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please help me Anonymous 61355

i'm a very shy person irl – usually i rely upon my friends to speak for me etc. bcus of this i've only had one irl bf as i usually pussy out or am forbade to date them by my parents (strict diaspora type).

since covid i've been spending a lot more time online and i ended up having two ebfs, and am currently somewhat trying to get a new one. for some reason i find it much easier to communicate with moids online, and a perk of edating for me is that my parents do not need to know (i can date boys from outside my ethnic bg).

i know that edating isn't "real" though - i want to be able to get a "real" bf but not have it be some borderline arranged marriage stereotypical freak and not be so awkward. i don't want to have to move back to my homeland just to find love.

how do i get a boyfriend, and should i stop edating if i already know it's somewhat self-destructive?

Anonymous 61356

sorry for the vent – i just wanted to give some context

Anonymous 61363

whats your parents culture

far as finding a bf look for groups that do things you enjoy already that guys also enjoy, or try online dating / meet up with your ebfs if that is possible / not too strange

Anonymous 61365

Color of pomegranates? Nice. Good taste will never leave you anon. Sorry i don't have much in the way of advice but i'd imagine living on your own, if that's an option, would make things easier in terms of dating whom you like.

Anonymous 61367

>how do i get a boyfriend, and should i stop edating if i already know it's somewhat self-destructive?

Only e-date, if you have concrete plans to meet up some day. If you have that, I would recommend e-dating. The connection you forge to another person is so deep, before you even meet. It's really a very different dynamic. That's how I met my boyfriend.

Anonymous 61378

they're (eastern) armenian

the problem with doing group stuff is usually i get incredibly anxious or just find it awkward if i'm doing a group activity without my friends
lol thanks – and thanks, i've been looking into maybe moving out once uni starts
that's really my problem when it comes to edating, i end up getting involved with people who don't live remotely close to me and when push comes to shove it's unlikely we'll ever meet. but thanks for the advice regardless, i'll try to keep that in mind from now on when i edate.

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