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Anonymous 60871

>4chan makes me hate women
>cc makes me hate men
>just stay home 24/7 unnerved about people
Is this the ultimate outcome of imageboarding?

Anonymous 60872

yes go touch grass

Anonymous 60873

Why do you allow yourself to be so easily swayed?

Anonymous 60875

No, you’re just immature and impressionable

Anonymous 60876

wtf, why would 4chan actually make you hate women? their "reasons" are awful and unconvincing.

Anonymous 60878

I’m 18 and have no self-confidence, like >>60875 noticed. I can’t help buying into shit that targets my feels.
I somewhat misspoke. Usually, it’s not 4chan, but rather female-friendly places like TikTok, Twitter, or certain YouTube comment sections. They seem dumb, identical, attention-seeking. You know the stereotypical LGBTQABCDDEFUGG valley girls with no interests? This is what a lot of women there come across as. I hate them. CC is one of the few places that keep me from going full misogynistic pick-me.

Anonymous 60880

however 'bad' those girls are (they seem okay to me, mostly), you don't think the male parallels to them are just as bad? if not markedly worse? really? or even more 'nerdy' guys and men? they're awful, very samey people, with no integrity or care for others. i think silly valley girls that want a little bit of attention are preferable to mostly malevolent narcissistic douchebags.

Anonymous 60881

I probably got memed into not noticing when something bad is coming from moids. I only really dislike incels and e-boys. Well, and pretentious twats, but that’s true for both sexes. The majority of men I see online seem fine, most of them I would call nice.

Anonymous 60887

Damn sis, you are terminally online huh. Anyway, while I agree I don't like a majority of peoples personalities, not every woman is the same. I don't get along well with the "valley girls" you mention, but I'm also fully aware that there are women like me out there that I do get along with. Theres no reason to hate women. Don't be a fucking pickme.

Keep hating moids tho

Anonymous 60888

Its partly the nature of imageboards, they tend to display the worst in people. In our real lives we have to conform to social standards, to appear at least somewhat nice and pleasant, to not say mean things. So when we find spaces where we can do the opposite without repercussions we'll let it all out and go overboard with it. Problem is, this becomes a circle jerk about how bad x is, how much x sucks, so we get fed those exaggerated ideas over and over and over again until we internalize them. Like how here some girl who is frustrated with men for legitimate reasons comes in and talks shit about them and probably exaggerates her beliefs and frustrations a bit. And then another one does the same and maybe one that really hates em comes in with her takes and so on. And when that first girl who was just a bit frustrated with men reads all that, over and over again that otherwise shallow frustration turns into anger and then into hatred. This is how from a perfectly healthy position like "men tend to be pretty aggressive and dangerous so I should be careful around them and filter them before Im vulnerable around them" you get to something like "all men are subhuman evil beasts and I should avoid them at any cost". This kind of influence is particularly strong for young people who havent had many experiences in the real world to ground them.

In addition the people who are the loudest and most visible on any social media platform tend to be the ones seeking attention so they wont be the most thoughtful and balanced people.

I think its also the fact that you have some values and expectations that are simply not met by most people. Some of us just dont like interacting with the average person. We dont like the things they like, we dont talk about the things they talk about and we dont do the things they do. But you should keep in mind the fact that you arent unique in your preferences. There are people out there who like the same things you like and hate the same things you hate. So deciding that people suck overall and going in any interaction with that mentality will only make you miss the ones who are like you, the ones you'd like.

Hating men or hating women will only make you bitter and unhappy in the long term. You can and should hate certain behaviors, but hating an entire gender (or both genders) because you can see that behavior in a lot of individuals of that gender is unreasonable. If the imageboards and social media you browse make you hate people I think you should cut out on them a bit and try to find communities with people you actually like who dont talk crap about other people or groups all the time, Im sure there are some out there.

Anonymous 60889

4chan should make you hate men, not women.

Anonymous 60893

Ah, you're young yet and self-aware so you'll grow out of it. I was misogynistic at your age, too (then a massive misandrist for years).

Since things are opening up again I will give the "touch grass" advice. Meeting people in the flesh and forming friendships gives a full 360° view of the individuality of each human being. Even normfags have stories.

Not saying that making friends irl is easy. I am ugly and strange so no one really sticks but learning about others is always fascinating and fulfilling. If you love to hate you may also be a person who loves to know about others in a general sense. Best of luck, anon!

Anonymous 61090

It's called misanthropy. A state of enlightenment where you finally understand that both sexes are trash. Congrats.

