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no normal human is attractive anymore Anonymous 61308

The constant push of more and more extreme beauty standards is turning a good 95% of humans into uggos. If you don't have the time, wealth and skills to modify your appearance and essentially perform sophisticated body modification on yourself, you have 0 chance of being seen as attractive or desirable by the average member of society who has been conditioned to only view those as attractive who tick very specific, and gradually harder to reach, boxes, therefor exponentially increasing your chances of dying alone and unloved

And it's only getting worse

Anonymous 61309

Consider less time on the internet

Anonymous 61341

Yeah it does depress me to open Pinterest and see only relatable models blogging about stuff. And surgeries getting normalised as a #girlboss move.

Anonymous 61344

Tell that to men. Unfortunately they are the ones consooming and cooming to all this shit.

Anonymous 61352

For me, the key is to free myself from any expectations of beauty at all, and understand that I have no obligation to be pretty to anyone. If anyone treats me worse because of my looks, that’s a problem with their own shallowness, not me. Although this is still something that I sometimes struggle with, accepting that people’s worth regardless of looks is much more helpful than trying to convince yourself that you actually do fit some kind of beauty standard.

Anonymous 61358

Enjoy dying alone.

Anonymous 61361

>Men will never be happy.

You say that like it's a bad thing, femanon!

Anonymous 61366

I'm still pretty. I don't care what anyone else says.

Anonymous 61373

Mental vs Physical…

No one has an obligation to be pretty to anyone, just like no one has an obligation to be attracted to someone in a sexual way. People might still like you for other reasons, if they are not shallow as you say, just not in a romantic way. If you are ok with that, then its fine.

Anonymous 61374

Even if you marry you'll still die alone, scrotes don't live long and kids will just put you in a home.

Anonymous 61377

100%, I have had extensive dealings with the elderly and people have no clue how often they are mistreated, abused, and thrown into nursing homes where they suffer tremendously, or they're often neglected by family. Having children doesn't spare you the misery in your old age, oftentimes the grandkids don't even give a shit. A lot of men are abusive but I will say this: once the husbands die, the kids see it as a free for all to abuse and steal from their mothers and grandmothers. It's EXTREMELY depressing and shockingly common. That's not to say the husbands help tremendously, rather that they're spared mistreatment mostly until the husbands die. Elderly women are sitting ducks for exploitative and cruel family members that see them as a burden because we do live so much longer than the men, so once the husbands die, the women's lives change drastically, their quality of life is reduced to rubble. And often the fathers/husbands are seen as the patriarchs and the only elderly people worthy of dignity.

Anonymous 61379

If you get married nowadays. The chances of a guy leaving you before you hit even 50 are like 90% anyway. Men are programmed to replace women when they get too old. Which is why it’s better to just stay away from them.

Anonymous 61380

First marriage divorce rate is only at 41%. I don't know where you're pulling that statistic out of your ass.

Anonymous 61381

This but unironically. I keep falling into the same thought spirals until I spend a weekend with actual people in the meatspace and I realize nobody thinks instathot filler highlight nosejob looks are standard unless they're extremely online or just pornsick.

Anonymous 61382

What shithole country you're from?

Anonymous 61383

The US

Anonymous 61387

>only at 41%
That’s terrifyingly high. By the time you get out of that marriage you are a 35-40 year old single mom with kids which makes it a hundred times harder to find a partner and you have to vet them hard to make sure they aren’t pedos.

Anonymous 61388

The number of marriages where cheating goes on is closer to 90%. Not all cheating couples get divorced.

Anonymous 61389

That seems absurdly high.

Anonymous 61390

Probably also worth noting that most divorces are initiated by the wife, not the husband. Granted, if your partner cheats on you, you're not likely to wait for them to divorce you instead of doing it yourself. But I still think it's inaccurate to look at divorce rates and say "men bad" when they're really more just evidence of relationships and family units being degraded by society.

