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Inability to unplug Anonymous 61800

How do I practise stepping away from my devices? I literally cannot be left alone for periods, my mind is always racing and I spent most of the day in my head.

Anonymous 61802

beats me. if you find an answer, lemme know

Anonymous 61803



I'm actually going to take a break from the internet after getting excited my post got a singular reply only for it to be the most useless comment possible.

Anonymous 61808


sorry about that. can I redeem my useless, low-effort post by saying that I think it's not easy at all to unplug?
I think apps and websites are designed to draw people in and for the vulnerable mind, it's very hard to abstain.

my only advice is finding peers and activities irl that feel good that render excessive internet usage obsolete and becoming so busy and managing your time so well, so that you don't have time for it. that's the only thing that has worked for me periodically.

surely, other posters that aren't terminally online can chime in aswell as soon as they check in here

Anonymous 61818

Take baby steps. To start I'd take all social media apps off of your phone. Try to think of your phone as an out-of-house necessity rather than an entertainment source, like your car keys or bus card. When you are in your house, keep it in your purse or charging on a table away from your bed/living area.

What kind of hobbies do you have? Are they all consuming or do you want to create too? Try to fill your time with those away from the PC.

Anonymous 61824

I did this recently. It was really hard to break but I only use cc and YouTube now. If I'm at home I put my phone in my purse and leave it in the coat closet. I linked my laptop to my phone so I can text from it. Then on my laptop I blocked all social media in the hosts file. I was amazed about how automatic going on social media was and the page load failing broke some kind of script my brain would run on. I'd try to open social media probably 100+ times per day, no exaggeration, in the beginning. I don't have much of a problem after almost a year but I'm scared to unblock everything and fall back into my old habits. I also read 30 books since I found all this time I used to not have.

Anonymous 61825

Unironically get a hobby

Anonymous 61828

Could try dopamine fasting for a quick and dirty version.

For a long lasting version, just vividly imagine and write down the most idealistic future you can (realistically) achieve for yourself. Spend a good 15 minutes doing that. The best possible future if you just sat down, got yourself to do those things you know are important, but are delaying. A life you would really want to live.

Then spend 15 minutes writing the most horrid, boring, awful, tortorous, most bitter future imaginable if you don't step up and do something. Just lounge all day and waste your time, burning it all away piddling on social media, growing old, bitter, resentful. Not pursuing hobbies you find meaningful, working a job you hate, with no one but yourself to blame. The worst possible future you could create for yourself by being a lazy piece of shit.

Then just keep trying to work towards that life you actually want to live, while avoiding the life you would hate to have like the plague.

Anonymous 61835

I did this and realized my only option was to kill myself so thanks I guess

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