Anonymous 61092


>4chan makes me hate men
>cc makes me hate men
Fixed it :)

Anonymous 61111

op why did 4chan make you hate women when almost each and every story about women on there is fabricated or retold through their warped incel lenses? Also this "both sexes are bad" shit is unrealistic and delusional. Women don't kidnap rape and murder little boys en masse like men do every single day. Stop being edgy

Anonymous 61123

I'm already wary of men but yeah, internet makes me slowly hate women too and it sucks.

The vile crap, catty remarks and misogynistic things some women post online against other women have led me to look at them with the same kind of suspicion I look at men with. And I hate it. Before, all my friends were female and, though this sounds really naive, I had some kind of basic trust in women as a whole. Now, I'm wary of everyone and suspect them of not being their true selves irl, so cutting back on internet use wouldn't help my issue at all. Making friends has become impossible as well. And the worst thing is that I'm turning into the kind of girl I hate, like making unwarranted judgemental comments on someone else's appearance when my past self couldn't have cared less if someone was fat, had a crooked nose or whatever.

Anonymous 61128

Yes, women can be bad, like all people, but men are a little bit worse. What do you choose: emotional pain or physical pain/threats/war?

Anonymous 61130


>tfw thouands, maybe even millions of women and children are sex trafficked across the globe solely to satisfy some moid's demented sexual urges and no equivalent of this industry exists to pander to women
B-but both sexes are equally as bad tho!!1!

Anonymous 61133


>work with women in female dominated industry
>become extremely misogynist
>come to cafe
>can't stop calling men "moids" in my head and wondering what horrible things they've done to their girlfriends and what kind of disgusting porn they pull their dick to
>can't even say I hate humans because I hate animals even more, especially cats and dogs because they shit all over and are useless
I am a miserable and hateful creature. But at least I'm cute.

Anonymous 61134

I know this feel but I'm late 20s. When women in the office laugh I want to break their nose and teeth. What the hell are they laughing for? Every day these braindead office karens come in here and laugh loudly and obnoxiously. I'm doing work. What the fuck are they doing? What the hell is so funny? Why are they always laughing?

Social media using women are even worse. I can't even think about them. Whenever I see someone taking a summit selfie I want to push them off the cliff. A boomer woman walking around with a cell phone held up in front of her on a selfie stick almost walked into me and didn't even apologize. That cunt. Social media needs to be banned for the good of public morality.

Anonymous 61138

Yea ikr. At worst women are annoying and catty or dumb or rude. You will never see a female casually sexually harassing underage store clerks, like males do every single minute. You guys are just a bunch of edgelords who feel Enlightened over the "revelation" that both sexes are bad. Which is not true. Normie women are dumb and shallow and hard for imageboard retards to get along with so I get it. But saying males and females are somehow equally depraved is pure delusion. Look around you

Anonymous 61139

You need help if you seethe THIS hard over some women enjoying themselves. Literal incel-tier reaction.

Anonymous 61140

I do kind of understand where she's coming from because I had a phase like this too and it was mostly fueled by mental illness and autism and a complete inability to relate to other women. All of these things came together to make me genuinely hateful of other females for not understanding or liking me. I assume she's going through the same thing. At the end of the day you can't go through life seething about other women though. You need to understand that they are normal humans and there's nothing wrong with them. You're the retard in the situation and you need to cope with your warped perception of other people

Anonymous 61142

This. Female-dominated spaces are always extremely bitter and obnoxious, albeit CC does stand out. But it’s because most of us spend or have spent a considerable amount of time on imageboards that are made up of moids.

To the mods: no I’m not a scrote, I’m a fellow misogynistic femcel.

Anonymous 61143

But continuing my blogpost, I believe the main power that makes a lot of normie women the way they are is the moid dominating position in the society and their bias towards us. They don’t put effort into raising their daughters like they would if they had sons, they make movies, games, books where the female characters’ whole purpose is to be someone’s love or sex interest, they don’t make friends with women because they think they don’t share common interests (and often that is the case, stemming to the whole “boys get to play cars and girls get dolls” thing that is imposed by parents). Not to mention the historical sexism when most fun activities were utterly unacceptable for women to do. That brings us to nowadays when girls still make friends primarily with girls, reinforcing the stereotypical behavior taught by adults together. This world is rotten.

Anonymous 61144

The problem is that there's no sisterhood among females. Mothers see their own daughters as sexual competition. Female friends backstab and torment each other over a bottomshelf scrote. Sisters abuse each other if one of them is perceived prettier than the other. Random women on the streets will wish other women on the street dead because their boyfriend looked at them for one second. Females are in a constant state of war with each other

And ofc this is all instigated by males. They want and need to keep us in this state. Females being at each others throats constantly enables a lot of moids degeneracy and behavior

Anonymous 61145

>Mothers see their own daughters as sexual competition.
Is this another one of Freud’s crazy theories he came up with after snorting a foot of cocaine? Not to be rude, I just have never seen it happen.

