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Anonymous 59620

>watching princess jellyfish with male friend
>imagine him extravagantly dressed as a woman (like kuranosuke)
>feel butterflies in my stomach

I don't even know if this was attraction or what. Does it make me bi? I feel lost and confused. I'm very upset at this.

Anonymous 59677

do you focus on his penis when imagining that? if so, you're bi
if you still dread the idea of having sex with someone that has a dick you're safe

Anonymous 59715

I'm no expert, but I believe that means you're bisexual with a strong preference for women. After all, from what you've said, you can potentially be attracted to men, but it's very rare.

Anonymous 59719

Sounds like you have a sissy fetish.

Anonymous 59819

I wasn't thinking about his penis at all.

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