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Age Regression Anonymous 59619

does anyone else non-sexually age regress?

i’ve always been considered somewhat “childish” and my mom makes fun of me for watching my little pony and still buying stuffed animals at my age but its honestly so comforting to me and is one of the few things that helps me relax. i have this constant nostalgia and longing to be a little kid again, and indulging in these things makes me happy. i think my mental illness does play a part of it too, especially given that i was sexually abused at a young age, but you can still age regress without trauma.

any other anons experience something similar?

Anonymous 59622

Maybe? My form of escapism is watching Stargate while drinking diet 7up, which is what I did a lot in middle school.

Anonymous 59655

I play video games which I guess is considered childish but it's not age regression by any means. There's nothing wrong with having fun.

Anonymous 59674

It’s super embarrassing but yeah, I do. I wasn’t abused or anything, just neglected emotionally as a kid so I need to parent myself sometimes.

Anonymous 59676


>There's nothing wrong with having fun.
buying childish stuff like cute plushies, etc should not even be considered "age regression" or immaturity
also fuck moidtards who see it as a fetish

Anonymous 59683

This. I will never stop enjoying cute shit and that isn't "age regression".
There's nothing wrong with having some of the same hobbies as you did when you were a kid/teen, either.

Anonymous 59696

Those ppl that make fun have had all their life force sucked out by the script adult life. There's nothing bad about liking childish things, they're fun and comforting. And Id argue it's a form of therapy for ppl who didn't have a good childhood.

Anonymous 60321

Yes. I’m obsessed with dolls, 90s Japanese toys and only watch kids movies and tv shows. I was abused by my father growing up and we were always really poor so I could never afford toys and didn’t have much of a childhood. In some ways I became kind of stunted but I believe it’s harmless.

Anonymous 60328


Agree that it's not necessarily age regression to have fun and do childish things. I had an okay childhood and still love watching cartoons, having stuffed animals, and playing video games. Stuff from my childhood especially. I've heard people say that watching cartoons as an adult means you're stunted, but frankly people just have different tastes. It's not a big deal.

Anonymous 60329

I had a good childhood but I would like to be and look more childish sometimes. The only reasons why I don't make or try more childish stuff is because I think I'll atract pedos who'll only like because I look childish.

Anonymous 60395

You like the things you grew up with. Your parents most likely never had such attractive and engaging toys, cartoons, and games, and spent more time being entertained by other activities, so they have no attachment towards it.
My mom's sole hobby is playing candy crush, my dad's sole hobby was cars. You just have more interests than them.

Anonymous 60409

I had a teacher who once told us that there is a big difference in being childish and child like (cant find a better translation in my language there is a more clear difference).
Childish meaning that you act like a little, unresponsible brat as in emotionally immature.
Child like meaning that as an adult you preserved some parts of a childs enthusiasm, wonder and simple happiness about even the most simple parts of life and that this is a good thing. To have some child like quirks as an adult is what makes you alive instead of someone who is sitting infront of an office desk with a cup that has "adult" written on it waiting for death.

Anonymous 60711

I’ve been obsessed with dogs, like even cartoon dogs.
I would remember staying home from school at age 6 and watching morning cartoons like scooby doo and Clifford (I adored those) and my mom would be sitting there beside me (oddly I think these are the only vivid but vague memories I have from my childhood, and these were there the only moments i felt truely safe)

I buy clothing with puppies and dogs on it, I buy puppy and dog themed posters, I watch cartoon shows about dogs (still, but in secrecy) of course I would adopt a a dog or a few but my current living circumstance doesn’t fit that.

Anonymous 60714


Anonymous 60717

Imagine being this paranoid lmao

Anonymous 60718

How do we know who’s a guy here or who Isn’t, I’m new

Anonymous 60729

>How do we know who’s a guy here or who Isn’t
Male socialization is pretty easy to spot, and the only ones that'd bother coming here are insane (like 4chin moids) to begin with anyway.

Anonymous 60731

i think it's normal to like stuff from your childhood, you just have to be careful not to mix things up. Ever since I became a teen I got obsessed with being taken care of, to the point of binge drinking and exacerbating ilness to ge that. There was a point where I used age regression to get it, but it was still pretty messed up. Nowadays I manage to enjoy some childish activities, but without that dependent part.

