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Friends Anonymous 59780

How the fuck do you make new friends? Is there like an app or something I can use? Or do I have to subject myself to the "discords" these trannies seem to lurk.

Anonymous 60130

bumble if you're capable of merging with normies

Anonymous 60132

With how big the internet is right now, it's funny how there aren't a lot of choices to make friends online. Reddit, Discord or some app like Bumble are your only choices. The problem is if you are capable of merging with people there.

I miss when forums were more popular. It was way easier to make frends there.

Anonymous 60520

I thought that was just Tinder, but less slutty. Is that actually a legitimate way to meet people?

Anonymous 60566

Depends on the environment you're in

School= easier
Uni= maybe
Working adult= probably harder?

If it's school you can just pick out something you like and compliment them, or ask about homework/help with work. After time, asking to join a new club together could work- these could apply to uni too.

My relative asks new neighbours if they need help and brings them baked goods, and this works for building connections. Church could be an option too, if yours isn't mainly old people like over here. The younger people/adults are at the modern churches with hands in the air and swaying to music stuff, that's fun too.

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