Anonymous 61391


Okay, that's great and all, put you specifically said
>The chances of a guy leaving you before you hit even 50 are like 90% anyway.
>leaving you
I don't know any person who uses "leaving you" to refer to "cheating", though I admit the two are highly correlated.

But let's kick the ball into your moved goalposts.

25% of married men will cheat on their spouse.
15% of married women will cheat on their spouse.
Assuming no overlap, that doesn't even break 40% of marriages involving cheating.

Stop pulling statistics out of your ass you fucking doomer.

Anonymous 61399

>most divorces are initiated by women
Yeah, for good reason.

Anonymous 61400

The number of men who cheat is wayyyyyy higher than 25% that is some serious cope lol

Anonymous 61402

That's what self reporting surveys say. I don't believe it either. It also depends on the ages of the guys, obviously the older they are and the longer they're married, there's a higher likelihood they'd have been unfaithful at some point, vs someone only being married for a few years.

Anonymous 61403

And I've seen reports that place female cheating at 25%. Your point? It certainly isn't fucking 90%.

Anonymous 61405

They won't leave you because they like the convenience of marriage but most of them will cheat on you. Women should avoid long term relationships with men because they will always want to replace you for someone younger, you really are just wasting your life being with them.

Anonymous 61406

Family studies.png

Fine, let's slap this on here. There's no reason for men or women to lie to the surveyor, but we can even double rates of reported cheating versus what people report and we still aren't hitting 90%. It would even make sense that the percentage of cheating and divorce would so closely match each other, since cheating is, on average, a very hard thing to pull off.

Anonymous 61414

ya its also just true that men are worse at getting away with cheating, because women re more perceptive socially aware etc etc

Anonymous 61415

>cheating is hard to pull off
No it fucking isnt lmao all a dude has to say is he’s stuck in a meeting/traffic after work, goes to the massage parlour and fucks an Asian lady consequence free for 60 bucks, and his wife never finds out

Anonymous 61416


Some studies put it at 70%

Anonymous 61417

agreed, men get away with cheating so, so, so easily. and women usually stay and are more willing to forgive them than the opposite. i'd be willing to wager most women in marriages put up with the cheating.

Anonymous 61467

Remember reading about this man who escaped from a cult where they straight up killed old women bc they were ugly and too sick to work.

Anonymous 61469

Some studies are done by cheaters. I bet they fudged the numbers to ease their own guilty conscience.

Anonymous 61477

>the men observing them didn't want to see the females of the species cheat
What…? Actually loled. Men are so insecure holy shit

Anonymous 61479

A shitton of stuff in biology and anthropology is twisted by mens egos and pp's. Did you know it's the women's x chromosome that has the code for making sperm swim? Yeah… Their sperm can't even swim on its own, mommy has to give them that info.

Anonymous 61484

I kek'd. Thanks for this info

Anonymous 61532

It's even worse since so many men are so damn paranoid of being cheated on because their middle school gf cheated or some stupid shit and will actually cheat… Out of fear that you're the one cheating lmfao

Oh and don't get me started over men who think any sort of change in behavior is cheating. I took a 30 minute nap once after school and got accused of cheating. Like I would leave my house, fuck another guy, and come back all within a span of 30 minutes kek unbelievable how some men will victimize themselves

Anonymous 61572

You just need to touch grass. People have different standards online and offline, both men and women.

