wouldn't listen to me, and I really fear that he might view me differently now. what do I do?

Anonymous 59538

>what do I do?
Move out

Anonymous 59541

great advice, now give me money for moving….

Anonymous 59542

>I really fear that he might view me differently now. what do I do?
He still loves you, don't worry. Some people aren't looking to get their mind changed on certain topics. Just avoid talking politics with him. It's not worth it.

Anonymous 59547

thank you

Anonymous 59570

tell him he sucks at being a leftist and he's retarded if he can't parse thru actual leftist ideo and believes in right wing homophobic tranny garbo

Anonymous 59590

he's a shit dad. you said something he didn't like and started saying homophobic shit to his lesbian daughter? absolutely horrible

Anonymous 59656

The fact that old people buy into TRA nonsense is so cringe lol

Anonymous 59658

You're both degenerates, might as well get along.

Anonymous 59673

This. I’m convinced none of them have actually thought about it, that’s the only reason they support it literally me in high school so no hate on the ignorant
Libshits are the worst

Anonymous 59690

anon, part of growing up is realizing your parents are utter idiots.

if he is pro-troon then he is pro-rape and anti-women. simple as.

Anonymous 59695

That is fucked. Do you have a good relationship with your dad? If so he will probably apologize for the homophobic things he said, like >>59542
says he still loves you. You may just have to agree to disagree.

Also this, but men will always sound off about women's issues when they have nothing to gain or lose regardless of outcome. They are men after all so their opinion matters more than ours and its our job to LISTEN

Sorry op I have to rant sometimes this is the only place I can do it.

Anonymous 59738

Go back.

Anonymous 59739

Lmao what 4chan is trannycentral.

Anonymous 59744

Just ignore him. Don’t bring tranny shit up again unless he troons out.

Anonymous 60532

All my interactions with trannies irl have been horrifyingly creepy or just cringe and weird. I won’t go into detail but they almost always bordered on inappropriate sexual behavior in public. They cant act normally. I don’t even hate trannies but jfc I have never met one remotely normal. They’re just massively perverted dudes in bras and knickers.

Anonymous 60584

because perceiving yourself as something you aren't is naturally very depressing

Anonymous 60585

trannies are living in their porno fantasies. they aren't depressed that they aren't actually hot. they think they're alluring and sexy, 100%.

Anonymous 60746

Pls go into detail. What did they do?

Anonymous 60858

I suspect many of the old men who buy into it have a tranny fetish or femboy fetish themselves and don't want it to be gay. The tranny shit is just a huge cope for internalized homophobia for a lot of men. That's why the whole "traps aren't gay" meme took off in the first place.

Anonymous 60866

I would feel so uncomfortable, if my father started to really be left-wing/liberal. He is Conservative. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't consider myself Conservative and more on the Liberal Side. But it would just weird me the fuck out, if my dad was like that.

Anonymous 60890

Lol I think they're just boomers who take the brain sex theory for granted.

Anonymous 64745

he's right

Anonymous 64808


Dont worry about it. I was excommunicated for telling my brother to skip the expensive and painful surgery and just do a backflip from his apartment balcony as it would be a lot less painful to the family than seeing him struggle and walking on eggshells every time he enters the room. I don't regret it and my dad is secretly emailing me from his work inbox and I can tell he knows I'm right. Haven't spoken to my mother or brother for over 2 years.

Men are weaklings OP. Your dad is literally taking the easy way out instead of facing the fact that he supports pandering to instead of treating a mental illness.

Anonymous 64810

I don't think being opposed to deranged autogyno fetishists in female spaces is homophobic. I am fine with lesbians and gay moids.

There's something off about MtF in particular.

Anonymous 64827

Old people hate changing their opinions, even when they are wrong, specially moids.

Maybe you should try getting a job

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