>Female friends backstab and torment each other over a bottomshelf scrote. Sisters abuse each other if one of them is perceived prettier than the other.

Maybe. I guess it varies among groups.

>Random women on the streets will wish other women on the street dead because their boyfriend looked at them for one second.

That I kinda know about. Seen this theme on tv a lot, and irl too.

>And ofc this is all instigated by males. They want and need to keep us in this state. Females being at each others throats constantly enables a lot of moids degeneracy and behavior

True and blackpilled.

Anonymous 61146

You've either never been around women in your entire life or you grew up in a michfest like matriarchal utopia where you girlies braided each others hair and danced around the fire every night and the topic of attracting scrotes at any cost never came up

All of what I've said has been experienced by countless other females. Many of which you can find in this very thread. Narcissistic mothers who are jealous of the youth of their daughters and see them as sexual competition are literally everywhere. Your own personal experiences of whatever #girlssupportgirls environment you grew up in doesn't matter when we are talking about the bigger picture

Anonymous 61147

My classmates had friendly relationships with each other. So did my female relatives and their female friends. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I live in a second world country, and we were more feminist than the first world during the XX century. Of course, I don’t expect everyone’s experience to be the same as mine.

Anonymous 61148

homosociality, the fact that men tend to make friends with men and women with women seems to be more than just a society imposed thing. It seems pretty early on that people start to prefer to associate with their own gender

Anonymous 61149

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. But when both girls only have “girly” interests inflicted by men, their interaction produces an echo-chamber and that’s how we get normies.

Anonymous 61150

One must be a sea to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure

Anonymous 61151

>Mothers see their own daughters as sexual competition
Maybe if you come from a completely dysfunctional family with a narcissistic mother.

>Female friends backstab and torment each other over a bottomshelf scrote. Sisters abuse each other if one of them is perceived prettier than the other.

Moids also do this sometimes, not so subtle "banter" to enforce dominance over a social group. Any disturbance in the hierarchy, i.e one of them glows up, results in conflict until a new equilibrium is reached as the moids do a cold war style battle for spots in the pecking order.

Just like the incels on 4chan seem to view women as a hivemind you seem to view moids as a hivemind. There is probably more male bonding than female bonding, though I dont think its moid instigated. I think its because increasing gender equality has destroyed the "womans sphere" of life by making them seem unfashionable, whilst not doing the same with "the male sphere". Men still have drinking culture and sports and various other traditionally male things whilst women have nothing. Increasing womens participation in things like sports will help a little bit, but it will not actually make a "womens space", it will just be another gender neutral space. As such unlike a "bunch of lads going round to a mates house to drink and talk shit" which serves as a space for male bonding, women will not have a space for female bonding.

Anonymous 61152

Tbqh I'd say the opposite
r9k made me hate men and cc made me hate women

The way you people write about the other sex is insane

Anonymous 61154

you girls need intensive therapy if you guys sincerely hate women for… social media posting? laughing? what the fuck.

Anonymous 61156

I think the problem is that most of us are extremely jealous of other women for being able to have a normal life/friends/relationships while most of us are neet or femcel with social retardation and an inability to even look presentable

If you're always resigned to standing alone in the corner while seeing other members of your sex laugh and converse about mindless banal fun things, of course you're going to get mad at them for your perceived rejection and inability to blend in with them. Of course we need therapy. That kind of goes without saying

Anonymous 61157

i have my issues and don't feel especially at ease with many people irl but you have to have some seriously jacked priorities if you see the actual, serious injustice in the world (much of it caused by men, mind you), and you choose to get angry and upset over women… wanting likes on social media? laughing with colleagues?

i understand you guys might feel jealous, but at a certain point, awareness of reality beyond your (perceived or actual) social deficiencies must (and should) supersede your obsession with your own feelings of inadequacy. no offense, but you guys seriously need to get a grip and take a good look at the world.

Anonymous 61158

Dunno, I just think they’re shallow and loud.

Anonymous 61160

and you hate them for this? most people irl are shallow and loud. men are are oftentimes far louder than women and similarly shallow, if not far more shallow, considering many men irl complain that women tend to be concerned about others.

Anonymous 61161

I can’t pinpoint what annoys me the most. Next time I get butthurt about a woman I’ll post in this thread to provide an example.

Anonymous 61162

I 100% agree with you but once you're inside that mindset it's very hard to get out. Especially when you're already massively socially isolated and in emotional distress all day

Anonymous 61165

I relate to this a lot. I don't work with them but when I go to the doctor the girls at the front desk and nurses and all that are always laughing and getting along and seem like they're having fun. When I'm at work I just focus autistically on my tasks and give simple responses when someone talks to me since there's some kind of invisible wall there at all times. I don't know how to explain it but it often feels like I'm watching the world through a hole in a wall

Anonymous 61169

I don't know why this has to be a us versus them kind of thing. Why do I have to choose at all? That's like asking somebody if they'd rather eat turd (= men) or drink pee (= women). Yeah, one sounds worse than the other obviously but in the end, both are shit options. I don't care that one is "only" emotional, plus women often team up or side with men to make other women feel like crap.

