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Digital Footprint Anonymous 61424

Does anyone else get anxious over thinking about how much of 'you' is out here? Like how much you've put out into cyberspace?

I've been using the internet from a very young age. I've certainly made my mark, but I wish I could keep it all 'under control' and know exactly what it is I have out there. I have a lot of old cringy posts out there someone that I posted under a username I still use to this day. On YouTube I also have a video of me doing some stupid shit, waiting to be recommended and turned into the next meme or some shit. I wish we could just delete all traces of ourselves.

I've been feeling extra anxious now that lots of girls are using sites like 'Onlyfans' and exposing themselves all over the internet. I mean… that shit can't be erased. You're gonna just post yourself doing fetish/porn stuff like that? For all to see? With no way to get rid of it? My ultimate fear is someone gathering all my posts and info to embarrass me.

Anonymous 61425

Honestly, I'm really angry at my government lately over all of the new surveillance measurements they put out.

There was a scandal in the news today about how the politicians were spied upon and all I could do was laught, since it's normally the politicians who enact espionage on everyone else.

Sometimes I feel like a crazy person, but I really wish to be free, and this also includes not being monitored, when using the internet.

It's a shame what predicament we've come to. The internet was never build to be anonymous from the start and since I was born I have only seen government surveillance getting exponentially worse. Not to mention all of the private companies who do the same thing.

We truly live in a time without privacy.

Anonymous 61430

Yes, I'm upset that all those parts of me are floating out there on the public web, possibly until the end of time and it's all out of my control. I also regret making so many "online friends" and sharing tons of information about myself with what are essentially strangers. I worry that those people might remember me and try to stalk me to this day. I mostly post on anonymous websites now and lurk most other websites.

I've thought about the Onlyfans thing a lot too, honestly I think in a few years a lot of the users on there are going to kill themselves when they realize they truly will never remove that material off the internet. A lot of the users started when they were very young and didn't understand the consequences. Some are already regretting it.

Anonymous 61432

I hate that there's some bits of me that are archived on a forum and out of my control. I'm very relieved that 4chan became my preferred "forum" 90% of the time, but the fact that it has an archive now is annoying to me. It's still way safer than the archived stuff under a name, but the huge appeal of the site originally was that threads were dust in the wind unless you wanted to screencap something amusing.

Anonymous 61434

It's not that much of a problem for me if it gets forgotten and has no apparent ties to my current life. It sucks thinking about it though because I wanna become more known in my preferred community as an artist and I don't want any old cringy shit keeping me away from doing so, like my old deviantart accounts. It's a good thing that they mostly went unnoticed.

Anonymous 61435

The online friend thing is so close to home because I would have a bunch of old contacts all with their own 'versions' of me with various bits of knowledge. I almost had a panic attack after I found out that there's a website that archives your Steam Profile with all your nicknames and that kind of stuff. I feel really bad for the TikTok/Onlyfans generations the most. I hope they're happy in what they do. I saw a post by some girl on Tumblr who had to fucking nuke everything and beg for help after someone doxx'd her and sent the photos to her family and friends </3

Anonymous 61437

Girl, same. I want to go back so badly, at least to 1970 or so when the government was probably smaller and technology had less control over us. We keep hurtling forwards and I don't know if it's impossible to stop

Anonymous 61439

I'm mostly pretty confident about my online presence, except that I have to separate out my mean posting from my nice posting. That used to mean using a separate blog and username to harass otherkin (they deserve it, always, trust me), but in the modern day it means being very very cautious around troons. I can stand up to my own cringe past but I'm not completely sure I can withstand the troons if they want to run me off social media.

Anonymous 61440

>That used to mean using a separate blog and username to harass otherkin (they deserve it, always, trust me),
sorry, we have to talk about this now. what kind of stuff did they do?

Anonymous 61443

Yes, I find it scary so I've been deleting all I can for years. When I was a teenager I used to post stupid things just because I wanted to be edgy, but now I realize how stupid it was and I don't share any of those views or ideas I used to post.
Now I'm constatly scared that I'm going to be fired from my job because someone found something stupid about me (there are things which I couldn't delete). Or that my partner finds about it.
Besides that, I have a shtty ex-bf who used to stalk me and I'm always afraid that he has those things and he can send it to someone I care about.

I honestly hate it. I wish I could go back and tell myself not do any of those things.

Anonymous 61445

Every otherkin I have ever seen is either a manipulative groomer or a vulnerable groomed autistic kid. And then the kids grow up to groom more kids. They need new impressionable victims to continue validating their stupid beliefs, and also they're just normal internet predators.

Imagine any culty toxic tumblr enclave of mtf troons who groom ftm teens. Replace the gender identity claims with 'I'm a reincarnated dragon' or sometimes 'I'm Karkat Vantas and I've astral projected into this body as a headmate'

Anonymous 61459

I think Tiktok might be worse for this, it's one thing to have our old (mostly) text-based posts floating around on the web, and another to have 100s of videos with your face in them archived online forever.

