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Anonymous 62323

>haven’t had a crush in years
>talk to this really cute boy on a dating app
>he’s really nice doesn’t ask me for nudes or anything
>sends me a picture in a towel and my brain melts….he looks like a freaking ken doll.
>he asks if I wanna hangout….I think this means sex
>except when I get there we cuddle and he plays with my hair and gives me forehead kisses
>things get a little more lewd and handsy but he keeps asking if I’m okay with it and if I’m okay in general. We don’t have sex cause he doesn’t have a condom.
>the entire time I’m getting dressed he keeps running his fingers along my skin.
>I think I messed it up because I could barley talked I was so nervous….and he didn’t message me afterwards
>is this the chad experience…..? :,)

Anonymous 62325

I am happy you are happy.
But what if he still wanted only sex but was just more romantic?

Anonymous 62329

I really really don’t know and it’s kinda bothering me…. Like if that was his intention he should of at-least had a condom….right…?

Anonymous 62342

Maybe he’s gay?

Anonymous 62344

just text and ask you mong

Anonymous 62358

Clearly a moid but yeah your post is basically wishing why this incredibly attractive man didn't sleep with you

Anonymous 62359

Nah not the chad experience… the healthy date experience. :)
People's motives aren't always aligned against you. Sometimes people just want to be with others and see where things go. If you are actually interested you'll need to speak up and talk to him though. Or else there's no way of him knowing you are. Honestly might not've messaged you afterwards cause he wasn't sure if you were into him. Considering he needed to know you were okay with touching he'd probs need to hear you say you want to continue seeing each other.

Anonymous 62360

Anyone who doesn't ask for nudes and doesn't pressure their date into having condomless sex is a gigachad in my book. Yeah, the bar for men is this low.

Anonymous 62361

Where do you live? Most people here don't ask for nudes or even sex on the first date.

Anonymous 62369

>I clearly cannot understand why you would go for an attractive and genuinely nice and sensitive guy over an autistic bitchboy who spends his days browsing shitty online sites in self-pity calling himself an incel.

Anonymous 62375

In my experience, good looking guys tend to be nicer than ugly guys and incels. Not those dark triad sociopath looking ones though. I avoid dudes with those scowling angry eyes and overly square jaws like the plague.

Anonymous 62390

Scientifically true. People who are attractive are kinder, warmer and more compassionate.

Anonymous 62400


Anonymous 62422

And it's a vicious cycle everybody is a part of.
When good-looking people are rewarded with good treatment and unattractive people are punished with bad treatment just for their looks, no one should wonder why ugly people turn out angry and bitter (more common in men) or withdrawn and insecure (more common in women). Instead of blaming ugly people for taking ugly actions, why doesn't society ask itself how exactly ugly people turn out that way? It's everyone's fault but nobody wants to take responsibility for it.

Anonymous 62423

T. Ugly moid

Anonymous 62424


Leave my feelings on the table for a mood to reject me ha no thanks
Mmmmm more like I think I made myself like a turbo dipshit in front of a guy I could possibly like. Plus I don’t really have any friends to relay this information to and ask for advice or opinions
I think he was gonna kiss me as I left cause he walked me all the way downstairs and was trying to say we should do it again but I was so nervous still I sped out of there. I don’t wanna tell him though, cause I could absolutely just be reading into it the wrong way. I haven’t been out with a lot of people
Theee bar is so lowww. I have literally never had anyone ask me if I was okay with them touching me. Just guys who would say “I’m shooting my shot” then stick their tongue down my throat. I don’t even think I had to do anything lewd at all, I was just so use to moids expecting that, it threw me off guard
I always thought good looking dudes would be worse….like much much worse

>I kinda messaged him and he answered decently fast but I did not….I took an hour to respond…ooopsss but he just said hey what’s up (which I thought was a bad sign and like I was bothering him) so I simply told him what I was up to and that I was sorry for being a shy awkward weirdo. He said it was okay and he was going to sleep. I’m toooo neurotic for this.

Guys he’s also a firefighter and has a hugggggeee thingy

Anonymous 62425

Sorry you don't know what empathy and kindness are.

Anonymous 62427

tenor (5).gif

>huge thingy

Anonymous 62428

Why should I care if some ugly moid is bitter?

Anonymous 62429

I grabbed his leg and didn’t realize it wasn’t his leg for like a hot minute

Anonymous 62434

You just don't want to think about all the times you judged ugly people and didn't treat them well, that's why you pretend that post was written by a moid. That's it, isn't it?

Anonymous 62435

Defs a moid
No one cares about what you think you deserve.

Anonymous 62437

I'm not a moid and have been posting here for forever. But I wouldn't be surprised if you started calling me an ugly bitter woman now. Oh well.

Anonymous 62458

t. moid

Anonymous 62483

It wasn't even a date though. :(
The fact men can't be bothered to take you anywhere and this basic physical and emotional affection is being called a date is depressing.
How did it get to this state… Moids were still taking women on dates up to 2010ish, what changed?

Anonymous 62505

This post >>62503 explains it. And OP is not the only one who matched with him and talked to him. Probably ten other women are doing the same thing to him.

Anonymous 62532


We were watching tv and their were people having dinner and he deadass looked at me and said that’s what we should of done and smooched my forehead. He worked like 220 Hours in two weeks and didn’t really have the time to do so. People are busy and honestly don’t really have the money for real dates any more.
Last month I dated a biologist who was 6’4 and made dinner for me and bought me a jacket from a thrift store because he thought I’d like it annnnd I slept with him on the first date annnddd told him about my childhood trauma. For some reason men like attractive women who act shy and weird. It sets you apart from the other girls they have talk to. I literally start every conversation with a guy by asking them what kind of frog they are because who else really does stuff like that. You just have to find your own little dating niche.

Anonymous 62542

Cassandra Calin.jp…

>It sets you apart from the other girls they have talk to. I literally start every conversation with a guy by asking them what kind of frog they are because who else really does stuff like that. You just have to find your own little dating niche.
Oh hello there, MPDG.

Anonymous 62543

This is so embarrassing, the fact that you think asking what kind of frog they are "sets you apart" and makes you quirky is funny as hell

Anonymous 62544

I know girls who say shit like that and I just hate it so much. And it doesn't even work make you look ~not like other girls~ because it's just a dumb "quirky" question, plenty of other girls say dumb shit like that too. Not to mention OP also slept with him immediately, how unique.

Anonymous 62545

I spot a 'Rana temporaria'

Anonymous 62546

Hate to break it to you but they're sexually active guys trying to sleep with you. You could talk about how much you love travel and dogs and they'll pretend they're interested.

Anonymous 62550

she's probably young and doesn't understand how inauthentic men are. i agree but i wouldn't clown on her too hard. she sounds naive and young.

Anonymous 62551

In this situation, the most inauthentic person is her. Instead of just being herself, she has to be Not Like All The Other Girls.

Anonymous 62568

Some people are just born Like That.

Anonymous 66346

>I grabbed his leg and didn’t realize it wasn’t his leg for like a hot minute
confirmed LARP

Anonymous 66351

So he's either a skeleton, hung like a literal horse, or you're grossly exaggerating or lying.

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