Anonymous 61574

If anything I find the only place men find me attractive is online. I have never been hit on irl once and even ugly guys irl have sky high standards

Anonymous 61598

I tried getting surgery and every single place within 12 hours of me is booked up with appointments and surgeries for the next few months. Now imagine that combined with women who already have surgery, hell like 4% of women have breast implants never mind those who took the fat transfer route and don't count in statistics. Plastic surgery has become increasingly normal and almost expect but there a weird fucked up "twist" - you're expected to have the body of those girls who've had plastic surgery and be compared to those who've had surgery but also do everything in your power to hide the fact you've had surgery done. All because men love the idea of fake tits and ass but hate the idea of actually hearing the fact it's fake. Porn alone proves this

Anonymous 61628

I was in denmark once and there was a big plastic surgery studio in the middle of the shopping street.
I found it disgusting, but I guess this will be the future of our shopping streets.
Instead of simply buying makeup women will choose more and more drastic measures to improve their attractiveness.
I guess, by some people, it is seen as the logical conclusion of the current fashion and beauty industry.

Anonymous 61630

At the risk of sounding like a turbofemcel, I think women are just becoming more and more blackpilled on the fact literally the only thing most men really value in women is their looks.

A lot of us were lied to and told that men would love us for our kindness, or pure hearts, virtue, cooking or wifely skills, or how good we would be as mommies, but it’s not really the case. You just have to go online to any male centric board and see that men never talk about a womans virtue or character. All it is, is TITS ASS TITS HIPS ASS ASS ASS TUMMY FACE FACE FACE SHE MUST LOOK LIKE A 7/10 MODEL WITHOUT MAKEUP EW WRINKLES ARE GROSS EW EVEN SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT OR UNATTRACTIVE GIRLS ARE DISGUSTING EW IF SHE DOESNT LOOK LIKE AN AI RENDERED 14 YEAR OLD SLAVIC ELF PRINCESS WITH NATURALLY PERKY PERFECT TITS SHE IS A 0/10 TO ME WOULD NOT BANG
etc etc.
Even ‘normal’ or ‘nice guys’ share this sentiment to a large extent, sure the ideal differs a little man to man, but at the end of the day, it’s all superficiality. Since the dawn of man. Women have known that their only real power over men is through sexuality and looks. These women who go for surgery are victims of this, they are trying to win but do not realize yet that they are just playing a rigged game. No matter how beautiful or skinny you become, there will always be someone more beautiful, skinny and young that a moid will be happy to replace you with. Men view us as replaceable and no matter how you fashion yourself into the perfect loving mommywife pornstar virgin anime schoolgirl for him, he will always get bored and want a new pussy, because that is how those loathsome creatures are wired, sadly.

Anonymous 61631

I also think more and more women are becoming blackpilled on how many men are hebephiles/ephebophiles which is where this obsession with looking young and fear of ageing comes in.

Anonymous 61633

The zoomer girls on Tiktok seem to be more blackpilled than previous generations. Maybe because they're exposed to all the true thoughts of scrotes online starting from a young age.

Anonymous 61636

Definitely. They are the most porn brainwashed generation yet and the next will probably be even worse.

Anonymous 61637

I blame anime for being incapable of finding normal human beings attractive. 2D boys (and girls) are just so supperior when it comes to looks and personality that everyone else feels so bland…

Anonymous 61640

eh, it isn't even a "there'll always be a hotter girl than you" because most of the time gorgeous women are cheated on for average women tbh. it's just that they're unappreciative and inconsiderate at their core and believe they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, without consequence, and they truly believe they deserve whatever they want.

Anonymous 61644

I think that's just a more general societal problem. Both sexes no longer act as if chastity is something valuable.

Anonymous 61687

Again just proving every hole is a goal with moids. They are gross’s

Anonymous 61688

As a counterpoint, when I walk through my university town, I can't help but feel that the majority of people is really beautiful. When I visit my parents on the countryside, not so much.

Anonymous 61702

Most people look best in their youth. If there’s a lot of young people around then yeah people are gonna generally look better because they won’t be so fat or wrinkly.

Anonymous 61716

I’m legitimately fucking hideous so I’m glad plastic surgery exists. Even though I cannot afford it and am too scared to do it, it makes me happy seeing people change something that is really really bothering them. The only thing is, I think the botch rate is higher than most surgeons want to admit. But I still think overall it’s a good thing.

