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Anonymous 61267

Do you ever spend a lot of time on female-dominated imageboards and when you return to tumblr, twitter or other normie sites you realize that nobody, including members of your own sex, shares your views and literally everyone is a tranny supporting, porn and onlyfans loving, overly sensitive complete retard and you'll always be alone with your worldview

Anonymous 61268

I realized that years ago and stopped going there

Anonymous 61275

depri freitod.jpg

I think a lot of the appearance of conformity on social media has to do with censorship. Like how GenderCritical was banned from Reddit for example or you get banned from Twitter for saying "Tranny".

But yeah, it's pretty depressing.

Anonymous 61276


Sometimes I let it slip irl because I’m literally autistic. It makes women, especially potential gfs when I was single, not want to talk to me, fucking up female friendships. Worse yet, it attracts conservative (bad) and edgelord (worse) moids. I basically have to be like “my dudes, I’m not based and trad I’m just a terfposter” to get them off of me.

Anonymous 61277

I'm moving to Yurop soon, is it also like that over there? I live in the 3rd world right now and nobody cares about your beliefs or opinions. Nearly all women are terfs and nobody supports OF.

Anonymous 61278

If you're moving to anywhere but eastern europe (and maybe greece and italy), yea it's basically social suicide to think and say anything but libfem ideology. It's even worse because a lot of it is adopted from american liberalism which sucks and is completely retarded so you have people using words like "genderqueer" in a sentence in their native language. So you better conform and fall in line if you don't want to be shunned by like 98% of people your age

Anonymous 61280

If your political views, not even extremist, are so spicy for them that it’s all they care about, then nothing of value was lost when they fucked off.

Anonymous 61283

All the time. Despite not actually being a t/swerf, how often I see this shit wiggle through my filters drives me up the wall. People post too much about themselves online. You should be here to talk about Japanese video games.

Anonymous 61290

tunglr has a large radfem community, so does twitter, it's just not the most mainstream.

Anonymous 61291

True but one thing that annoys me about tumblr radfems is the constant infighting over shit that literally doesn't matter and their annoying circular debates with troons in which the radfems regularly embarrass themselves. One particular egregious example was a radfem user who unironically and completely earnestly posted reaction gifs from the TV show lucifer under each of her discourse points and also roleplayed as the main character in debates. As far as I know this was not some advanced trolling technique but completely in earnest and it was literally so embarrassing and hard to watch. Like no matter how dumb the tranny you're debating is, you've automatically lost when you start cranking out the reactions gifs from third grade cw shows

Also I can't stand the constant screenshots they post of moids detailing rape and murder fantasies, under which they always write numerous paragraphs clapping back at the screenshot as if the moid in it would ever give a fuck

I love some radfem users on tumblr but the majority of them are embarrassing dumbasses who act like they have swaggering donkey dick confidence but get nervous when they have to ask for extra sauce at the kfc

Anonymous 61293

kek, that's funny as fuck. i like twitter better for troon shit because most of the twitter radfems aren't like 20 yos with autistic obsessions with corny shows. they're usually older, like, 25-40 or so. i think the blog style of tumblr encourages a little more autism to come out whereas the majority of twitter radfems seem to just respond to news and share info or memes. there's a lot more infighting on tumblr period, too.

Anonymous 61299

The thing is that the international troondom has their boot very far down twitters throat and you can get your account nuked within hours of making it. Meanwhile porn and extreme incel level misogyny accounts can stay of course

Anonymous 61300

In the end there is nobody who will agree with you 100%. There are things I don't post here because people don't like to see it. It's important to remember that everyone is alone with their worldview in some way or another, you just have to focus on the things you and the other person have in common.

Anonymous 61311

>posted reaction gifs from the TV show lucifer under each of her discourse points and also roleplayed as the main character in debates
well at least that's funny

Anonymous 61312

It sounds funny but radfems constantly embarrassing themselves on social media because they can't shut the f up when needed and generally acting corny and foolish is mortifying to me when these are literally the only chance we have of spreading our ideology. And the most popular public representatives don't know what optics and good first impressions are. Nobody is going to listen to the nutcase posting fujobait anime on main and getting into ugly altercations with 14 year old ftm children as a fully grown woman in her mid 20s

Anonymous 61320

I've been following tumblr radfem drama for years, but a bunch of the good ones disappeared a long time ago. Now I just watch AIA do the same arguments over and over until the cycle turns back over to radfems calling her out.

My favorite was Nextyearsgirl, who left because someone was accusing her of being a liberal psyop??? I have no idea what happened there.

