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Anonymous 62387

Who here tired of being a fucking autist

Anonymous 62388

>fucking autist
too soon anon

Anonymous 62389

me, I do, I’m tired of being a fucking autist

Anonymous 62395


Anonymous 62433

autism apu.jpg

Autism is my superpower

Anonymous 65382

I hate it, now more than ever. I just can't stop realizing how good my life would've been if I weren't a fucking disaster in the spectrum.

Anonymous 66544


I'd just like to remind you what website you're on right now

Anonymous 66545

i mean there are definitely some parts of being autistic that suck but I'm so sick of people that blame all of their problems on it (assuming we're not talking like severely autistic with mental disabilities). Without autism I wouldn't have some of my personal weaknesses, but a lot of my strengths would be gone too. Unironically this, >>62433 channel your sperging into productive and happy efforts.

Anonymous 66546

get into whittling

Anonymous 66562


How do I get an autism diagnosis? Or any diagnosis would be fine. Even a "you're just dumb" diagnosis.

I don't want to try and fail to communicate my issues with some boomer therapist. I want to know what's wrong in my brain so I can get decent therapy and the right people to help me.

Anonymous 66563

>Find a therapist
>ask for referral to 'tism specialist
>get evaluated

Anonymous 66634


If you're really autistic you don't get tired of it poser

Anonymous 66641

I'm convinced I'm aspergers or ADHD or something like that. Otherwise I can't explain why I'm so fucked up and useless. I rely on my parents and they don't believe me or tell me not to rely on labels so I can't get a diagnosis.

Anonymous 66777

They're partially right though, sticking a paper label reading 'sperg' on your forehead won't fix your problems. No harm in checking it out though.

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