Anonymous 60732

I would say more like stagnated in age. I still feel like I look and sound like a middle schooler, despite the fact that I am now 23. My understanding and capability of adulting still feels like a 12 year old's as well (I still don't really know wtf insurance is, what credit/debit really is, how taxes work, how to budget, etc.) Even though I now live on my own, work, and pay for all of my own stuff, I still feel pretty retarded for alot of common sense things.

Anonymous 60733


Exactly what I said, "sis". When did I say that women don't use both? Please reread things before you hit post.

Anonymous 60736

frog dance.gif

nta but go back to logic 101 lmao

Anon asserted that all men who post on 4chan are insane; she surely knows some women post on 4chan, but nowhere is it implied that the women who post on 4chan are insane, because it is clearly specified that 4chan moids are insane, not 4chan posters in general.

Anonymous 60743

Relatable anon!
Idk if it’s because I struggle with a learning disability due to staying home from school because I was being sexually abused at age 5
So this all goes hand in hand, because I feel retarded but it isn’t my fault it’s my families

Anonymous 60760



I completely agree. I hate that liking childish things is seen as a red flag or as a sign that you are mentally ill by moids. I just want to enjoy my self and get excited over cute things!!

Anonymous 60762

wow, what a great photo. i don't like sanrio but mariah, with a hello kitty guitar, in a sario room…

Anonymous 60770

kek the abuse is not to blame for your learning disability, you're just a retard

Anonymous 60771


Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Sorry to hear about what you went through. On the bright side, because of technology we have information under our fingertips more than ever, so it is much easier to teach ourselves whatever we need to know.


This is actually not true. If you watch the documentary Wild Child The Story of Feral Children, you'll see there are cases of children that have been so neglected that their psychological growth becomes permanently stunted. Most of them never fully adjust to society and some even die at an early age because of how stunted they are.

Anonymous 60772

that's really rude and completely untrue

Anonymous 60773

Only a moid, troon, or self-hating femcel closet lesbian would say something like that
Yikes Bro

Anonymous 60774

That’s probably a dude or troon saying that so it’s opinion doesn’t matter :D

Anonymous 60776

What sucks is the thing im not very good at is math, I also believe I have some sort of dyslexia and I definetly am on the autism spectrum but I’ve gone undetected for years because of masking.
Early childhood abuse has major effects on brain development and such.

Anonymous 60860

I don't think less of people who do this at all and think anyone who does is just being a pointless bully but personally I can't relate.
I really don't like nostalgia. In myself or other people. Dwelling on the past just seems so miserable. I would rather find what there is to look forward to and focus on that, even if that amount is microscopic in this horrible climate.

Anonymous 60918

the harsh truth

Anonymous 60926

it's definitely not the harsh truth, abused children have been shown to suffer developmentally for like decades now.

Anonymous 60937

yeah with personality and behaviour disorders and such, not with learning difficulties.

Anonymous 60938

no. there's like a sixfold increase in the odds of becoming dyslexic if a child is abused, as an example.

Anonymous 60942

Not to be an asshole, but how would the study meaningfully differentiate between dyslexia being caused by abuse and dyslexia causing abuse?

Anonymous 60982

Kind of. I really like blocks. To me it is pretty relaxing and I can space out and think about things while I'm making block castles or rolling them around or whatever. It is just a quiet and creative thing to do

Anonymous 61010

You’re straw manning bro

Anonymous 61011

Stop straw manning, it’s not as simple as that. Obviously if a child’s behaviour is affected then their brain and personality become impacted. This can probably make it difficult to learn right?.:.yep 2+2 = 4 bro.
Then the school counsellors and teachers want said child to be tested for a learning disability, the mental health/personality/behaviour then become misconstrued and interpreted as symptoms of a learning disability in the child.
Thus said child gets diagnosed (possibly misdiagnosed) with learning disability (s)

Anonymous 61066


This please thank god. Having consistent hobbies doesn't need a special name and 'age regression' is a fetish! Just like what you like you don't have to pretend to be a baby.

Anonymous 61096

What counts as age regressing?
For example, I don't behave like a kid, not intentionally. In fact, most people that commented on my behavior said I was so serious and emotionless for my age.
I'd say my interests can be considered childish but that's only if you think having any kind of fun with hobbies is childish and that real adults spend all of their time working, building a family, and planning their expenses. Which sounds mostly miserable.
But, I don't wear makeup and I never wore skirts after I finished school (skirts were required to wear by the uniform). So I pretty much look like a tomboy and not a stereotypical adult woman. I'm still young but I don't plan on changing the way I dress whatsoever.
I guess I kind of age regress, in a way. Not behaving like a toddler though, it's more like trying to be my adolescent self again.