I also followed Celestia back when she was mostly lucid and not a neonazi

Anonymous 61329

The one I can't stand is sharts, who gets nuked like every week for various deranged behaviors and wantonly picking fights with trannies who tbh are just minding their own business. There was a post on radfemgossip once calling her out for larping as a greek goddess muscle kween when she's really a neet schizoid irl and she replied with several picture of random luxury cars she found online and tried to convince everyone they were hers

Anonymous 61330

We're specifically talking about the person who is NOT larpsandtherealgirl but picked an extremely similar username so people keep thinking she's larps, right?

Anonymous 61331

Yea the one who desecrated the memory of larps with the most retarded posts I've ever seen. Each time she comes back from termination she gets a little worse. Gyns stan her though because she's brutal towards moids, which I would normally respect but shitting on a random troon who did nothing to provoke her is not worth tanking the reputation of radfems even harder with each post

Anonymous 61336

I mean the memory of larps was just throwing around cluster b accusations really generously and getting offended that the furby fandom didn't like her posting in their tumblr tag.

Rudefems in general just need to learn to act normal once and a while. Mocking troons is effective because they don't listen to actual arguments, but some people make it obvious they just needed an acceptable target to tard out aggressively at.

Anonymous 61350

>some people make it obvious they just needed an acceptable target to tard out aggressively at.
This. Also #tinfoil theory, I think that larps is a cluster b herself.
Never heard of her but it sounds hilarious.

Anonymous 61359

Wasn't larps extremely vocal about totally having real bpd? Or was that pronounrespecter? They definitely both claimed autism.

Anonymous 61442

>you realize that nobody, including members of your own sex, shares your views
Well, not LITERALLY everyone, since there's cc.
So the absolute worst case scenario is that you and a single very dedicated samefag share a worldview.

Anonymous 61444

> and when you return to tumblr

I hang out with terfs on tumblr so this isnt a problem for me

Anonymous 61487

>rude to moids
Is she though? I mostly see her being rude to trannies only, especially ftms. She doesn't pick on moids in general (her "wife" pronounrespecter did tho)

Anonymous 61488

I agree. She is so obnoxious and autistic, it's unbearable. I have never understood her appeal tbh
>she's really a neet schizoid irl
really??? Lel what a loser

Anonymous 61489

She is not larps?????? 0_0 Who the fuck is that retard then

Anonymous 61490

Those two were just autistic psychologists, who were calling everyone they disliked cluster B.

Anonymous 61507

wait wait pronounrespecter and larps were literally psychologists or you're just joking? tbh though you can armchair about any male troon having a cluster b personality disorder and probably end up correct.

Anonymous 61603

pronounrespecter 100% was a psychologist - she was really knowledgeable in psychological papers (and history of pshychology - she knew what freud and jung sperged about), knew how to read and analyze studies properly (most ppl dont understand sciency language in studies and misinterpret them: she also made fun of infamous google manifesto because of that - it was full of false conslusions from studies and speculations) and even dropped niche psychological books that you cant find in pdf for free online. not so sure about larps tho

Anonymous 61605

You can see the contrast between good posts made by women that aren't poisoned by all the misogynistic horniness that is youtube and reddit and countless other shit. Even the good content on those websited is spoiled by other idiots waiting for every opportunity to bring up le sexy sex or whatever.

Anonymous 61606

I it after I decided to make a new tumblr account after years of having my 1st one banned. I love the radfem drama account with a picture of popcorn as the profile picture. Oh and all the menalez discourse is really entertaining. If you want any insight just go to her blog and see notes under the blocklist post.
And that paragraphs long post about a radfem being such a hero and unfollowing a very 'problematic' blog and how she loves kissing troon asses saying "I don't hate THEM, I just dislike the misogyny and stuff! :)) Do you love me troons?"
Radblr is such a letdown a lot of time because they'll go back to kiss black moid's asses and defending muslim men, while still playing opreshun olympics with white radfems.

Anonymous 61626

knowing things isn't the same as being an experienced professional, I think psych was just her autistic Special Interest

Anonymous 61753


and that person is a self-absorbed delusional moid

Anonymous 62196


menalez is a cow and i’m enjoying her recent spergouts.

Anonymous 62200

Holy shit THANK you. I’ve been thinking the same things about radblr. I even saw one blog say that “islamophobia” shouldn’t be permitted in radfem spaces. I just can’t. I thought I found a like-minded community but I see so much shit I disagree with. I don’t fit in anywhere politically.
I blocked her because she seems like she enjoys starting drama. She’s an unhinged handmaiden who’s fine with sexist men as long as they’re minorities lmao.

Anonymous 62201

very true! she’s been going back and forth with the same group of women for years on end now, calling them racist, etc. it’s embarrassing to be honest. i’d rather kick it with the “racists” than her and her orbiters but that’s just me.

