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In love with a NEET Anonymous 62403

I've been seeing a blackpilled NEET guy who I think I'm in love with. He has taken distance lately, and said he can't start a real relationship because of his glaring personal problems. I'm aware of them and I know they are bad, but I'm still in fucking love.

He's insecure and can't believe how hot I find him, and how strong mental connection I feel. But I've been in emotional pain for the past few weeks, because I just want to marry him but he can't even be in a relationship.

Anonymous 62404

You can't fix him lol

Anonymous 62407

How blackpilled are we talking about here? And do you find him physically or spiritually hot?

Anonymous 62408

I find him hot on physical and intellectual level. I don't think I've experienced this level of physical attraction ever before. And yes he's pretty blackpilled, like he talks about that constantly.

Anonymous 62409

Blackpilled as in misogynistic? Or?

Anonymous 62410

Not misogynistic really, more like genetic determinism.

Anonymous 62412

But he's physically attractive, so I assume he's quite happy about genetic determinism?

Anonymous 62413

He doesn't consider himself attractive and he's insecure about his looks but he's super attractive to me.

Anonymous 62415

Why is he insecure? Is he ugly by conventional standards or is it just bullying

Anonymous 62416

He's not a Chad (I've never been into them anyway though), but he's just my type. There's depression, bad life experiences, misfortune with many things and all that jazz.

Anonymous 62446

you've not explained "blackpilled" enough here at all. please give more examples of his beliefs.

Anonymous 62454

You can't fix him.

Anonymous 62455

I don't think that being such a hard ass will work with this type, you should definitely motivate him to get better though.

Anonymous 62461

Fixer personality types are the worst. Mind your own business.

Anonymous 62463

I mean if he's a short unattractive manlet and blackpilled it's basically impossible to convince him that he's attractive to you, it's going to be an uphill battle

Anonymous 62465

He’s said he’s not fit for a relationship because of his personal problems and he’s right. You aren’t going to save him with the special healing power of your love. He needs to work on himself. Believe him when he says he’s not capable and move on.

Anonymous 62467

you're ignorant

Anonymous 62470

Anonymous 62475

Mind elaborating?

Anonymous 62477

I think we have the same type in men anon. Don't get in a relationship with a NEET because they will manipulate you and you're gonna suffer.

Anonymous 62478

Considering how self aware the NEET is, I think OP would be the toxic one.

Anonymous 62479

be grateful you found one who’s self-aware enough to know he’s not ready for a relationship. most of them will happily waste your time and use you until you finally catch on. if he’s really that important, tell him to work on himself and come back to you when he’s ready. in the meantime, focus on yourself

Anonymous 62495

No she's not, It's respectable that he atleast realizes that he's in no situation to get into a relationship instead of being a loser that gets into one just to satisfy his urges and end up in a drama disaster down the line due to said issues flaring up.

Not much she can do about it but move on, she can stick with him for a while and maybe motivate him and help him improve but that'll take a while assuming it works to begin with and it'll only be platonic and he might just find someone else along the way.

Anonymous 62500

The guy I am considering dating is a NEET. It sounds snobby and mean, but after dating a guy who was super hardworking with a good job before. I’m not sure if I wanna hitch myself to an almost 30 year old dude with no career prospects. I’m realistic and know that money talks and being on welfare isn’t fun. Girls NEETing is different but guy NEETs just seem annoying and pathetic unless they have a genuine reason to be NEET like disability or severe mental illness.

Anonymous 62515

How about you adopt an animal instead.

Anonymous 62517

Well, there are studies, that show that a woman losing her job has literally no effect on her relationship, while a man losing his job is one of the worst things to happen to a relationship and it often ends in a breakup.

Anonymous 62522

I think NEET men are definitely pathetic, but NEET woman are divided into those who are in a relationship and those who aren’t. Taken NEET women are just being ~trad~, single NEET women are on the same level as men

Anonymous 62531

am neet female, we both suck. idk any neet males that have a shittonne of labour-intensive hobbies, they tend to just collect shit made by neet women in their own basements. kek

Anonymous 62533

samefag but I am fully in the same boat as OP, sending you a hug, do you feel any differently now than when you posted? (its only 3days but still)

Anonymous 62629

Men who are fit to work should have a job and be providers, especially if they expect things like household chores, child rearing etc to be done by a woman. Men don’t bring much to women’s lives anyway so the least they can do is pull their finger out of their ass and be of some financial contribution to the relationship.

Anonymous 62637

Thank you, I feel a bit better.

Anonymous 62942


I've been with my bf for around a year, he is a NEET while I work. Thing is, he can't really work. He is too anxious and depressed to get through the day sometimes, much less go out and do anything. He's been diagnosed with schizophrenia too. He is just unable to work and that's ok, everyone deserves love, including people with mental health issues. He is a very nice bf, who has a lot of time to spend with me doing stuff other men would probably think is a waste of their precious time. It's nice to have someone who can rely on you too, someone a bit helpless who just needs your care. So yeah op, if your bf-to-be has some issues that prevent him from working it's good to be understanding.

Anonymous 63128

you're literally a female cuckhold.

Anonymous 63162

He sounds awful. Your whole situation sounds awful.

Anonymous 63179

How does it sound awful? Should mentally ill people not be in relationships?

Anonymous 63199

Where do you even meet this type of moid? NEETs usually don't leave their home much.

Anonymous 63252

Reddit. That's where I've met neets in the past. It's always been ldrs, though. I can't speak to meeting neets in real life.

Anonymous 63325

You mean by subs which purpose is meeting people?
Because I'm in Reddit for 5 years (roughly) and I have 3 DMs max, lol.
Asking because is seems almost impossible to meet people without social media (specially instagram). I'm sure it's a bad idea to try in 4ch and all Discord servers seems to be full or kids and retards.
Fix'd three times.

Anonymous 63341

Yep, please tell me anons how do you meet people online? Nowdays looks like everyone get's through the internet, and I feel left out. :(

Anonymous 63342

I'm not the quoted anon, but there is a sub called r4r. And there are some others by us regions too.

Anonymous 63381

There a lot of personals subreddits, but they can be hit or miss. It depends on what you're into and what you're looking for. There are a lot of niches - from dating subreddits focused on cities, to subreddits focused on hobbies, to lifestyle, to fetishes. What's more, as you start reading them you'll learn to pick up red flags and such. There are also dating subreddits that require high quality ads if you're interested in something more serious.

Anonymous 63460

How does he live? What is his day-to-day lifestyle like? Does he live alone or with family? If he does live with family have you ever asked how he imagines a life somewhere else in his own place.
If op really means blackpilled then its basically got a lot to do with how conventially unattractive men (you can read incel) have virtually no chance dating-wise. Look up "Eggy blackpill" on youtube for a spoonful, its nihilistic so don't complain.

Anonymous 63502

Kek. "They prefer to fuck a dog than you, anon" tier.

Anonymous 63554

Attracted to a neet who is that delusional he has to be a whiny faggot despite believing he has superior genes. Yes I believe it

Anonymous 66575

>Girls NEETing is different


Anonymous 66576

>replying to 2 month old post
It really triggered you huh

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