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Need to get OUT Anonymous 61546

I need to get OUT of this place.
I’m going to lose my fucking job because of stupidity. I’m going to lose my therapist, my doctor, my apartment, my life up to this point. I’m 20 and am entirely financially independent, if/when I get my plug pulled I am going to be FUCKED. Fuck this hick ass state, fuck these ignorant ass people, get me the hell away from PA. Help me live out my Dune fremen fantasy and pick which state go to in the American Southwest.

Anonymous 61550

all those places are horrible lmao

youll fit right in

Anonymous 61551

nooooo don’t tell me that. I have to believe there is a good time somewhere.

Anonymous 61552

colorado or california, the others are no good.

Anonymous 61557

new mexico is rlly cool

Anonymous 61597


PA has multiple big cities if you want to escape the hicks.
t. anon who grew up in Pennsyltucky and now lives in Philly

Anonymous 61613

I've lived in two of those and they aren't good states. Pick somewhere else.

Anonymous 61649

New Mexico. Taos so you can be near the mountains OP. What do you do?

Anonymous 61692

Sad mean anon spotted!

Anonymous 61731

Colorado is based as hell but don't go to Colorado Springs

Anonymous 61733

agree with this

Anonymous 61759

I have a yearning fantasy for New Mexico. Lizards and cacti, crawling scorpions and drunk Indians, Skinwalkers roaming free. I want to go dusk-camping in the high desert, with a .38 loaded with silver bullets while under the influence of psychedelics and see if I can legitimately convince myself that I am seeing a fucking skinwalker.

Anonymous 61760

Philly has to be the most depraved filth/ridden bunghole of a city I have ever… I concert in Philly out of necessity. I have to drive down Kensington for work sometimes and it makes me want to curl up into a ball.

Anonymous 61761

which two were those?

Anonymous 61762

This sentiment literally does not make a single lick of sense.

Anonymous 61774

Are you me? Relatable, anon.

I'm in Kentucky, and it's a fuckin' desolate cesspool. It's full of moronic Trump worshiping, echo chambering inbred methheads. I am filled with excitement anytime I meet someone who can even properly formulate a sentence. I have an average IQ, yet, I feel like fuckin' Newton because of the people I'm surrounded by. It feels like that movie "Idiocracy,"

Where I used to live, there was not even WiFi or Satellite TV. I moved to a, /still/ rural, but not as rural town, and everyone in my family that I moved with acted like we moved from a third-world county, even though we still were too out in the middle of nowhere to even receive take out delivery. Now, we're surrounded by army fags. Which are intolerable sheep to me.

What's even more fucked is that my family is full of comfort oriented pussies that are terrified of going outside of their comfort zone even a little bit; trying a new brand of bread is "too different". They want to stay because it's "all they know," imagine being born on your solipsistic corner of the world, and resigning to what was given to you, instead of taking control of your own life and making your own experiences.

What's even more fucked is that… they want to move… to PA. Which is an equally shitty state, and I'll have much of the same problems.

I want to go to Washington, Colorado, or Oregon. Naturally beautiful scenery. I plan to go to college and just go out of state, but I'm a poorfag, so I have to stay here for 2 years and transfer. It's so lonely.

Anonymous 61778

the PNW is really beautiful. i'm sorry you have to live in kentucky, anon. i hear the scenery is nice though, at least you have that for now. keep your chin up, you'll make it!

Anonymous 61779

That about sums it up. PA has its upsides. There are some pop centers that have some especially charming and livable spaces; Lancaster comes to mind as an especially resurgent example, largely in part due to large latin immigrant communities mellowing out and invigorating the community, a lot of big pop latin towns around PA have the same vibe. Kennett Sq, etc. It was blue in the civil war and I think that’s a decent metric to stand by.

But fuck, no desert, NO STARS, no cowboy hat n boots n shitz.

PA has mountains, valleys, rivers, and EXTREMELY rugged forests. Idk how those fucking minecrafters in colonial days. I see pictures of people hiking in Colorado or the pacific northwest and the entire situation just feels more suited for enjoyable human habitation. I know NM’s high desert is moderate during certain times of the year (?) and enjoyable enough (?)

Anonymous 61780

fuck that

get out of there

Anonymous 61781

have you guys actually dealt with scorpions? it's really, really not fun. i like scorpions but they hide in shoes, they hide in laundry rooms, drawers, your bathroom, under your sink, it's really not fun.

Anonymous 61839


Anonymous 61840

That sounds kind of horrifying

Anonymous 61843

>under your sink
I read this as "under your skin" at first and it freaked me out.

Anonymous 61894



Anonymous 61895


well now you've done it. we're all going to colorado now. you should be welcoming us into your state, there are a lot of male poly cultist software devs moving to colorado now. is that really who you want for your neighbors instead?

Anonymous 62154


Anonymous 62242

Anonymous 62248


I'm moving to Colorado, see you soon anon.
>t. tech worker from California

Anonymous 62250

Moving to Colorado has never sounded better, we should all go

Anonymous 62284

come on gyns let’s go to colorado and hold hands at the dispensary!

Anonymous 62354

sad, but true. See you all out west. eastcoastoids carpetbagging the west round 2

Anonymous 62386

>Dune fremen fantasy
New Mexico it is.
But do you have a STEM background? You can work for the fed/military or something.

Anonymous 63598


longmont colorado chads rise up

Anonymous 63854


I moved from longmont to colorado springs this week :(
Colorado is really wonderful though! There's a high min wage and it's genuinely incredibly beautiful all year long. The winter here is pretty over rated tho unless youre into winter sports. Of course it has its issues but its miles better than any other state.

Anonymous 63902

move to LA

Anonymous 63906

Pick Arizona if you want maximum Mad Max LARPing, methheads included

Anonymous 63909

How cold are we talking? What's the price of an average-quality one bedroom apartment in or near a city?

Anonymous 63959

>only one person was recommending the pacific northwest
Yes, the southwest has much better weather and it constantly rains in washington and oregon. Oh boy do I wish I could live in Colorado

Anonymous 64009


stop moving to California.

Anonymous 64062

Anonymous 65257


Just my opinion, buuut… California sucks booty, why would you wanna come here, it's hot af, dry, dusty, everything is fucking expensive, it's bright AF too. (Well, this is all depending on where you go. Can't really speak for Norcal. Guess they got trees and shit.) I don't think I need to tell you about the cities.

But definitely don't just jump into anything, Anon. I'm going to leave when I can, personally. Idk where I'll go. Somewhere nice and green and rainy, that experiences something called "snow," maybe. Have a choccy milk and rethink this, think about what you really want. Things might get better. Or they'll get worse, or just stay the same. But don't believe every little thing you hear. Including from me.

>>61781 actually, I was moving my moms couch the day before yesterday, and there was a dead scorpion underneath. I didn't notice it, if it was alive it could've gotten me lmao. Second time we found one in the house

And one time I was just chilling on my bed, and I look down randomly and a brown recluse was right next to my leg, it was a big ass one, too. Creepy.

Anonymous 65264

That's 'cause any true resident doesn't want any more out of state people moving to the PNW. The house prices are already out of control.

t. person who rages inside every time she sees a car with out of state plates, especially that one that said 420 FUN.

Anonymous 65770

No, we're full.
Also, Commiefornians keep moving East, I hear New Mexico is great any time of the year.

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