Anonymous 61471

Yes. I regret signing up on so many websites. By now, I must have 50 accounts under 10 different email addresses and there's no way to find and delete all of them. Thank god I usually enter a fake birthday and fake name but databases and companies still have my IP and other personal information. Something about this just makes me really uncomfortable.

It's insane how other people don't give a fuck and will upload pictures of their faces, houses, dogs and genitals for millions of strangers online to see. Internet privacy should be taught at school if it isn't already. Aren't they scared of stalkers? Of the fact that half of their youth is forever recorded on the WWW and they will never be able to erase it?

Anonymous 61472

I think what we deserve is a radical government, that tries to protect privacy as much as possible (even against big tech).

Anonymous 61473

No government would have interested in protecting privacy. They benefit from people having no privacy

Anonymous 61493

I feel like the best we can get is some kind of "internet dirt from before you were 25 can't be used against you in any meaningful way" law. Young people say some really ignorant shit. Around 25 is when you realize what a pill you were and usually stop. If a person continues too much longer after that, then they are probably seeking the negative attention.

Anonymous 61496

If the accounts can't be traced back to you it doesn't matter.

Anonymous 61504

But it seems like the tracing technologies are getting better and better.
If you don't use Tor basically everything can be traced back to you through the IP-Adress and the devices you use.

Anonymous 61512

I was groomed while using an account under my real name because I was a stupid 12 year old that didn't think it was that big of a deal even though I knew full well about internet safety
I sent both nude and clothed pictures of myself, and while the nude photos didn't show my face, I'm paranoid that they're still being looked at and that they'll resurface and be used against me someday

Anonymous 61513

Not really. I started using the internet from a really young age, but the internet was similarly young. There wasn't any social media, large scale file-sharing was new and there were no interconnected databases under massive corporations, so my internet culture was one of complete anonymity and ever-shifting screen-names. In recent years I've been forced to keep a named e-mail for work, share images of myself and whatnot, but my online life is lived under pseudonyms and identities entirely detached from my real, legal identity.

Just as I was growing up on the cusp of commonplace internet, I've grown up with the rapidly expanding field of security. Even from my earliest days I used telecomm devices bought out of a phreaker magazine, delivered as phone parts to avoid laws against it, and I've kept up with similar measures since then to remain as disconnected as possible from my ISP. The Patriot Act and the subsequent leaks of the extent to which the US government keeps tabs on the activities of private citizens in allied nations made me even more cautious.

I know there was a video and gif of me dancing to a 90's techno song spread as an early e-mail meme, and a handful of pictures of me bouncing on my bed in my underwear made it to all sorts of jailbait forums because I forgot to destroy an old harddrive. Luckily my face has changed a lot since then, so now my only anxiety is plain old government surveillance paranoia.

Anonymous 61518

There are ways to hide them.

Anonymous 61525

I am tempted by the idea of all server farms and satellites being bombed simultaneously, and underground cables, to cut off connection to the internet.

Imagine. All the narcissism gone, all the degeneracy, hatred, noise, propaganda, violence, time wasting, gone. I always feel like I want to delete the internet when I hear about how many girls get groomed online into being e-whores, gore links being passed around, capitalist surveillance, kids seeing pornography, families being separated, narcissism being promoted. It seems like a great relief to be without the internet.

But I know many rely on it for our education, and communication too. I love connecting with people and learning, and many people need this place. I would never do it, but the idea is still intriguing. The next generation is going to be very odd, and yes I hate how strong data selling online has become.

Anonymous 61526

I love how it doesn't even cross your mind that your water, food, and trash all depend on that internet for delivery coordination timing.
>oh noes we would lose education and communication
Try food, water and electricity instead.

Anonymous 61527

The whole world used to coordinate things without internet. Do you think we always had internet? Yeah, it makes things easier, but we don't really need it for most things.

Anonymous 61547

Same. I never actually posted anything edgy, but some of it was definitely cringey. Either way, I do my best to delete most of it whenever I can.

Anonymous 61553


I feel second hand embarrassment whenever I watch some Twitch streamers. Just the idea of a couple of people on stream hanging out together but broadcasting it live for all to see is to bizarre, all the drama and fights to be picked a part by viewers.

This dude, Ice Poseidon, does a lot of IRL shit and there's a lot of reality tv tier gossip and drama. Idk how grown adults can be okay with themselves crying live on the internet and all their arguments being shown like that.

Anonymous 61554

They probably never got attention from parents, and what's better than fulfilling that and getting paid for it?

Anonymous 61556

I hate the idea of being a twitch streamer or youtuber, it gives me anxiety thinking about releasing so much content of myself out there online. And yeah watching the IRL streamers who actually stream live in the streets feels kind of dystopian to me.

Anonymous 61566

>basically everything can be traced back to you through the IP-Adress
How does it matter if the cringey stuff you posted online was delivered by a different IP adress and device ?

I'm trying to deleted everything embarassing and edgy associated with my current blogging nickname, because I know that it's the easiest way for bippie stalkers to find milk about you. ANd make sure that it's not associated with my real name by any means.

