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Anonymous 61421

Has anyone here successfully managed to lose a large amount of weight? Did you have much loose skin?

Anonymous 61423

what's significant? i lost like 35 lbs and went down to 88 lbs but i was fairly muscular when i was heavier. being 35 lbs heavier was a lot for my height so it was pretty significant. i don't have any loose skin, but i'm not sure how much you're thinking of losing.

Anonymous 61427

Lost 55-60 lbs (period bloat fluctuation) and, yeah, I have some on my arms and my belly skin looks "crunchy"/wrinkly in certain positions. No big sag though. Had I weighed more or waited longer it likely would have been worse.

Anonymous 61458

A few times, but I always regain it. My skin is like a half-empty waterbed.

Anonymous 61464

Don't think about it either way, weight loss is primarily about improving your health. Your looks are secondary.

Anonymous 61591

What a load of shit.
I wouldn’t care if being obese literally guaranteed death at 50 if it didn’t affect how people treated me.

Anonymous 61632

What is annoying is that no one questions skinny girls health until they are Eugenia Cooney tier, even if they chain smoke and bing drink vodka and eat trash and do cocaine all night. When you are overweight, suddenly everyone tries to become your personal trainer or nutritionist and give you tips and unsolicited advice. It’s fucking annoying.

Anonymous 61651

how did you developed all that muscle?

Anonymous 61729

I lost 60lbs.

You can do it!

Anonymous 61739

I went from 85kg (187lbs) to 55kg (121lbs) & I’m 163cm (5’3) I plan on loosing another 5-10 kg.

I have loose skin on my stomach, upper thighs/arms, and my tits have slight sag which I was honestly expecting them to end up worse. Like the other anon said the loose skin looks wrinkled in some positions like laying down. Ultimately I feel better about myself, i can wear what I want, people treat me better, I enjoy being active and the effects being active has had on my mental health is night and day. I wake up with energy, I can sleep comfortably and my insomnia disappeared. I had already knew the fact my body would never look ‘normal’ I grew up overweight and I had never experienced being a normal weight until I was an adult- but I won’t lie to you it’s definitely hard to come to terms with the fact I’ll never have perfect tummy/breasts- body. I’ll never experience what it’s like to grow up without such a physical/mental block. But in saying that, the positives completely outweigh (lol) any of the insecurities I have about my loose skin. It’s completely worth it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask~

Anonymous 61756

Did you go to the gym or was it mostly through diet? I heard exercising helps prevent lose skin

Anonymous 61832

Started just with diet and I would go on hikes on the weekends just slowly building myself up as I gain the ability. I only started going to the gym in the past 3-ish months but my country is locked down again due to rona so Ive just stuck to at home workouts with minimal weight as of now. I’ve definitely heard weight training can help with loose skin but I’ve not stuck to it long enough to see any results yet, but I’m optimistic.

Anonymous 62747

Yes, I lost 16kg so far, and there is loose skin. Don't let that put you off though. Carrying lots of extra weight feels terrible and of course looks bad.

Anonymous 62769

how fast did you lose it?

Anonymous 62791

How'd you do it anon?

Anonymous 62953

Counting calories, it's not that hard. First 30 pounds are easy

Anonymous 62957

>First 30 pounds are easy
Ain't that the truth, I feel like I've been on my "last 10" for 100 years.

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