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Anonymous 61314

Its 27°c (very hot) where I am every day. I'm stuck between opening my window to make the summer heat more bearable, or closing my window to avoid the shrieking retard toddler next door. I'm fucking sick of it. So sick of it in fact that I loudly ranted down the phone about it thinking they couldn't hear me and they almost immediately took the little twat indoors.

I'm leaving them a note anyway. I'm sick of having to hear that yoke barking and I'm sick of having to listen to every detail of her parents arguments. I'm sorry but I'm saying it- I hate when inner city Dublin arseholes move to the outskirts of the city and still behave like they

1)have to constantly talk louder than passing cars and

2)act like antisocial scumbags

And I'll break their poxy dog in half if it doesn't stop triggering my dogs into barking matches

Anonymous 61315

>very hot
Wait till you get two weeks of 35 and high humidity

Anonymous 61316

Without reading the inner city Dublin bit I saw the 27 degrees and knew you were a fellow suffering Irish person. I know it's fucking dreadful trying to bear it but remember the sun will go away soon and it wont be back so try to make the most of it, you could even make a game out of throwing bits of paper at your neighbours dog/baby :D

Anonymous 61317

Take a short shower every few hours and have a fan blow you dry, it'll take away both your sweat and body heat for a bit

Anonymous 61318

Anonymous 61321

My country doesn't actually real those temperatures. The hottest day ever recorded here was something like 30°C and that was a few decades ago

Anonymous 61322

They probably already think I'm a right nutcase saying I was going to wool their child around so I might as well double down and leave a note made out of cut up magazine letters to let them know I'm going to start swinging digs

Anonymous 61323


Anonymous 61324


just blast some Harsh Noise Wallwhite noise through shitty but loud speakers, you won't even notice it after a while but it really does block all other sounds including annoying children
you could try other colors of noise if you'd like or even design your own colour on mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/whiteNoiseGenerator.php they do have a Speech Blocker preset

Anonymous 61326

throw a beer can at him, say it was one of the tramps, that'll teach them not to raise a child in an extremely dangerous city

Anonymous 61327

Sure we're situated in a lovely suburban area outside of the city. These people have moved from a notorious area in the inner city out here and just have not adjusted to the area at all

Anonymous 61328


>Sure we're situated in a lovely suburban area outside of the city.
aah but do these people know that? write a bunch of letters but in different styles of handwriting pretending to be different residents telling them to fuck off so they have the idea all the neighbours do not approve of their baby

Anonymous 61333

I love the neurotic nature of this plan, I might execute this just to honour the imagination that dare speak the idea into existence

Anonymous 61340

Intermittently opening your window may help. But if it's hot outside, night time would be best.
I know for sure that cold showers help, and having a really big fan too. An ice pack on areas of the body where blood is close to the surface (wrist, neck) and a cold drink.

I don't have a garden, we share a big one, so there's no privacy and all day you hear kids playing, or some construction, or music, or people partying in the day. I try to be happy that they're having fun, but I understand how annoying that can be.

Also, I think you can order fans that have mist settings on them.

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