>The Patriot Act and the subsequent leaks of the extent to which the US government keeps tabs on the activities of private citizens in allied nations made me even more cautious.
Care to elaborate ? It's concerning

Anonymous 61568

Multiple allied nations allow the NSA to intercept and collect telecommunications as part of their international anti-terror surveillance operations. The NSA can use practically everything sent over a cell network and intercept nearly everything online that isn't strongly encrypted - that means most search engines, e-mail providers, VOIP and even services like Discord and Skype can be either illegally monitored or legally subpoenaed into surrendering records. The level of recording varies by person, but in board strokes if you occupy sensitive positions, are related to certain people or use certain terms on a vast, ever-shifting list, you can have greater resources assigned to you. Searching TOR on Google or saying certain words over the phone can get your call or search history recorded, while doing things like searching for Wikileaks or using certain Arabic phrases will get you higher on that list.

While this seems like nothing to be concerned about if you aren't planning some kind of attack or to leak classified documents, keep in mind your government can also use the NSA records to investigate and bring charges against you for any crimes discovered during your surveillance. Of course, this has never been revealed in court, but multiple trials of people convicted of a vast array of crimes, great and near-inconsequential, have had evidence brought against them by federal/national agencies which could only be procured by illegal monitoring if it was conducted outside the US, yet because of the deeply concerning legislation passed by the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others, they can receive those records from the NSA and have their involvement simply written away and ignored by a judge.

Cybersecurity is fundamental to people living in any modern western democracy today, as governments move to make every single you do able to be recorded and stored to be used against you for any reason. Be aware that if you're part of any social or political groups that are now counter to the mainstream, you may have detailed involvement in it brought back to condemn your character decades from now. If you think that sounds stupid, simply look to the UK where you can be imprisoned for holding "dangerous" opinions, having committed no significant crime, yet one is fabricated from a vast ocean of data and assembled minor, sometimes not even criminal, offences.

Anonymous 62251

sorry h

Anonymous 62256

This is a good post, more people need to be made aware of this issue. unfortunately we live in a time where people will cheer as their freedoms are taken away or simply don't care/take notice.
it is very troubling.

Anonymous 63968

>I have a lot of old cringy posts out there someone that I posted under a username I still use to this day
Change your username anon. It will be weird at first but the sooner you do it, the most distance you can put between you and the old stuff. You never know when you might accidentally become internet famous.

Anonymous 63969

I've done that a lot actually, my user name has changed a bit.
>You never know when you might accidentally become internet famous.
There's fucking videos of me on an old account i may not have access to, I am so scared of it getting found out

Anonymous 63970

Send a DMCA, even if you don't own them. They will be taken down.

Anonymous 63972

you're kidding is that easy?

Anonymous 63973

Most sites have a DMCA form you can fill in, just google "[site name] dmca" and it will come up. For smaller forums it's best to send a polite email first.

There is a tiny chance the other person will take you to court or will cause your account to be closed so use a new account and a fake name and you'll be fine.

Anonymous 64007

>remove outdate links and urls that come up when googling yourself
I've used it several times before years ago removing somewhere around ~15-20 results. You need to be logged in on a Google account first in order to use it, though.

Anonymous 64152

VPNS are good I hear. but if you put your name on something it's still there

Anonymous 64153

I have a VPN but I can't always keep it on which worries me. I need a VPN that has split tunnelling but there are few services offering that for my operating system and at a price point I can afford now.

Anonymous 64155

Have you tried ProtonVPN?

Anonymous 64173

I used to post cringy troll stuff on 4chan's /pol/ and on some obscure forum I stated I dislike BLM. I'm ashamed of it

Anonymous 64197

lol yeah imagine i just pay for your onlyfans and you show me everything, including your real name.
basically im paying you to doxx yourselves.

Anonymous 64222

you should hate blm for focusing so much on trans issues and the organisers being millionaires. obv the part about black people matter is fine

Anonymous 64238

VPN will give some protection, but it isn't a failsafe. For one, VPN hosting companies have access to all of your information, especially if they keep logs. If your VPN provider is hosted in a 5eyes country or in another country that provides a similar type of intelligence alliances, VPN providers will be required to hand in information to the feds if need be.

Split tunneling is also dangerous due to vulnerabilities in security.

Why are you ashamed? Are you one of those white girl "allies" who think that posting Black Lives Matter or some other virtual signaling crap in their twitter/instagram bio is actually helping people?

Anonymous 64239

I honestly don't get why some people are so paranoid about it. They won't arrest people that aren't doing anything too crazy. Also, people change their minds all the time. What I have fun doing on chans is that I can be whatever I want to be without having to create a fake or anything.

Anonymous 64246

They're paranoid because it's part of their beliefs. They believe that the feds have no rights snooping into their stuff, even if it's not bad. Privacy is important, even if you are doing no harm.

>What I have fun doing on chans is that I can be whatever I want to be without having to create a fake or anything.

That's why imageboards are so wonderful. No need for accounts or namefagging just anonymity.

Anonymous 64250

>They won't arrest people that aren't doing anything too crazy.
>If you're innocent you have nothing to hide.
Fuck you and fuck people like you.

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