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Impostor syndrome Anonymous 62334

Do you have it?
What do you think may be the cause?
How do you cope with having impostorism?

Personally, I hate it since I'm pretty much in a vicious cycle of self-loathing.
>i'm retarded because i'm not X enough
>can't improve myself in X because it's useless/i'm useless and don't deserve it/i'll never be good enough (if i actually do something)
>i'm retarded because i don't do shit/don't do enough shit
and so on

Anonymous 62336

It doesn't sound like you have impostor syndrome. It sounds like you're genuinely retarded.

Anonymous 62339


how did the voice in my head get an internet connection

Anonymous 62343

That isn't imposter syndrome, that's depression.

Imposter syndrome is closer to.
>I didn't really earn my way to this high-paying position, it just happened by chance and I'm going to fuck it all up.
>I really shouldn't have this good a life, what have I done to deserve it?
>Am I really as intelligent as everyone else says I am? I'm probably tricking them by putting on a good social face.

Completely different. Stop self-diagnosing and see a therapist.

Anonymous 62347

Man I dunno, they people I have met obsessed about "imposter syndrome" were actually genuinely bad at their job.

Anonymous 62351

my opinion: this is your brain trying to get you to improve.
it's spelling out to you the points you have to work upon, in order to get better.
Maybe get a therapist to help guide you in that self-improvement journey.

Anonymous 62355

I don't think I have impostor syndrome but I hate to fail. I think the two are related. When I make a mistake at work I just want to kill myself. I know my boss only has me there because he can't find anyone better and it's hard to take when he pretends to like me. I really want to quit and find a way to just live without risk of failing because it just kills me.

Anonymous 62383

Without knowing anything about you, it's impossible to tell you whether you have impostor syndrome or if you're actually useless.

Anonymous 63126

Not to flex but my boss says that I have it and that I'm great at my job

Anonymous 63127

Well, usually if you think you aren't good to do something or you don't deserve that chance, you aren't going to perform at your best.

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