Anonymous 61099

What? In what way am I strawmanning? Kids with Autism are, for example, three times as likely to be abused or bullied by peers. You can either read this as "Abuse makes it three times as likely that you will develop autism" or "Having autism increases your chance of being abused". Now, as far as I am aware, no theory currently posits that Autism is caused by any factors other than genetics and pre-natal environment, so to argue that autism is caused by childhood abuse isn't sound at all.

It would make sense too if dyslexic children are more likely to get abused as well, because plenty abusive parents are abusive in response to certain situation as opposed to actively looking for the opportunity. While it is completely wrong for a parent to get angry to the point of abusing their child, is is highly likely that a child with learning disabilities is going to create more frustrating situations for an abusive parent to snap at then a normal functioning one.

I want to know how any of these studies would meaningfully differentiate between abuse causing learning disabilities and learning disabilities causing abuse.

Anonymous 61122

cringe collection.…

helps me think about less painful days. whatever.

Anonymous 61262

I collect plush toys and sleep with them in my bed. It has never bothered past partners before anyone asks. I also watch kids movies to unwind sometimes. I'm in my early 20s and while I dont actively try to regress I do seem to cope with stress with childish things

Anonymous 61265


>I collect plush toys and sleep with them in my bed. It has never bothered past partners
>I'm in my early 20s
My knee-jerk reaction says the presumably male partners you've had might be into that, but I don't see any problem with you collecting and sleeping with plush toys.

Anonymous 65546

I'm childish but never considered it regression lmao. I'm just a womanchild.
Stuff like collecting dolls, cuddling my plushes, keeping up with seasonal cartoons and movies, wearing frilly shit, etc. I just say I'm immature/in a state of arrested development when it comes to interests, but is that actually regression? My personality otherwise isn't childish and hardly even feminine.

The excuse I always use is just being an ~artist~. One of my normie friends was shocked that I like playline dolls but found this to be a good explanation.

Anonymous 65562

I'm not sure if I have any childish hobbies or interests (sometimes I like watching cartoons, like children's cartoons like Loud House) but I still carry my baby blanket around the house, wrapped around my shoulders.

Anonymous 65564

This sounds a little too familiar. I did watch plenty of other shows and had plenty of other toys as a kid but I loved dogs and still do. There was a show I used to watch called "K9 to 5" on animal planet and I would actually cry if I missed it. There was also a movie called "Fluke" I was obsessed with about a guy who gets reincarnated as a dog after an accident and tries to find his family. I remember these were extremely hard times in my life and I stopped watching a lot of anime and stuff that I loved to watch dog shows and movies. I guess there is just something inherently comforting and protective about them.

Anonymous 65766

perfect quote for this thread:
“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

― C.S. Lewis

tl;dr: don't be ashamed of liking what you like.

Anonymous 67011

all the time, sis-non.
I look and act veeeery intimidating and honestly the opposite of childlike and I kind of resent it bc I like the sense of feeling fresh and careless. Surrounding myself with cute things helps.

think the actual bad age regression happens when I don't want to have adult responsibilities. >.>

Anonymous 67031


I don't know if it counts as age regression in the most common understanding of it. Every time I look up "agere" or "age regression" all I get is gendies and little spaces where they pretend to be toddlers.

I don't pretend to be a toddler or speak like an uwu retard, even though I enjoy Kaomojis. As others described I just like things that are usually seen as childish or for teenagers at best (I do still enjoy a lot of mature stuff too), I don't know how to "adult" and need my mom's assistance with those things, and in general I need a clear "guide" on how to do x if I've never done it before. I think nostalgia plays a big role in here, I'm nostalgic for a lot of things even though my childhood was shitty. I also don't want to grow up or become more mature. I don't act like a child, but I don't want to act like an adult either.

I think I do regress, but it's not about pretending to be a toddler, it's just the the time of the day I devolve to things nostalgic for me (like music and tv shows/cartoons, etc.) or just cute things (sanrio, pink aesthetic, etc. I enjoy categorizing pictures/gifs in that way).

Anonymous 67032

regressing isn't a thing unless you're mentally ill

Anonymous 67393

Does buying video games and watching anime in your early 20s count? I was too busy getting abused as a teenager and living in fear+lack of money my dad wouldnt give me anything for those cause “youre a girl” so i was too caught up in sadness and fear to enjoy those things. So sometimes while spending time having fun on games i somewhat feel childish and sad i couldnt experience this sooner

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