Anonymous 61176

What else is left then though apart from rotting in your room isolated from the rest of the world. You either bite the bullet and hang out with normie women who are occasionally catty and annoying, or you just miss out completely on anything social. Loneliness is cool for maybe a few months and then it becomes a gaping throbbing black abyss. I can't get along with women either but at this point (years into complete social isolation) I'd do anything to have a circle of female friends

Anonymous 61233

AYRT, because there's no third option available. We just have to adapt and be happy that things are not worse.

Anonymous 61240

Anonymous 64279

Sounds like the result of the internet in general. Behind the anonymity people can say and be who they really are without any backlash. You're just seeing how rotten humanity both male and female really is. There is no hell because we're living in it and it was made by us.

Anonymous 64535

This, basically. There are bad men and good men in the world. There are also bad women and good women in the world. Good+good are out having fun with each other and not venting on imageboards. That leaves bad+good, good+bad, bad+bad, 75% with something to vent about. So it's not surprising there is so much negativity. Just need to keep a positive mindset and avoid falling into stereotyping all x as y. We are all individuals different from one another at the end of the day.

Anonymous 64749

images (86).jpeg

Don't listen to them, this is the logical conclusion to interacting with people, I was hurt in the past by each and every type of person anon. Just don't trust anyone, ever, join me in eternal anxiety

Anonymous 64752

Their reasons for hating women hold the same weight as why losers bitch about men here on CC–none.

It's the same shit with a different coat of paint. Swap out a few words and they're basically interchangeable. You got passed over by the hot popular kids, made fun of by the hot popular kids, just like everybody else below 8/10, and now you seethe about it in your mid 20s on an anonymous basket weaving forum.

Anonymous 64754

It sounds like the problem is you lol

Anonymous 64756


cast off the internalized misogyny, embrace the misandry.

Anonymous 64761

just go make friends, and stop hanging out with people you hate. repeat until you have enough friends.

Anonymous 64780

i came here expecting to really fit in. instead i'm surrounded by the exact same incels but now i know they have vaginas.

Anonymous 64794


cast off misogyny and misandry,
embrace misanthropy.

Anonymous 64822

It's like someone read the story of my life and just knew I would read this

Knew the male rethoric about "whamen bad". Went to see other content and found this place with an equivalent view. Maybe it's not as overexagerated but basically both sides are angry at the other side for similar reasons

Anonymous 64863

The reality is this, a good 70-80% of people that exist on this planet are fucking awful, and their awfulness was born out of being treat like shit by everybody else.

The other 20-30% of people are either so empath/sympath that they can't bring themselves to be awful, or lived the dream life where their parents and friends weren't toxic cancer.

Anonymous 64868

Except when they abuse state power

Anonymous 64875

Or you could, you know, stop being bitter and hateful. Try to find good people in your life and be happy.

Anonymous 64878

I'm too weak to fully embrace misanthropy.

Anonymous 64895

Everyone is literally stupid, boring and awful. I'm not telling you from like an edgy chronically online dweeb point of view but as a grown-ass doomerpilled piece of shit who managed to get a decent life. Don't expect shit from people. Learn to be nice to people just for the hell of it. If you can learn to appreciate someone else's happiness without deluding yourself into thinking that they aren't worthless poobrained NPC, you basically made it in life. People everywhere will love you and you can see the world like the big labyrinthine pile of horseshit that it is without feeling like shit about it.

Think about how you can love dogs, animals, retards, etc. this is perfectly feasible. As human beings we are conditioned to have at least some degree of empathy and you can exploit that amongst other social instincts to do good things for shitty people exclusively for your own satisfaction.

Anonymous 64921

The problem with this truth is, that your life becomes a videogame if you embrace it. If 99% of humans you meet are idiotic, worthless husks of meat, then you will start to notice how their reactions and thoughts are limited to the same handfull of NPC dialogue trees updated with current events.
This makes social Interaction of any kind brutally boring because you can't even skip its dialogue or it becomes angry.

Anonymous 64965

This is the key to a happy life, a social existence is incredibly fulfilling as opposed to hating anything. My boomer dad used to say this all the time but after actually reconnecting with friends after High School in University I genuinely truly understand that. Genuinely find a community or a group of friends that you like whether be all male or all female.

Anonymous 64979

Tfw op is a sheeple that follows any mainstream opinion it encounters.

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