Anonymous 61727

Well if you can't get PS you're at a disadvantage, all the other uggos will fix their face so you will stick out as one of the last uggos out there.

Anonymous 61728

Because ppl who can afford to go to uni are rich and have good nutrition gym pass and can afford beauty treatments. There was this one TA I had that looked like a literal fantasy elf because she did pilates constantly, ate high quality stuff, got facial every month, and blowouts.

Anonymous 61737

There’s still plentyyyyyyyy of regular and ugly people irl lol. I was at the vet and this plastic looking girl with a nose job, cheek implants and tons of filler came in, she honestly looked freakish compared to everyone else and a lot of people were staring at her, not in a good way, I think she realized this and kept her head down and wouldn’t make eye contact. Instagram Barrie looks dont translate well to real life.

Anonymous 61738


But yeah plastic surgery only really looks good in an online context, in real life it always looks too extreme and cartoonish imo, I felt kind of bad for her, she obviously spends too much time on the gram

Anonymous 61748

Yeah, I bet it has to do with age, but it's not just age. There's just less white trash in my posh city compared to where I was born. Less poorly dyed hair, less shitty clothing. When I come back from visiting my parents I can't help but notice that people get more attractive on the train as I get closer to my apartment.

Anonymous 61816


Idk where you guys live but I don't see anyone above a 5 IRL lol

Anonymous 61837

pretty sure women spend more time on social media than moids. and social media is the biggest problem because it creates the illusion that everybody being beauty obsessed is normal.

Anonymous 61846

>it creates the illusion that everybody being beauty obsessed is normal
I hate how it normalized plastic surgery so much. As soon as an influencer or social media celebrity looks the slightest bit different, their fans will jump to conclusions and believe they got stuff done to their bodies. When you point out that it could be just makeup or angles, they act like you're the crazy one for not thinking everybody is/should be plastic nowadays.
If you get PS, then get it. Whatever. But it worries me how they act like it's totally normal for other people to pay thousands of dollars or euros to get the nose cut up purely for cosmetic reasons.

Anonymous 61866


What a strange turn of events since I just wanted to say that most people are ugly because they are fat, extremely greasy, and have zero ambition to change in life. But I guess surgery was eventually going to be the central point of this thread since femcels, thankfully, still exist in this board and are the only ones who can actively talk about surgery.

I guess this is the evolution of conspicuous consumption when the prestige lies within the individual's physical characteristics instead of what he or she owns.
I wonder what comes next after this.

Anonymous 61867

You didn't add anything new to the discussion.

Anonymous 61868

I know, I know.
And I guess I need not to say anything myself since it has been researched very recently already:

I'm still afraid of what the future holds if beauty continues to hold its current prestige over other things in the human body, however.

Anonymous 61880

There’s actually a lot of naturally stunning girls on Instagram who have had little to no work done. But if anything that makes me feel more sad and insecure because they won the genetic lottery. Surgery levels the playing field a bit.

Anonymous 61882

i think a lot of people are pretty, idk what kind of brain rot you're on OP but surgery is really not required. that doesn't mean they're decent people, but attractiveness is not rare imo.

Anonymous 61900

so many people ITT with such weird delusions that they try and palm off as knowledge. wild generalizations and unsourced claims just to prop up their world view.
the vast majority of your problems would be solved if you just spent less time on the internet and didn't spend your time with the lowest gutter-trash class of society. try and raise yourself to a more respectable social strata and most of your bs problems will disappear.

Anonymous 61909

it is some of the best advice you'll get in life.

Anonymous 61910

Advice to not trust internet schizos from possible other internet schizos is probably the best advice any internet schizo can give.

Anonymous 62094

"spend less time on the internet and don't hang around with the dregs of society" is hardly schizo advice

Anonymous 62114

I don't know Terry Davis gave that advice and that's a grade A schizo right there.

Anonymous 62115

RIP king Terry, he will be missed.

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