Anonymous 62204

maybe stop using tumblr

Anonymous 62205

where else can we go? lmao

Anonymous 62207

shizo-anon is back at her theory of everyone being the same person again huh? go to /x/, preach your beliefs here

Anonymous 62208

i remember ///sharts/// saying that she likes menalez. now i can see why - a cow always attracts another cow.

Anonymous 62209

tbh i am so tired of "racist" discourse in radblr, like we are all here to fight against misogyny arent we? stop redirecting our energy to other issues - just join the movement you need (anti-racist, eco, whatever) and sperg about your issues here. radfem is not the movement for all good against all bad, stop dilluting our message (even though the destruction of misogyny will inevitably lead to destruction of most oppressive regimes that exist today - bacause they all have misogyny as a basis). men always forget their differences when it comes to oppressing women, they universally bond on misogyny, but apparently we all are so fucking speshiaaal that we cant unite against our common enemy because /insert some specific/ oppreshun

Anonymous 62212

I'm actually surprised that I've never seen muslim radfems and ex-muslim radfems fight, I'd like to see that happen instead of the umpteenth gold star discourse tornado

Anonymous 62213

so you don't want women to be oppressed for being women but you want them to be oppressed for their race. you people need a special movement just for yourselves. aryan pinkpill or something.

Anonymous 62218


I had once dated someone who claimed to be anti-government yet he supported everything perpetuated by the establishment. It really threw me for a loop from the sheer amount of double think.

Anonymous 62219

Most people who claim to be anti-government are like this, in my experience.

Anonymous 62220

Was he just critical of the way government is currently run? As in he just wanted things to change, but not necessarily smaller government?
I don't like everything my government does, but enjoy healthcare, drug programs, and such.

Buf if he was allegedly anti-big government yet also into government programs, that is rarted for sure.

Anonymous 62221

>so you don't want women to be oppressed for being women but you want them to be oppressed for their race.
Where the hell did you get THAT from anon’s post? You sound deranged like menalez.
No, I don’t think I will. There’s no other social media platform that allows free speech. Reddit and twitter ban anyone who goes against the trans regime.
Exactly. I’m glad there are other likeminded people on radblr. Never going to feel bad for violent men just because they’re minorities.

Anonymous 62222

He was anarchist at the time. Ironically, he also wants the government to arrest people who don’t like lgbt

Anonymous 62223

Anarchism is a red flag in my experience. Never met a mentally sane person identifying as anarchist.

Anonymous 62225

only racists complain when people discuss racism. it shouldn't bother you otherwise.

Anonymous 62230

Never said I didn’t want people to discuss racism. But when your entire blog consists of accusing people of racism, creating blocklists, and general puritanical cultlike behavior, I’m blocking you.

Anonymous 62232

hi cow.

Anonymous 62233

Only people with white savior/victim complex give enough of a shit about racism to frequently talk about it. Normal people don't give a fuck about your whining.

Anonymous 62235

Black women are more likely to be abused than white women. Asian women are 10x more likely to be victims of mugging than white women. So yeah intersectionality is important, because not all women’s struggles are on the same level.

Anonymous 62236


since the radblr gyns are itt, do any of you know which tehm op is talking about or is she just making shit up? i see a lot of women make similar posts about tehms but i’ve quite literally never seen any of them be misogynistic. unless she’s talking about skeeteater, i see him arguing with radfems sometimes but that doesn’t make him a misogynist.

Anonymous 62238

What the fuck is a "tehm"?

Anonymous 62239

Trans exclusionary homosexual male
>Black women are more likely to be abused than white women. Asian women are 10x more likely to be victims of mugging than white women.
Hmmm. Could it be due to.. men of color? Oh wait.. I can’t say that or else I’m racist lol.

Anonymous 62240


Nevermind, google says it stands for "Inserted Tank Heater with Magnetic Clamps".

Don't know why these things are misogynistic or posting on tumblr, but fuck 'em.

Anonymous 62241

Both of those are almost entirely done by black men so the answer is obviously to remove them all.

Anonymous 62243

anon, i love you lmao

honestly, i think women of color would be fine with this

Anonymous 62244

I think all women would be fine with this. Domestic abuse would drop 50% overnight

Anonymous 62247

This predates the current community by years (the term tehm did not exist yet) but there used to be a specific 'radfem ally' who was gay and disabled and befriended a lot of women in early radblr. I don't even remember his name, this was a LONG time ago. So anyways the supposed 'gay' ally was outed as sending weird sexual shit to various women and it tore radblr apart for a few weeks. Some people removed him from their lives immediately but others were suddenly very cautious about throwing blame and wanted to see the proof etc etc. If anyone remembers this guy's name we could probably dig up a bunch of chatlogs where he was trying to tell radfems about his dick.

Anonymous 62296

Are you me???

Anonymous 62309

Hey, miners. What do you think about ""Blackpill feminism"" (Currently it can be found on the pinkpill site)? Personally, I hate this fucking trash. This is just an attempt to unite redp1ll and pinkpill ideologies in one big pile of shit (or is a support team for blackpill incels). These women uncritically believe in every redp1ll misogynistic lie they are told, pointlessly dwell in their depression and spread it. Also they post fake studies/misinterpret them and ignore every evidence against their worldview by saying that they are not "a debate sub" (they banned women who tried to argue that women are not "naturally submissive", because their submissivity is their reaction to make violence, ie by definition forced). Or straight up lie like their leader, or whatever "she" (If that's a woman I am very disappointed) is, kt0998 frequently does (like about women always responding to scrote baits - if anything most women think that they shouldn't go down on an asshole level and ignore insults directed at them, only libfems or proto-radfems try to argue with scrotes). They have all the traits of a backlash movement (parroting misogynistic lies, focusing not on men but on women, 0 political potential only destruction of feminist theory by claiming that it is "not realistic", etc). I can't believe that the owner of pinkpill Giga tolerates these cockroaches. They are net negative and should be treated as manosphere proxies (even if they don't realize they are the heralds of the manosphere, they still are guilty of infiltrating female friendly spaces and must face the consequences of their actions).

Anonymous 62312

Samefag, they are not the only one with that sentiment btw. After observing modern "radfem" movement I can say that this kind of downgrade (focusing on "pickmes" instead of scrotes, apoliticality, critique of foremothers of feminist theory, etc) is unbelievably widespread (even well-known feminists as fcm fell down that road). What the fuck is happening? Why all of the sudden we have the mentality of 1950's women? This "internal" backlash just doesn't make any sense. Was it here all along or is it a consequence of some part of modern politics? What has caused such a decline in women's consciousness (like compare current theoretical shit about "female faulty weak biology" and "motherhood being inherently oppressive" with "the fragility myth" where it was argued that women are just as physically capable as men are and even if we are worse in some spheres we compensate in others or with "the whole woman" where it was argued that motherhood is oppressive only because it's artificially made that way and to fix that it must be treated as an actual job with payment, responsibility and education - a woman must be taught how to raise a child if she wants to because inherently she is clueless about it)? Any ideas miners? This is an extremely serious question, I am very worried about current situation.

Anonymous 62319

Social movements shift like tides. Or like a pendulum if you want to think of it that way. Blackpill feminism is just as much a response to the doldrums of our modern world as anything else. They're looking for reasons why they're unhappy and have settled on something that makes sense to them.

As a result of these modern doldrums others latch onto it like a life raft. Trying to quash it would only succeed in spreading it. I guess it came to life because women were unsatisfied with what came before and now they have social media addiction to enable their depressive tendencies and then spread them.

Anonymous 62445

Lol this is why I could never be a feminist. There are good women and bad women and I will never support the latter.

Anonymous 62447


Anonymous 62448

That doesn't make sense. He likely only identifies with the label and subculture. This is why politics is usually nonsense.

Anonymous 62449

Sorry for mini long post everyone pls ignore, I saged
Samefag, you're not an eejit, just to me, what you said was an eejit's take. That doesn't make you an eejit or even mean I'm right to feel that way at all. Sorry .
I should clarify that I only disagree with the general idea that bad people existing means you shouldnt support feminism. Otherwise, support whatever. Personally, where I live, feminism and basic human rights changed a lot for the better, for everyone.
Bad people exist in all facets of life. Human rights in the modern era has done more good than any facsism or "blackpilled" ideaology, if you're ethical enough to use terms like bad and good then you may agree with that without having to change your mind

tldr: You can support feminism, or any human rights movement, without giving creedance to the insane things spouted by extremists

Anonymous 62451

They are probably an eejit to post that though, lbr

Anonymous 62457

Where do y'all find your tunglr tards? Like, I don't know how y'all find people so utterly retarded man. I've rarely had bad experiences there. (Not saying radfem tumblr isn't stupid though, it really is.)
No, they are an idiot. Don't apologize.

Anonymous 62459

The ones who post the most tend to be the least smart, so it's easy to stumble upon a high volume idiot. Personally I haven't followed any radfem blogs in years though, the ones I followed at the start simply got worse and dumber over time.

Anonymous 62596


Seems like ppl talked shit about larps even when she was active (this is from lchat)

Anonymous 63487

No there are tons of people on twitter, tiktok, reddit, etc who fall under what I'm looking for. They have a completely different take on radfeminism sometimes. But it all boils down to the same thing. FDS on reddit is pretty entertaining even if some of its riduculous. MOST of its good. Its one of the fastest growing subreddits. Sorry of reddit is a bad word here!

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